2023/01/23rd – Step by step the Closer we get

Step by step the Closer we get – Items 7 – 10

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When you are born. your brain starts working 24/7 – until you turn on your smartass phone or the Nightly News



1 – Why you must not get Covid Tested  and/or Jabbed


2 – Massive underground tunnel systems  – a truckie shows us

Rev 6. 15 –  They called out to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us! Hide us from the face of the one who sits on the throne! Hide us from the anger of the Lamb.

3 – Parliament House Sex Scandal – Canberra

      A few months ago but has anything changed ?


4 – Bill and Melinda ?

5 – Pictures say a thousand words and save hours of reading

6 – Covid Genocide Plan of the Cabal – who is behind it and why,

Read this if you want about the Luciferian plan to genocide the entire Earth via the Cabal, the Joos, the Vatican, the Masons and various Secret societies, stuff most of us know a little or a lot about,  but before you read this depressing stuff, remember this –

Acts 5:38   For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. .

Isaiah 7.7   But I, the Lord GOD, say, “ ‘Their plan will not succeed; it will not happen thus … it will never take place But GOD, the Master, says, “It won’t happen.

The US Department of Defence Declares War on Humanity (substack.com)

7 – MEDICAL BEDS – we hope

Trump says – “In about a year almost all hospital procedures will be obsolete.” Each city will have many medical beds and Tesla cameras capable of cure and and repair DNa and cure all diseases  Lower age (up to 30 years)  The Cancer is Gone No more Autism  Never again Fibre Myalga  No need for Vaccines  No more Alzheimer’s Disease  No more Courts = the proof is in the orders signed by you

Our doctors will be known as medical experts.  Doctors will be screwed as soon as the truth is known about the health fraud that is being perpetrated to the detriment of humanity.  Here are some facts about the new vibrational medicine: …. There will be several types of medical beds that will perform different functions…. 

a) Holographic Medical Pods: These can be portable and the smaller version of a laboratory on wheels.  Putting the wounded in the capsule and putting them to sleep so that they stop degenerating and weakening (staying awake is dangerous for our well-being. It is used for basic wound healing, skin healing, organ regeneration and minor problems…

b) Regeneration Beds: These beds work with medical experts to isolate your DNA, stem cells, and specific cells to return your body to the best you.  The patient lies in bed and the computer system connects with his mind and her body to determine the best plan of action for rejuvenation and healing…. You can perform healthy, non-invasive, simple procedures with quick results. 

c) The computer’s hands can perform precise operations, using lasers to open and seal the damaged area.  All missing organs and body parts will be rebuilt using your genetic sequence and bodily functions.  Eyes, legs, arms, kidneys, etc.  ;  everything will be generated as the body retains the muscle memory of all the parts of its human being.  The lasers used will have a three-dimensional metric unit and plasma power to repair or replace. 

d) Rejuvenation Bed: This bed uses your genetic codes to rejuvenate your body and fight aging.  You can turn back your age with a biometric gel and remove unwanted memories.  You can eliminate areas of your life that were wrong or things that made you feel uncomfortable. 

e) Antipathogen Beds – These beds remove heavy metals, debris, parasites, and all other invaders that cause health problems.  Here is the spiritual bed that will reconnect you with your higher self, mending and repairing the silver thread.  The back of the brain, where the heart muscle is located that connects you with your higher self;  it can and will restore your spiritual connection to a greater version of your consciousness…


Christine says – The post immediately above is not about the Military Med-Beds from what I understand, however, the more these are talked about the better for everyone.  The idea will gradually be readily accepted.

8 – Step by step the Closer we get


9 – The Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z ~ All 4 Movies

Part I – the famous show with Mark Devlin the showed the whole Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z, this video has had a combined 5+ million views worldwide…


Part II – The New Silk Road/Adrenochrome…the Takedown of the Cabal, which had over 750,000 views before Youtube shut us down…


Part III – Cutting the Head Off of the Hydra with Mark Devlin, that showcased the Q Team Capturing the Palaces of the 13 Bloodline Families in Venice on Dec. 24th, 2016…


Part IV – a BRILLIANT condensed Video version of my Takedown of the Cabal From A to Z, following Trump from the Beginning to the End of his World Tour to become the King of the World…


10 – How Is This Still Secret? Military Insider Interview:

Special Ops Revealed [DS] Cabal’s Dirty Secret Exposed

How Is The POPE Involved In All This?

The 200 Year Plan! Does TRUMP Know About This?

They Will Hide This From You at All Cost Must See, Mind-Blowing Whistle blower Video!  68 mins  Other vids here too



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