2023/01/02nd – Beware – New Omicron

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1 – Haven’t you figured it out yet ?

1a – Kerry Packer – Australia’s richest man in 1991

08 – Kerry Packer on Taxes

2 – Banned from Facebook after exposing Riccardo Bosi

True or Cabal disinfo – he sounds like a frustrated angry young man who doesn’t understand much or hasn’t read the Law of War ? His foul language indicates his mental state too. He included a bunch of vids from wherever  about joos, catholics and masons and attributed them all to Bosi.



3a – Charlie Ward: Urgent! It’s About to Go Down!! Get Ready, Folks

I find it hard to believe that this is not all BS. I hope I’m wrong.

Charlie Ward: Urgent! It’s About to Go Down!! Get Ready, Folks!! (Video)

3b – Jason Q and Charlie Ward Dec 31, 2022 > Q Drops

Learn who the true enemy is today trying to promote a war in the Middle East, our Biblical enemy we have known for years that is now exposed!

The seed line of Satan is now exposed and their goal is to murder all of white America today!  Remember their celebration of Purim as these people murder people and eat them as cannibals that they really are, blood sucking beasts that sacrifice Christians over eons of years!

No longer can these devils hide behind their Talmud and pretend they are the chosen ones.  Praise Yahweh!  Soon they will be gone from the land forever  and Yahweh’s Kingdom can be established



4 – Senator Alex Antic

I have perused the Computer Modelling by Doherty’s Institute  Report to National Cabinet.  Assumptions and estimation are words used and No Mention the PCR cycle figure to determine whether Covid positive or negative. I, contacted Doherty’s Institute as to what is the Standard for PCR cycle amplification.  No answer. Herewith part thereof of the Executive Summary:  

Quote: Recognising that additional social measures would likely be required to constrain epidemic growth under different achieved coverage assumptions, we estimated ability of the ‘test, trace, isolate, quarantine’ approach and different bundles of public health and social measures to reduce transmission across the population; ..Unquote  Another part thereof:

Quote:  Expanding the vaccine program to the 12-15 year age group has minimal impact on transmission and clinical outcomes for any achieved level of vaccine uptake; … Unquote Herewith link:   




5a – Child-Jabbing Aussie Physician Died Suddenly After Taking Very Same Covid Injections He Pushed on Kids


5b – China sends infected flights to Milan

What are they sending ? Australia now saying the Chinese arrivals must have a negative test result – In other words, they must be tested and you know well that means they are vaxxed via PCR and are spreaders


6 – Nikola Tesla: “GOD LIVES HERE” (The full explanation) FYI

These images are from the video



7 – Click to open –   

Dec 31 22 Update

The Flip; Defeating the Controllers

Update January 1, 2023


8 – The News-Benders 1968

60 – 1968 The News Benders Fake News is not new


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