2020/04/03rd – the things you find in a cargo ship in the Suez Canal


A mixture of good news and not so good. By good, I mean it is good news or good to know about.

I do trust that you have printed and distributed lots of sheets enlightening people that they do not have to wear a mask.    Click  Mask exempt 

Be sure to see Item 7 – you’ll never get tested nor wear a mask again

and 8 – more than 1000 kids in containers



1 – Thanks to Senator Malcolm Roberts


2 – Restaurant Owner Defies Covid Restrictions, Wins Legal Battle



3 – Ted Cruz Roasts Reporter Asking Him To Wear A Mask




4 – Bill Gates’ mad science TERRAFORMING scheme blocked




5 – How the fed creates funds




6 – Number of COVID Vaccine Injuries Surpasses 50,000, CDC Data

Number of COVID Vaccine Injuries Reported to VAERS Surpasses 50,000, CDC Data Show

7 – What beasties are in masks and test kits ?

Phthalates found in disposable face masks, chemicals that deplete fertility and masculinity in men

paste into your URL   https://thebl.tv/us-news/phthalates-found-in-disposable-face-masks-chemicals-that-deplete-fertility-and-masculinity-in-men.html




8 – NAVY SEALS searching ship + children+ NUKE on Evergreen ship



9 – Dr Coleman – the old man in the chair  –  words of wisdom

51d – Dr Coleman – the old man in the chair – words of wisdom

allow a few mins to load



10 – What’s happening at the Texas Border



11 – Vatican City St. Peter’s Square Is The Design Of Solomon’s Temple


12 – Australia,  the world’s quarry



13 – The Coming Food Crisis – Prepare While You Can





14 – Beauty in creation – view full screen




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