2023/01/26 – Imminent Lockdown ?

Imminent Lockdown – Hopium or preparing ? 

We all take turns at napping, waiting for something to happen


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1a – Vax for a Stroke – it’s the new thing


1b – From a VAXXED (regretful) Individual ..

What an UTTER IMBECILE?  The vaxxed ALSO had “access to important information” they bluntly REFUSED to look at it – BLOOD on our hands? What utter ROT. How many of us did EVERYTHING we could but we were LAUGHED at, RIDICULED and REJECTED by friends and family. “But the unvaccinated had access to important information about the potential side effects of vaccines.”  They bleat: why didn’t you warn us? You knew what we didn’t. You said too little. Most said nothing at all. A lot of blood is now on their hands.


1c – Dr Robert Young – How to detox jabbed victims


COVID-19… Worldwide… 6.7 million people have died according to various sources




Intel starts ~ 23:00 Minutes  click on pic



3 – Here’s What They’re Planning at WEF For Your Future 



4 – How could this be? The Monterey Park mass shooting was reported online days before it happened?



5 – The alcohol problem is easily solved

From John – The referendum of 27 May: 1967 allowed the federal government to make laws to give aboriginal people access to alcohol equally with others. My aboriginal friends opposed it as they had already seen the low tolerance to alcohol of their people and the damage it does, They pointed out the ‘white’ aboriginals and their modernist political supporters where the main supporters, and predicted the end result of drunkenness, violence, broken families, domestic violence, rape of women and children.

How could anyone be proud of such consequential freedoms, the wisdom of the older generations was ignored as it is today in all races. The alcohol problem has been simmering away for 56 years causing all the aforementioned massive ongoing problems and deaths; now totally out of control as we predicted.

In January 2023: The alcohol problem is causing so much out of control crime, car theft, robbery, violence and rapes, the governments have been forced to introduce alcohol restriction in Alice Springs and many other areas across the NT — as we predicted would happen. 

A simple solution would be non-alcoholic beer and wine, they taste the same, and ban spirits as they are not a necessary requirement of society. 


6a – Hold the line! One day closer

NYSE glitch leads to busted trades, prompts investigation Zimbabwe targets 40 tonnes of gold in 2023 Central Banks Turn to Gold as Losses Mount Brazil’s President suggests creating widespread currencies for BRICS


6b – Who controls the Fed ?


For several years now, we have been told that Trump controls the Federal Reserve and that they are doing his bidding. The Rothschilds are no longer the puppet masters of the most powerful central bank in the world. Trump is now THEIR master. This coming February is miraculous. February of 2023 will never be the same as any other February (of the Gregorian Calendar) in your lifetime again. It happens every 823 years as this February has:   4 Sundays  4 Mondays  4 Tuesdays  4 Wednesdays  4 Thursdays  4 Fridays  4 Saturdays  This is called Miracle


6c – Lockdown coming any day ?

This has been floating around a few days – The source is blocked out – I have no way to know if it is a hoax or real – who can know ? The warning has been coming for some time of what many hope for and expect.  What might they use as a serious threat for people to accept it ?  Being forewarned and prepared is better than ignorance or hopium. The secret people who are trying to DESTROY the Earth will be revealed. Keep in mind that God Wins. . “Q” 17 states that sometimes, by losing a battle, you find a new way to win the war.


7a – Russia Reveals Antarctica is Not what we’re being told


7b – University Trained ?


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