2022/01/10th – The 2016 promises have begun

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If you don’t feel sick, but you line up for 3 hours to get a test, maybe you need a mental check first ?


1 – It has begun as promised in 2016

Yesterday 9th Jan 2022,  right up front, I posted this image which very few people even bothered to click, let alone read, think and research, It is a coded message from the White Hats to the alert people.

What do these people below have in common ?NSW Governor and her husband, SA Premier Steven Marshall, ex PM Malcolm Turnbull, Fed Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. 

Now why would those high profile people even admit they have Covid (or a variant) since some boast of having 2 shots plus a booster. Are they admitting the shots don’t work, or are they going to take another you-beaut booster shot which will magically heal them, implying that we all should do as they have done and take some magic new booster ?    Read the white code words in the blue boxes. This is CODE  wake up 

Governor-General Hurley had received two vaccine doses and a booster shot prior to becoming infected, and was experiencing mild symptoms.

WA today – this mongrel has gotta be on the list

When will these ëxperts acknowledge this ?   No Covid found in 1500 tests 


Is this their last ditch effort, knowing that their arrests are imminent ? 

“Many of my sources since early December have been informing me of a planned lockdown for QLD, The 10th is the date I have been seeing more recently, but am unsure of the exact date.  What it looks like, is that the lockdown has been planned and school kids, will NOT be allowed back to school.

The purpose of this lockdown, is to keep the kids at home, creating a high pressure and tough situation for the family unit. The so-called authorities will then state that the only way back to normal and to have the kids return to school, is to vaccinate the 5-11 year olds. It is a typical hostage situation.


2 – The Real Reason for the Test and the Jab 


3 – Three year old girl dies of heart attack one day after Covid Jab 



4 – Covid Vaccine Available from Bunnings 


5 – Who have been the best Guru Con Artists ?    Are We Being Played by people who would have us believe our brothers from outa space somewhere are coming in giant spaceships to save us, as we become new age creatures of the cosmos.  oh my !  A bit like 2 lizards crossing the Pacific on a fig leaf.

The Academy of Divine Knowledge appears to be a Masonic organization whose teachers and associates  include prominent anti-vaxers David Icke, Judy Mikovits, Del Bigtree, Alec Zeck, Dr. Christiane Northrup,  Dr. Carrie Madej, and RFK Jr. 

Enlightenment – Academy of Divine Knowledge Tenpenny, Bigtree, Icke, Mikovits….and the rest….New Age Shills 

This video by Sgt. Michelle Foy exposes some of the most popular anti vax media personalities as New Agers and fake Christians.  Many are linked to the suspicious Academy of Divine Knowledge including RFK Jr., Sacha Stone, and Dr. Carrie Madej.
As Texe Marrs explains (New Age Movement is Jewish), the New Age movement is based on Kabbalah, a Jewish school of mystical thought.  Followers of Kabbalah include Madonna, the Clintons, and Albert Pike, author of “Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.” 
Are these people involved in Kabbalah?  And what are the implications of this?




Mikovits with the Jesuit Logo……Oh Dear!! Oh Dear!!

The other teachers are an assortment of psychic mediums, yoga instructors, remote viewers, and random new age kooks.  One of the remote viewers, Michael Jaco, just happens to be a former CIA operative.  Nothing suspicious here, right?

The following might all sound like some new age mumbo jumbo, but it is not without significance to our current situation. 
Astrology is important to occultism, including Kabbalism, and 2020 just happens to be the year all the stars lined up, so to speak.
The Romans used to celebrate the week-long festival of Saturnalia beginning on December 17th every year.  In 2020, Saturn came into the sign of Aquarius on December 17th, and will remain so until March 2023.  

(my comment now – For the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, for example the primary completion date is October 2021, and the estimated study completion date is April 2023.)

Another prominent figure associated with this group is RFK Jr.  The Academy has an exclusive interview with him on their site. He has made several videos together with Judy Mikovits, and David Icke.

Do your own research folks but check who is with Sacha Stone, so why align with Lucifer?  You will not gain credibility aligning with the United Nations…..

As for Gary of the Vatican who has been pictured with Sacha…..


Gary Krupp – Vatican signing off on micro cities for refugees

Gary Krupp is the Founder and President of Pave The Way Foundation (PTWF) – a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gap between the worlds diverse faiths. His renown as one of the world’s most influential lay-persons is often highlighted in the world media.  At the Vatican – he is known as Commendatore Gary Krupp – Knight Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great. For short – the Swiss Guard and cardinals address him as “Your Excellency.” Mr. Krupp became only the seventh Jewish papal knight in history.  Pave the Way Foundation (PTWF) is a non-sectarian organization whose mission is to identify and eliminate non-theological obstacles between religions. The organization is dedicated to achieving peace by closing the gaps in tolerance – education and the practical relations between religions – through cultural – technological and intellectual exchanges. PTWF strives to eliminate the use of religion as a tool to achieve personal agendas and to cause conflicts.

Wartime Pope Has a Huge Fan: A Jewish Knight   By Paul Vitello   March 7, 2010



6 – Why would Australian governments want a coil gun or rail gun?




7 – Sad News! 😢😢

The US Supreme Court ruled that vaccinated people around the world are now “products”, or patented goods, and are no longer human under US law. By vaccinating with modified DNA or RNA, a person ceases to be a human and becomes the property of the patentee of the mRNA vaccine.  Their genome is no longer human, but “trans-human”, a category that does not exist in human rights. The characteristics of the natural man and all rights that result from them are lost.  This applies to the whole world. SOURCE of this decision of the US Supreme Court in PDF:


Being a patented entity also means the Human Rights Act, nor State Rights, no longer apply to you as you’re effectively ‘trans-human’.


8 – Schizer .. because we care



9 – Morrison – Where does he stand in Item 1 above ? Hard to know


10 – Rapid Antigen tested



An elderly friend had a potentially serious health problem and needed to call a New South Wales ambulance on Friday 7 December 2022, when they arrived they asked if he had been vaccinated, he said “Yes”, they asked for proof of his vaccination and he provided the papers — he asked, “What if I have not been vaccinated?”, the ambulance officer said “Then we would not take you”.

Therefore, if he was not vaccinated, they would have left him to die — is this how low we have sunk into primitive stupidity and ignorance that we would abandon someone needing potentially lifesaving help — obvious we have lost our values as a county degenerating into a primitive ignorant stupidity, losing our common sense, decency, respect for others health needs, and respect for humanity.

Intelligent Australians are disgusted at the mass stupidly being displayed; a healthy uninfected unvaccinated person poses no threat to anyone — are we expected to keep away from someone in case we catch something they have not got? The reality is it is the vaccinated that are spreading the virus and dying from it. Utter gross ignorant stupidity pervades the government and community — we are ashamed to be Australian and lead by ignorant brainwashed illogical rubbish thinking.

Sincerely  Gill  Brisbane


12 – Red Alert: President Biden & Vice President Harris Both Flown To Area 51 For Emergency Briefing



13 – More updates Click to read  

Restored Republic via a GCR as of January 10th, 2022

Will Putin Be Replace.- Lischultz

Update Sun. Jan 9, 2022

A friend who loves to study, words, names, letters, anything really pointed out to me that NOVAK DJOKOVIC looks to him and can be read as No Vaks the joke of vic.



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