2023/01/10th – Brunson vs. Adams case declined – why ?

Brunson vs. Adams case declined – why ?  See Below


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1a – Wars are won by the MISTAKES of leaders

not by the valour of the warrior.  The Ukraine Army is DEAD… as in destroyed.  NATO has rushed in and it is also being slaughtered….So, predict the winner.   The Cabal… aka ‘deep state’… wants civil wars .and it is willing to start them So, predict what will happen. Never interfere with an ENEMY while it is destroying itself.

1b – Consider this

1 – There is ‘Q’.

2 – There are 2 ‘Anons’.

3 – There is no ‘Qanon’.

Media labeling as ‘Qanon’ is a method [deliberate] to combine [attach] ‘Q’ to comments _theories _suggestions _statements [and ACTIONS] made by 2.

What happens when you cannot attack the information primary source 1

Do you attack and typecast thru use of others ? Not all ‘Anons’ are authentic [injected]. Retweet @ 17:17 had meaning. [mathematical probability _17:17 [day after]?] Do you believe it was a coincidence surgical removal of You Tube accounts occurred same day as ‘Hunter’ drop?  Welcome to the Digital Battlefield. Q

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1c – Australian Dot Connections – Massive Web of Corruption


1d – AUSTRALIA and all the world is under attack – from 2 yrs ago



2a – Let our fight back be now

2b – The Time Has Come For All Of Australia To Withdraw Consent


2c – Sheriffs Threaten To Arrest Journalist! Judge’s Order

Does NOT Supersede The U.S Constitution

Fellow Patriots & Freedom Lovers, I was peacefully exercising my constitutional rights at the Law Enforcement Centre/ Judicial Centre in Lawrence, Kansas when I was confronted by Douglas County Deputies who were ignorant of the law and our rights. After reviewing an internal memo (Linked Below) the deputies went to speak with a Judge. The Judge told them to relay the message to me that I need to leave or be arrested and have my freedom taken from me. It didn’t end the way they thought it would.. Please be sure to hit the like button and share! it truly helps spread this around for more Patriots to see it and I appreciate it


2d – Mel Gibson Promises to EXPOSE The Elites – Hollywood PANICS


2e – Deutsche Bank downgrades Bank of America

JP Morgan Chase as fundamentals weaken Swiss National Bank Posts Record $143 Billion Loss in 2022 Goldman Sachs to cut about 3,200 jobs this week after cost review Argentina and China formalize currency swap deal China’s yuan hits near 5-month high on reopening boost, seasonal demand Forex reserves up by $44m to $562.85 bn on rise in RBI gold reserves


World Wide bad weather 

Matt 24.7 “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers (unusual) places.”

Why is SkyNews the only one showing the floods in WA Kimberly area?

3a – Powerful tremors felt in Australia after 7.6-magnitude quake  


3b – California Braces For One Of The Most Impactful Storms ever.

3c – Climate Tracker: Flash flood hit Saudi Arabia … Divers places ?


3d – The Gardening Secret – Fight back by growing your own


4a – When you believe your beliefs

JP hits the nail, this is the real problem.  All said in the 1st 4 mins


4b – Jerks using animals for tricks get some instant karma. 


5 – Schindler’s list of ‘Freemasonry Australians

I knew it would disappear so I copied the list of Australians. There are a few surprises there for me. Here it is – Australia

Victoria Police Sargent C. Weir

NSW Assistant Police Commissioner Tony Cooke

Epidemiologist, Tony Blakely

Channel 7 Australia – Sunrise Program Co-Host – David Koch

Jane Goldsmith NBN News

Paul Lobb NBN news

Kon Vatskalis Lord Mayor of Darwin, NT Australia

Lydell Huntly, Centre Manager, Australia

Jackie Lambie, Senator for Tasmania, Australia

Senator for Wallsend, NSW, Sonia Hornery of Australia

Kerry Chant, Health and Population Minister, NSW Health

Kylie Minogue, singer and entertainer

Malcolm Turnbull former Prime Minister of Australia

Hugh Jackman, actor Australian

Nicole Kidman, actor Australian

NSW Parliament, every Minister

QLD Parliament, every Minister

Queensland Health, Metro South Health, every Nurse Unit Manager

Sharon Cadwallader / Mayor Ballina Shire Council 2022 – / Ballina NSW Australia

Ben O’Shea, PerthNow Journalist, Australia

Katie Woolf Mix 104.9 host Darwin Northern Territory Australia

Reece Whitby, Environment Minister, Western Australia, Australia

Dr Neil Fong Executive Director Bethesda healthcare Claremont Western Australia

Tri Suseno Deputy Chairman and Director Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia

Colin Barnett Director Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia

Alex Hawke, Immigration Minister, Australia

Professor Jill Downie Director Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia

Grant Robinson Director Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia

Kylie Brooks Exec. Mgr. People & Culture Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia

Libby Oakes Exec. Mgr. Quality, Risk and Infection Conrtol Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, Australia

Paul Murray, reporter, SkyNews Australia

Deborah Bell Director of Nursing Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia

Dominic Burke Chairman Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia

Duncan Maskell: Vice-Chancellor/ Melbourne University/ Australia

Josh Wilson Federal Member for Fremantle Western Australia

Melody Miles Mgr. Work Health & Safety Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia

Helen Round Mrg. Pre-Operative Services Bethesda Healthcare Claremont Western Australia

Liam O’Brien / Australian Council of Trade Unions Acting Secretary

Professor Kerryn Phelps

Gladys Berejiklian Former Premier of New South Wales Australia

Carol Brown Tasmanian Labor Senator Australia

Dr. Chris Perry, Queensland president of the Australian Medical Association

Mark Tozer / Owner Alstonville Barber Shop / Alstonville NSW Australia

James Lloyd AUS Nurses & Midwifery Assoc.

Sally Anne Jones AUS Nurses & Midwifery Assoc.

Annie Butler AUS Nurses & Midwifery Assoc.

Lorri Anne Sharp AUS Nurses & Midwifery Assoc.

Bernie Hogan Queensland Hotels Assoc.

Blooms the Chemist, Warilla NSW Australia

Michael Crandon State Member Liberal Qld

Joanne Edwards, Deputy Controller S.H.E.O.C. NSW

Boat Harbour Medical Gerringong NSW Australia

Head of WA Education Department, Lisa Rodgers, Australia

Jessica Marciante State Health Emergency Operations Centre Vaccinations NSW Australia

Joanne Edwards Deputy Controller State Health Emergency Operations Centre NSW

Matty Walker Warilla NSW Australia

Shellharbour Medical Centre College Ave Shellharbour Australia

Katarina Carroll Police Commissioner Qld

Lisa Fitzpatrick State Secretary

Don Farrell SA Labor Senator Australia

Kristy McBain, ALP MP Eden-Monaro NSW Australia

Deborah O’Neill NSW Labor Senator Australia

John Barillaro, Nationals MP Monaro, deputy NSW Premier, Australia

Tony Sheldon NSW Labor Senator Australia

Andrew Bragg NSW Liberal Senator Australia

Samuel Bush-Blanasi, Chairman Northern Land Council, Northern Territory Australia

Joe Martin-Jard, CEO Northern Land Council, Northern Territory Australia

Samantha Dick, Reporter ABC Darwin, Northern Territory Australia

Myles Houlbrook – Walk, Reporter ABC Darwin, Northern Territory Australia

Jane Bardon, Reporter ABC Darwin, Northern Territory Australia


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