2021/07/21th  – Thou shalt not talk to anyone about vacks

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So refreshing to hear Pastors telling the truth – Items 5+14+15+16


1 – Thou shalt not talk to anyone about vackscenes   says unHealth Dept poobah

and yet

According to the Government’s Own Data There Is No Pandemic

by General Maddox

By Paul Murray. Okay Australia – TV off – facts at the ready: 2010 – total deaths all causes = 143,473 (average 2,759 deaths per wk)Deaths from flu = 2,373 2014 – total deaths all causes = 153,580 (average 2,953 deaths per wk)Deaths from flu = 2,879 2019 – total deaths all causes = 168,960 […]

According to the Government’s Own Data There Is No Pandemic


2 – London Cops protecting the public today



3 – No trespass sign PDF click to open and print

        NO Trespass sign – CONSTITUTIONALLY enhanced





4 – For your consideration and own research

New Queen Of Canada Is Kicking Illuminati Butt, And She Has My Support… It Would Be Great If She Has Your Support Too… Here’s Why!!






5 – Jezebel Can’t Get Rid of 45 – July 16 2021 Pastor Mike Thompson




6 – Wisconsin Senate approves bill to dissolve dead bodies, dump them in sewer 

I told you about this in Item 5 last night – it seems no one believed it – is already approved in 20 states.




7 – 5,522 Individuals Died in Scotland Within 28 Days of Receiving Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine, Surpassing COVID-19 Death Rate




8 – How to wear a mask


9 – 5G – Prince of the air – Assault Frequencies – Military Weapons to be used against us

06 – 5G Beware


10 – Is the experimental COVID jab safe and effective?  Bosi




11 – Gladys Berejiklian must ‘move over and move on’: Alan Jones



12 – DuckDuckGo launches new Email Protection service to remove trackers




13 – Twin Towers CGI    2 minute reminder

47a – 9/11 A Bloody Obvious Inside Job



14 – AMERICA FALLS and will then be REBORN – Pastor Bo Polny

12 – AMERICA FALLS and will then be REBORN!! (Bo Polny)


15 – Is Dr F@uc! the WHITE HORSEMAN of REVELATION  Melbourne Pastor Steve


16 – Heirs Of The Promise – Abraham’s Children  Pastor Sheldon Emry

29 – Heirs of the Promise – Christian Israel

17 – Why do Democrats Emphasize Race?    July 19, 2021

by Michael Charles Master (author of Trump the Disrupter at amazon.comWhy is there such an emphasis on race by Biden and Democrats?  Because that is all they have to maintain power.  Why do they want to codify the 2020 election irregularities that were only put in place because of COVID?  They have to cheat to win.  Same as Labor Aust  

Biden is way behind.  Way too much inflation.  A disaster.  He claims that this current inflation is just temporary…. just like he claimed last winter that the surge in illegal immigrants was temporary.


18 – Chain of Love by Mike Denver


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