2023/01/04th – To What can we Look Forward in 2023 ?

Nothing is now happening by accident. There are no coincidences. Both good and evil are now in full scale confrontation


DISCLAIMER – No claim for accuracy or guarantee of Truth – Believe what you want is your choice. Belief is meaningless without full access to the facts and truth.  The problem is in what we perceive to be true

Lots of heavy stuff Good v Evil. Choose this day whom ye will serve 

Perceived to be Bad News  – items 1 – 4

Perceived to be Good News  – item – 5


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Facts Matter      Anonymous author

I use the word person only because most of what most people think it means – ie a living breathing man or woman.  The dictionary definition of a person is a CORPORATION. The word jural is a juristic individual

Facts Matter, “Sovereign Citizens” and “Conspiracy Theorists” are not only Oxymorons but can not co-exist according to Black’s Law and the English Oxford Dictionaries. Words have meaning without the correct meanings they are spells being cast to alter reality.

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” – Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Conan Doyle). That is not “Conspiracy Theory” it is Critical Thinking.

To question any Government not only a right but it is the duty of every citizen who wishes to live in a free and open society, they are not “Conspiracy Theorists” or “Sovereign Citizens” as claimed by the authorities.

Sovereign – A chief ruler with supreme power; a king or other ruler with limited power. In English law. A gold coin of Great Britain, of the value of a pound sterling.


A monarch; the ruler of a country. One who is not a subject to a ruler or nation. A gold coin of the United Kingdom, with a nominal value of one pound sterling but in practice used as a bullion coin. https://freespoke.com/search/web?q=English+Oxford+Dictionary+-+Sovereign

Citizen – In general, A member of a free city or jural society, (civitas.) possessing all the rights and privileges which can be enjoyed by any person under its constitution and government, and subject In general, A member of a free city or jural society, (civitas.) possessing all the rights and privileges which can be enjoyed by any person under its constitution and government, and subject to the corresponding duties. https://thelawdictionary.org/?s=Citizen

A resident of a city or town, especially one with legally-recognized rights or duties. A legally-recognized member of a state, with associated rights and obligations; a person considered in terms of this role. An inhabitant or occupant: a member of any place. https://freespoke.com/search/web?q=English+Oxford+Dictionary+-+Citizen

Conspiracy – In criminal law. A combination or confederacy between two or more persons formed for the purpose of committing, by their joint efforts, some unlawful or criminal act, or some act which is innocent in itself, but becomes unlawful when done by the concerted action of the conspirators, or for the purpose of using criminal or unlawful means to the commission of an act not in itself unlawful.


The act of two or more persons, called conspirators, working secretly to obtain some goal, usually understood with negative connotations. An agreement between two or more persons to break the law at some time in the future. A group of ravens. https://freespoke.com/search/web?q=English+Oxford+Dictionary+-+Conspiracy

Theory – Set of propositions, assumptions or facts attempting to provide a rational explanation of cause and effect of observed phenomenon.


[countable, uncountable] a formal set of ideas that is intended to explain why something happens or exists, Theory of something the theory of evolution/relativity, Scientific/economic theory.  https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/theory




1a – Aussie Cossack asks ASIO why they are not monitoring the political parties which have seriously harmed people with C-19 vaxx


1b – A letter from Mary W  Last week a fit 65 yr old suddenly felt very cold. Upon standing, he collapsed. Dead. Shortly thereafter, 6 police cars, & an ambulance arrived at the private home of his 82 yr old mother. Mother & son where enjoying a quiet Christmas together. The home was immediately cordoned off pending a murder investigation!! The immediate family are bewildered as to why there should be a murder investigation. They were refused entry to the family home. The man had received all his shots. Interesting. A full autopsy is pending.

1c – Dr Vernon Coleman The old man in a chair. What he says is probably true UNLESS there is Divine or Q intervention  watch or read below 


Click to open  Dr Vernon Coleman script  


1d – US congress has passed Noahide laws. They are the threat, not Sharia law  – Is it here yet ? well, there are a lot of interloper RCs in Parliament.

What are the Noahide Laws ?  




2a – New post – Labor, Liberal new surveillance technology will monitor vaxx-induced car accidents across Queensland


2b – Pilots Injured by C-19 vaxxes speak out: ‘I Will Probably Never Fly Again’




3 – The Voice  Aurukun murris smash cop car, giving them a Voice will not make one bit of difference to their inherent savagery.

Aborigines already have federal and state ministers to represent them in Parliament, what do they say about the continual cycle of violence at Aurukun and the massive cost to taxpayers?


Aurukun murris smash cop car, giving them a Voice will not make one bit of difference to their inherent savagery


4 – South Park Told Us All About Adrenochrome – Remember ?

