2023/01/16th –  Klaus and Soros won’t be at the meeting

Klaus and Soros won’t be at the meeting

Are they shedding their skins ?

Are they both dead ?

Can’t they find an unvaxxed pilot ?

Can’t they find a double or clone or mask ?

Would anyone really care if Russia sent a couple Kinzal hypersonic missiles to wipe out that whole crowd?  For me, I wouldn’t shed a tear! Whatever is really going on, likely won’t ever be known by us little people.  It seems clear to me, however, that something very big is happening. 



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1 – Klaus and Soros won’t be at the meeting

2 – Loved the video of the copper wiring.I went to work straight away and bought the copper and sticks.  I Saw the results the next day already. Slugs and 1 snail had disappeared to the edge. Bunnings only had 1 tiny roll left. Thanks for all the other updates. Jeanne PS Electrician for offcuts – electric cable has 1 strand of copper 


3a – “Serve Tyranny No Longer”: A Kanata Independence Day Call to Crown officials, police, and soldiers


3b – Republic of Kanata convener says its sheriffs will stop distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in Vancouver

Another leader in the anti-mask movement is calling for citizens’ arrests of mayors

Copy to URL   https://www.straight.com/news/republic-of-kanata-convener-says-its-sheriffs-will-stop-distribution-of-covid-19-vaccines-in

3c – Some history of who controls the TV News



4a – Don’t let any kids you know get the jab

Dr. Peter McCullough – Sudden Deaths & Cardiac Events EXPLODING, Parallel Health System


4b – Dr Larry Palevsky explains Aluminum nano particles in the brain from the vaccines

2 min vid., gets into brain…the vax cause inflammation in the body.


4c – Senator Jacqui Lambie who has had the fake jab like all politicians, who are EXEMPT from this killer shot.


4d – Scientist infected with Nanotech – the vaxxed may be shedding it

Dr. Shimon Yanowitz Is Concerned Because He Discovered In His Own Blood The Same Self-Assembled Nano-Structures He Had Observed In Injections When He Himself Was Not Injected. He speculates that it could be shedding from the vaxxed, or maybe sprayed through chem trails or possibly even contaminated food. Not sure how much credence we could put into this story, however it is very strange….

copy to URL  https://www.bitchute.com/video/htRUmquLSolc/



5a – Australians Senator Antic – WHO Proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations

Send this to as many people you know or we are in trouble

5b – FEMA Whistle blower – Camps for Dissent & The Next 5G Pandemic – SECRET FEMA Documents

FEMA is bad – JD (name changed to protect his identity) is a long-standing FEMA employee and Whistle blower exposing the true intention of the quarantine camps being used in future for dissent, government’s plan to kill off the population, and intel suggesting a pandemic in the near future caused by a 5G attack according to secret FEMA documents he has accessed. If you would like to support Zeee Media to continue getting the truth out to more people

copy to URL  https://www.banned.video/watch?id=63c35ee9eb7b0916fc0e16c9


6 – If they can’t starve us out – looks like they will be feeding us vaccines – mRNA in food we eat



7 – click  The Drugs Don’t Work

Ask your government if a slow or accelerated death is right for you

See INJURY & DEATHS series (at least 30 Videos!)









8 – How Much Food Can I Grow in 1 Year?



9 – Restored Republic via a GCR as of Jan 16 



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