2023/01/16th – Pilot reveals airline convid secrets of 2020

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1 – Pilot reveals airline convid secrets of 2020

They gave each of the airlines 1 billion dollars to keep flying empty planes around to make it look like there was business,  so that people would come back to the airlines. 3 years ago.    

2a – Hunter Biden delivers his guilty plea – Biden family panicking


2b – Epstein Island wasn’t the end – It’s just the beginning

2c – Great night for Donald Trump – wins in Iowa

Note – Trump looks much healthier and is wearing a white cap more often

Listen carefully

2d – Are we on the edge of 17 = Q ?? 17 Flags the same as the day he left DC.



3a – Australian republic movement is launching a ‘fresh push’ for a referendum

We voted this in 1999 and the answer was and is still NO. Get over it. All we need is our Bill of Rights in action. We certainly don’t want greenie Charles or his lookalike here


3b – Anastasia Palaszczuk, Docs served 2022


3c – ‘He’s a fake’: Details emerge of late Indigenous scholar’s heritage


4a – Yellowstone National Park officials – panicking after 100s of quakes


4b – UFO Landing at Holloman Air Force Basen New Mexico – 3D CGI Animation Movie


5a – British Govt is already working on a Vaccine for a disease that doesn’t exist … yet

5b – The curriculum of schools in Europe – a little different

6a – UN and Clinton Foundation use a US Base in Panama for smuggling illegal migrants

6b – WEF Scum of the Earth meet in Davos and cry that no one trusts them. isn’t that so sad… 


7a – The Final Goal – by a wise young lady 

7b – 5G is the real weapon – Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger

8a – What they just discovered under the Dome of the Rock


8b – Trump says “The Rapture is going to happen”

Possibly one of the best explanations of the 3 interpretations of this subject well worth watching – In another video Elon musk is saying he is a believer and agrees with Trump on this matter


10 – Animals reunited with their owners


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