Wonder if this was aired or even real ??





5a – QFS Update 1st Jan 2023   Kimberley Tesla/France

Anon Audio File 33 SGAnon discloses information relating to recent Military activities W-Wide, the ongoing political turmoil in the world, new alliances, and the symbolism behind the death of Emeritus Benedict


and  https://rumble.com/v23sly2-france-under-wh-control-mil-alliance-protecting-leaders-benedict-death-23-m.html

5b – Emergency Broadcast  Great Awakening Prophecy Started


5c – Federal Reserve Bank walled off – and nothing is happening ??

5d – Skye Prince writes his opinion

When I give you stuff  based on the best info we have – but we do get pushed back  – well let me let you know as of 7pm EST tonight  – what has been happening is – the Banking system, there are several levels of Basel Protocols, based on liquidity and the liquidity to back up their deposits – well Basel 3 we have but Basel 4 most have this but we’re up to 5,000 banks in the US that didn’t meet that by Sunday – now some of banks were T3 & $ possibly savings and loans and we know with Chase they let many branches go because they won’t be needed in the future as consolidation happens – so on Sunday if they did not meet the Basel 4 they’d be closed shut.   So today is the first day that the banks opened, but approx 5,000 less. So North America and including Canada and Mexico might be nearer 7,000.

We did hear from one of our Bond Holders PM’s said we should expect the BH to receive their emails tomorrow and access to funds on Thursday – so that’s from one PM’s.   When we go back and see what has to happen the clean ups on ALL aisles on-going  – so all but a few have been picked up by now  – so they’ll be relocated in the coming days but this will not slow us down with our start.  

So where are we one source is very close to the Treasury and has strong contacts there and we should be starting at Noon Standard time tomorrow including the notifications for us and all those other settlements ALL should start and roll out over a 30 hour time period beginning at Noon  tomorrow – so ending to 6pm Thursday a  30 hour roll out window and shot gun start – if nothing hasppens to change that  – we should have our appointments and have our exchanges starting Thursday – and that is the gist of where we are.   And that starting gate opens at noon tomorrow. It may be staggered a little but a lot of things will take place.   

We are just about going into to a bit of a big storm I think about to hit our area  – so want to get this out to you all before that happens  – He’s now talking about the Brunson case and the decision.    Am sure Bruce will thank all the teams and all the listeners from around the World and praying out the call.   

He is just mentioning about the dinar rate being all good and he believes we’ll see the new USTN note that should be out the day we start our exchanges.    So Please dear ones keep those prayers being said  – as  we  really do need this to manifest sooner rather than later.   Love to you ALL and as always praying this is THE LAST REGULAR CALL


I don’t think people understand what “classified” actually means, so here it is in simple terms. Med beds were gifted to humanity by beings NOT from earth, wait extraterrestrials dont exist, right? WRONG! The multiverse is full of intelligent life, but the those who assume control of earth dont want you to know that because it will diminish their illusion of control over you, 

Extraterrestrials = CLASSIFIED!

The secret space program, oh yes there is a program so secret that even other departments within that one program dont know the other departments exist, why is it so secret you may ask? Well its so secret because if you knew that we travel to other worlds and obtain their extremely advanced technology, everyone would want to go and have that technology, but you cant, why, because those who assume control of this planet would lose their illusion of power! 

The Real Space Program = CLASSIFIED!!! 

The technology they have hidden from humanity is so advanced that if we were to age the technology we have today we would be looking at dinosaurs! Why is this technology hidden? Because that technology advances a race! They wont let you advance because they would lose complete control over you so instead they keep it and use it for themselves for their own agendas!

Technology = CLASSIFIED

Med beds have been kept from humanity because with med beds, there is no sickness which equals no money, wealth, power and control over the population. We are talking about continuously feeding those who remain out of site yet have the illusion of control. No sickness = no money = no control

Med beds = Classified

The Matrix. We exist in a holographic universe where everything appears real yet nothing exists except your thoughts. Those who wish to remain hidden dont want you to know this, they want to keep you from finding the truth about life so they keep you in physical slavery which gives them the ability to keep control of your mind. Those who have the illusion of control control your physical reality to control your mind to control the matrix


My point is if those who know and speak about these things which has the capacity to collapse the control system are allowed to speak freely with or without evidence, their entire existence and illusion of control would collapse, this is why until humanity becomes more aware and connected with consciousness, they will always be able to control you. There is an abundance of proof to what I have just stated, the only question is, how far are you prepared to dig?

6 – And have a look at  item 2b 

78 – 1996 Harvesting and torturing children for adrenochrome. 2020 Babies for sale


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