2023/01/22nd –  Information vs Disinformation –What is real?

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1 – Information vs Disinformation – Who knows what is real?

Elections – The Twitter files released by Elon Musk has revealed Democrats and 3 Letter Agencies involvement in voter suppression and interference in both the 2020 and 2022 Mid-term elections. The power brokers in the Washington D.C swamp used their influence to silence dissenting opinion, calling on Twitter to shadow ban and ban conservative users accounts. While Liberal bot farms overran the platform and “Fact Checkers” ran rampant using algorithms to silence the conservative voice. Fact Checkers never existed until the Truth started coming out. Musk has stated and we now see that this situation is going to end. Meanwhile over at facebook the same thing was happening and information about facebook’s involvement is becoming more apparent, especially in the illegal funding mechanisms by Mark Zuckerberg to the Democrat party.

Dead and AliveThis site has put up a number of photos of people who are allegedly wearing masks. Point in case Camilla Parker Bowls, it is blatantly clear that this was not Camilla, so who is wearing the mask and why? Is Camilla and the majority of the Royal Family dead like many Hollywood celebrities, when in fact they have all been arrested in executed for their crimes and crimes against humanity and children? A possible explanation for the Mask wearing and doubles being used is to mitigate the mass population from panicking. Whatever the reason it must have a sound justification.

Celebrity Deaths, Resignations and Arrests In the period of the last 3 months 56 Celebrities have died, this number is unprecedented. Many of the Celebrities who have died recently and suddenly have a history of pushing the Convid Vax. Go look them up.

As for Resignations, CEO’s in business and banking, Heads of Stare, high level bureaucrats have been resigning left and right, one only needs to watch the News or read the Daily papers to have these facts. The Vietnamese President and Israel’s ambassador to France have also recently resigned

Arrests of businessmen and women and bureaucrats in the United States are happening on a daily basis, many are being arrested for Corruption and Sex offenses, unfortunately, the majority of Australians have no idea about this.

GCR vs RV – The Global Currency Reset is the Globalist, WEF One World Government Plan to enslave mankind forever. The RV is NESARA and GESARA is the plan for the freedom of mankind. The parasitic elite seeking a One World Government run by the U.N and the WEF have planned for their takeover for decades and it can be traced back to 1871 in the U.S. The WEF plan uses a lot of the same language of the RV, the reason is to have people confused about whether it’s the RV or GCR. Deception and misdirection are the weapons being used along with misinformation.

The Plan – Can be summed up in 2 things said by two very different men “You will have nothing and you will like it” – Klaus Schwabb  and “I am turning the country back to you, the people” – President Donald J. Trump.The plan by the good guys has been and remains to be the systematic destruction of the control of the corrupt elite who want to rule over us by taking them down one at a time and to return the sovereignty of every country around the world and to return the sovereignty of every man, woman and child. The Cabal has been around for Thousands of years and the process of taking it down takes time. When one thinks about how much has been done and is being done to expose and eliminate the PURE EVIL around the world, what has already been done is beyond the understanding of many including those who have been awakening.

GITMOIs reportedly full of the Elites, Pedophiles, and the Corrupt but what many do not know is that  GITMO is not the only place where they are being held for Tribunal, Diego Garcia and Norway have reportedly similar facilities yet we don’t hear or see anything about them for a reason.

Declas and Exposure – The Lame Stream Media have for a long time, has been used as a propaganda arm of the Elitist Ruling Class to lie to you (Operation Mockingbird and MK-Ultra). Recently the Biden Document Scandal has come to the fore, Hunters Laptop, UFO’s, The Kennedy Assassination and even 9-11 documents have been released yet much has been suppressed and continues to be suppressed including the arrests of the Cabal Members, protests around the world are happening and the Stock Market is about to go into Freefall but when do you see that on the News?

The Government, TV propaganda and the celebrities told people to take the vaccine. Now they are all dying, wow what a surprise. We told them from the beginning, the covid is a scam, the vaccines are deadly. Why would anyone ever listen to any celebrity or the news or any big company that works with the government.

Soon, the bubble will burst, at that point, nothing will stop what is coming and you will be either prepared or not. Prepare for some kind of lockdown at any time soon. If you do not believe good people and Military are at work behind the scenes for us, then put your head in the sand and try to pretend there is no battle between Good and Evil.

2 – They’re Planning Something Big ?? Listen carefully



Wasn’t Gates supposedly hung in India ?

Is the visitor a clone or a look alike ?  Albo wouldn’t have a clue. So why wasn’t he/it arrested ? Any one else would have been.

3a – Gates, while under criminal investigation, visits his boy Albo


3b – Gates meets with Aust PM to prepare for the next Pandemic ?


3c – Bill Gates missed the WEF to meet Albo

Bill Gates missed the WEF to go to Australia and bribe Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. These “elites” have too much money and can literally bribe 100s of politicians.


3d – Gates – vaccines for Livestock 

Gates is allegedly buying up Aussie Farms – farmers take the $$ – yeah

3e – COVID Vaccines ‘Opened the Floodgates’ for New Wave of mRNA Vaccines for Livestock



4a – Stew Peters Presents: COVENOM-19 Series Vol. 1


4b – Get instant access to all 9 episodes of the COVENOM-19 Series 


4c – Exorcisms: The World’s Leading Psychiatric Authority Speaks Out

How many of the Big time Deep staters….Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, Gates, Schwab etc etc are being influenced by demons?


4d – Increased rate of Heart Attacks World Wide

Health care workers, lawyers, undertakers and surviving patients testify how countless people are being murdered in hospitals, in return for big money.  Plenty of Items on this site and others verify this.

UK Funeral director John O’Looney saw how thousands of vulnerable people were murdered in care homes, to start the covid pandemic in the United Kingdom. Later he was contacted by a government official instructing him to label every natural death as covid. John O’Looney also saw how the death rates suddenly exploded, once vaccinations began. John O’Looney is connected to 45 other funeral directors who all told him they see the same things: mass murder by governments, relabelling every death as covid, and massive death waves following the vaccinations  https://stopworldcontrol.com/murder/


5a – Orthopedic surgeon cannot work due to Covid Jab injuries

5b – Zuckerberg Warned His Staff Not To Get the Vaccine 

5c – Pfizer before and after



6 – For all the F H F F – fat-head footy fans

7a – Shipping company bans electric cars on ferries

A Norwegian shipping company bans electric cars on its ferries. According to a risk analysis, the risk of fire from such vehicles is too great. According to a report by the TradeWinds shipping news service, Havila shipping company boss Bent Martini said the risk analysis showed that the fire in an electric car required a particularly complex rescue operation. The crew on board could not afford this. Passengers would also be at risk.

In spite of all the global push, the earth’s climate is remarkably stable by historical standards, and there is no real proof that man is causing the warming or cooling of the planet. Such claims are based on outright fraud, and the real agenda behind is clearly political.

7b – Warning – could this be happening here ?

7cQR codes needed to purchase tickets at all US Airports

they DON’T accept CASH and they know 98% of sheeple will grumble and growl but will fall in line, just like all the same


8a – Dirt cheap premium way to fill LOTS of Raised Garden Beds


8b – 6 top Crops to Grow at Home to Save You From STARVING


9 – Labor nitwits blame Kimberley wet season on CO2



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