2023/01/25th – What are we waiting for ?

We all take turns at napp’n, waiting for something to happen  12+13

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1a – Banks are now flagging customers withdrawing cash.


1b – New  AUTOMATED stores in LONDON   soon here ?

2a – Australian Parliament house with “the image of their GOD SATAN” built in:   https://tinyurl.com/5n7tcweb

Snowden has stated, Intelligence Agencies monitor, track and know everything, proving the Upper level run and control this Satanic agenda 

2b – Coming soon to a Govt Dept near You – idea from the 1900s

3a – World Economic Forum has gotten ‘more ridiculous’


3b – Climate cult wants every persons carbon dioxide emissions to be regulated – no more breathing ? 


4 – 17 Earthquakes in same spot in Molucca Sea in 24 hours

     Tunnels go boom.

5a – Trump Travels Through Time  back to the 80s


5b – Jan 6 Proof they were let in  

6a – Davos planes  

6b – Davos 2023 Exposes the Enemies of Humanity – so they say


7a – NZ PM will Hunt You Down – escalating Adhern’s agenda

7b – Everyone’s About to Get a HARSH Reality Check.


7c – The four stages of subversion   YES we are at stage 4.


8 – Rebel News – Controlled opposition ? 

According to Max Igan they are.  Avi Yemini is very pro the fake Israel, which is not the Biblical Israelites.   Avi admits he is a Zionist.


9a – China To Accelerate The Construction Of Coal-Fired Power Plants

9b – Wind turbines disasters

10 – Stupid Parents – you may know people who do this, even to themselves. Almonds and Soybeans  don’t have udders


11 – How masks, tests and border closures work

We got here by not paying attention. We need to fix our country, and soon, otherwise your kids and grandkids will live in a world we never envisioned.

12 – SITUATION UPDATE JAN 24! SG Anon’s FEROCIOUS Interview!            “Year Of The Rabbit Hole!”  Nothing to see – thus audio only


13 – Click to open Update Wednesday, Jan 25, 2023

 pray some is true

14 – Nikola Tesla Explained In 16 Minutes – Best Documentary

Nikola Tesla was a man ahead of his time. His advancements in electricity were radical, helping to usher in the modern age, with his influence seen in anything from X-rays to remote control. His World Wireless System had the potential to advance technology by nearly a century, while also providing free energy to the globe. Unlike so many of his era, Tesla did not work for financial gain, instead working to advance humanity. Perhaps it is not surprising that a man so far ahead of his time has only found his place in the 21st century, an age shaped by his technological brilliance.



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