2023/04/03rd – How Much Your Government Loves You

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1a – Some thoughts

Tuesday April 4, 2023
Tuesday will be the holiest of the high holy days in the Church of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Finally, the Prophecy hoped for so long by so many Democrat disciples has come to pass — Donald J. Trump dragged into court, fingerprinted, mug-shot and maybe even handcuffed.
Every religion looks forward to some sort of end times. What the Rapture is to certain Christians, or the 12th Imam is to Shiite Muslims, the indictment of Trump has been to unhinged Democrats.
The Democrats operate their own propaganda outlet to preach their gospel to their faithful 24/7. But after so many false prophecies, the congregations of MSNBC, CNN, PBS et al. have been drifting away, backsliding. But once Fake News posts the Countdown Clock to the bottom of their screens if they haven’t already done so. Their ratings will be vaulting back to maybe even the Cartoon Network. Come Tuesday, the NYPD will part the Democrat mobs in front of the courthouse, just as Moses parted the Red Sea. And there will be miracles

1b – Trump responds to the Indictment

One must trust it is Trump and not a Voiceover man

2 – Fake Hillary Look-alikes – lots of Evidence


3a – FDA approves Lab-Grown meat

Lab grown chicken coming to the World Be very careful with whatever you eat. You can’t trust them. They will feed you Frankenstein meat. So just be ahead of the curve and cut it all out. Don’t support Bill Gates businesses. Raise awareness so you take collective action.


3b – Eat Fast – Die young


3c – 7 News Sydney reports: An increasing number of us are turning to meat substitutes


3d – Australian Govt admits mRNA is poison


4a – Australian mRNA Gene Therapy Vaxx pushing + MSN

Australian MSM has finally lost is mind. Odd how they won’t mention which antivials they want doctors to give out. Off label cheap Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and off the chemist shelf Quercetin, won’t be on that list


4b – There shall very soon be a lot of very angry jabbed people

Imagine the rage all these jabbed people are going to feel when they find out that the ‘vaccine’ TRULY was a BIOWEAPON This heading is enough

4c – Avoiding the shot is not enough – Now vaxx via the food

The NSW Government has taken another step towards fast tracking the world first mRNA vaccines for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and Lumpy Skin Disease, inking a deal with US biotechnology company Tiba Biotech.
Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW Paul Toole said today marks an important milestone towards securing the vaccine technology that will protect Australia’s $28.7 billion livestock industry.
“The NSW Nationals in Government are taking the threat of FMD and Lumpy Skin Disease extremely seriously, and this milestone is another step forward in preparing for a potential outbreak,” Mr Toole said.
“I have now written to vaccine manufacturers to take up my challenge to develop both vaccines ready for use and manufacture in NSW by August 1 next year

4d – Contaminated Food Supply Contributing Cause To Live Blood Analysis Findings In Unvaccinated? Darkfield Blood Analysis On Grocery Meat Products


5a – Dentist injects anesthetic using Magneto thermal depuration

(LQC) Dentist INJECTs ANESTHETIC… using (Sevillano-Delgado) MAGNETO-THERMAL DEPURATION (Technique) !


5b – Calamari like blood clots – in real time


6a – Artificial Dishonesty


6b – Under Investigation ‘British MP’s for HIRE’

These MP’s from the UK…  big sting operation.. wonder how they feel.. Comical to see how stupid they are, asking for £60 thousand and the interviewer said we were willing to pay more…


7a – Lady(man) GA GA + Adrenochrome

7b – Grown ups are disgusting – what they do to their kids


8 – Australian Soldiers off to train Ukraine army

ABC: “As winter eases across Europe, more Australian troops are preparing to depart sunny Darwin to train Ukrainian soldiers to fight as part of Operation Kudu.” Apparently, our military are all for getting involved in this conflict, with one of the members stating they are all “passionate” about directly contributing to regular Ukrainian citizens who have never fought in a war being trained to die for Zelensky and his money laundering regime.
Do they not realise they are off to train soldiers in an evil despotic regime.


9 – Acid Rain on America – Evacuate Now

 Maybe some elites have gone to their bunkers already ?

10 – She did everything she could in her power


11 – Victim of trans-medical industry speaks out.


12 – QFS Update  


13 – Revelation’s doom + gloom Programming !

Done in 2017. Prophesy freaks may squirm take it as ye will


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