2020/03/29th – Wars and rumours of wars – Military Ships line the EU coast

On TV News tonight, long lines of people volunteering to be part of a publicised medical EXPERIMENT. Many doctors warn that very few of the vaxxed will be alive by Christmas, but in Item 1 you will see the fate of those … duh … tested.  More explanation coming next mail out



Wars and rumours of wars – Military Ships line the EU coast   see Item 2

“There are but two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.”


1 – Contaminated Test Kits from China 


2 – QANON – EVERGREEN what’s in the cargo

The whole world is watching.   Today, the ship ‘partially re-floated’ after six days blocking the Suez Canal   This is a mind boggling – The Cabal is done


3 – Why did Craig Kelly Resign


4 –  Will we have more lock downs ?

States tighten borders to Brisbane after locally acquired case reported

Oh my   one man in Brisbane sneezed and has been tested ?


5 – Is the Australian Govt considering mandatory vaccination?


6 – Brainwashing our Children



7 – Elon Musk says he won’t take the vaxx


8 – Covid has been weaponised


9 – The Quantum Financial System explained – Charlie Ward


10 – Dave Hodges criticises Trump

He bemoans all the things Trump should have done but didn’t do, thus Trump is a traitor – wow ! I won’t put it up here cos most of you awake people have seen it, but you should know that this is Dave Hodges opinion only.   Pray it is not correct  Too many think Trump can do anything – Not True – he has been betrayed by the Supreme Court, Congress and many in the Military. There has always been a plan and nobody was told this secret plan but a close few.

He did it this way for exposure, so that they all woke up to what a regime would be like under Biden. It was also done this way to avoid a slaughter of fighting in the streets and more bloodshed. He had it all under his control. Biden was arrested just before his inauguration and a puppet (chosen by Trump ?)

Biden signed blank Eos and the White House was empty all the time. Trump had full control over the military and it will all be revealed on the 1st of April.  Then we will know the truth. Like it or not.

But – Above all of this is the demonic forces as explained on https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/prophesy/14-ww2-dragon-wars-aliens-ets-and-lizards/  which hardly anyone wants to know about

However – If you were an Israelite on the edge of the Red Sea. would you trust Moses the man, or trust he was appointed by God  See Item 11

Relax a bit and enjoy this song Hallelujah


11- A great study for ye counting on any man to fix the world

15 – A great study for ye counting on any man to fix the world




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