2023/01/15th – Rampant Hopium . . . Don’t get caught

Rampant Hopium . . . Don’t get caught Don’t get caught up in the Rampant Hopium. Plans and Strategies are constantly changing. We know something is going to happen but nobody except the CIC and God knows when.  See Item 2



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1 – American Airlines Put A Stop To Flights –

     “Our Pilots Are Dropping Dead From COVID Jabs” 

The airline told Fox Business about the drastic decision in a statement: “In response to the pilot shortage affecting the airline industry, American Airlines has made the difficult decision to end service in Columbus, Georgia (CSG), Del Rio, Texas (DRT) and Long Beach, California (LGB) this spring,” American Airlines stated.

“There is no excuse for any of this, Americans have been warned 




2 – Rampant Hopium …. Don’t get caught

Don’t get caught up in the Rampant Hopium. Plans and Strategies are constantly changing,. We know something is going to happen but nobody except the CIC and God knows when.


NOTE: The priests and preachers who are still allowed to broadcast, whether they know it or not, are serving the interests of the Deep State ‘Swamp monsters’. In their effort to appease the censors, they ‘twist and shout’ a corrected Narrative and that does not serve the LORD God.

3 – When the Shepherds Kill their Sheep

When the shepherds send wolves and watch as wolves attack and devour their sheep, then they are not shepherds, they are accomplices to the destruction of their flock. They themselves are the predators. When the shepherds use their staff’s to beat their sheep, they are not the sheep’s protectors, but they are in fact, their sheep’s tormentors.

When so-called “white hats” think suffering is good – then they are not white hats. They wear dark hats. When “white hats” tell lies – for whatever reason – then they are dark hats.

When so-called “white hats” live in ivory towers and eat at the finest restaurants and fly first class or on their private jets – then they are no different than their so-called “enemy”. And they are not experiencing the deprivation and desperation of the people they are supposedly working to protect. So they have no moral standing in the situation.

And so for them to say, “Let them suffer more, so they will learn” are just hollow words from people who don’t take into consideration that they are privileged and have access to truthful information while others are left to flail around in darkness and ignorance.

And for so-called “white hats” to think that millions of innocent Lightworker souls can learn the truth of the horrors of this world, but other Earth souls “couldn’t take the truth” is not even logical. If we lightworkers can take the truth, the general population can too.

But no – you let the mass psychosis continue, instead of giving everyone the wakeup call they need and deserve. And you wonder why people aren’t “waking up”. And you wonder why you are losing the support of the Light Worker community.

You say; “The dark ones are stupid – they can only stick to the same plans they have repeated for thousands of years that have always worked for them in the past”. And yet you can’t let go of your plan that isn’t working. You are unable to think on your feet and adjust your plan.

Or, you can’t figure out how to avoid everyone finding out about your participation in the Covid 19 genocidal plan for their destruction. Or the fact that the U.S. Military has been Satan’s military – lock, stock and barrel since 1871. Hmmm…. what a dilemma you are in; do the right thing, or continue to work for Satan?

The jury is out as far as I am concerned. Until an EBS with a boatload of truth comes across and mass public arrests are made, then all supposed progress made by any “white hats” in the military are nothing more than speculation and possible propaganda. Because Bill Clinton is still attending basketball games, Ellen Degenerate is still living in her Montecito mansion, Nancy Pelosi is still selling her stocks, and Tom Hanks just starred in another movie. Lies and propaganda put out by both sides..

And I see that I was mistaken that the U.S. military followed the court order to abolish the Covid 19 vaccine mandate to its members. I saw that it was rescinded the day after I wrote my last castigating article about them. So evidently you service members have me to thank for that. So Derek Johnson, what do you have to say about this? You are all about laws and regulations and protocol. So tell me why your beloved military did not immediately bow to that court order over a month ago telling them that their Covid 19 vaccine mandate was unconstitutional? Why did the U.S. military flagrantly ignore that court order? And tell me, Derek, why I  should give one iota of crap about the orders, protocol, regulations, etcetera, that Satan’s army has put into place?

And for the Supreme Court to rule that the U.S. Congress was immune from following the U.S. Constitution, was obviously, flagrantly, treasonous. The Military in most countries has not yet acted to protect us against these treasonous traitors to the people. That makes the  Military treasonous traitors to the Constitution and the people they supposedly work to serve and protect. But, hahaha – we all know you work for the Vatican, and the British royals, and the Khazarian Mafia, and the Synagogue of Satan. So really – who’s surprised? Certainly not me.

As the 333 Key Holder, I must say I am running out of patience with you. I am so tempted to look up all the names and the faces of the Joints Chiefs of Staff and heads of the U.S. military and send some sort of energy your way. But I am trying to be careful, because I am not happy with any of you. So consider this a warning to do the right thing – and to do it now. Most Sincerely, Melinda Siebold

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4a – Where is this coming from ?


4b – Statins all part of the script

Statins are a group of medicines that can help lower the level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in the blood. LDL cholesterol is often referred to as “bad cholesterol”, and statins reduce the production of it inside the live


4c – Running Active QR Code + Barcode Scanner in your arm when you get jabbed – ie You have accepted the Mark  Rev 14.9

Your face is like a fingerprint. Your whole body a fingerprint. You are always transmitting something. They have optics to see right through you. When you scan your groceries, there are more than five lasers working in there. They used to have a company, NCR…that had specialized folks who go and work on those things. they scan more than groceries. 




5a – From Anthea – A friend of my daughters took her young son to the doctors in Perth to get his next shot and was told that they no longer give the shot to children,,the mother started screaming , she could not believe they had stopped it in the children, the doc told her too many children were having problems with their hearts

5b – This announcement yesterday from the CDC,

just proved every single “anti-vaxxer” or “vaccine-hesitant” to be correct in their risk assessments, and also proved that the people who told you they “represent science” were completely full of shite. It also proves that they have been actively trying to avoid addressing this reality, but the death count from the jabs got so fucking high, they couldn’t ignore it. Violation of the Nuremberg Code. Hang all those responsible. It’s quite simple.




6a – Klaus Schwab has arranged for 5000 Swiss troops to protect the WEF in Davos – what is he afraid of ?


6b – Australian greenies, mining companies, universities and big business to attend WEF conference on Monday


6c – The Guest list of people attending WEF

6d – They are having problems finding Un-vaxxed Pilots  Ha ha



7 – The Storm – Many think they are  crazy talking about cloaked ships in the clouds, we’ll pretty soon they’ll be calling the rest of the world crazy too.


8 – Nikola Tesla disagreed with this completely


9 – The Bidens and their Corvette would be very upset if this went viral so please


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