2023/01/28th  – Gold and Silver devalued to ZERO

Must pray that all these developments are true

Item 1  Dark secrets of the United Nations     video out now

Gold, Silver and Oil devalued to Zero

All Basel – 4 compliant banks will operate on the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) and will be made public with the new international rates

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1a – Secrets of the United Nations    video out now

The United Nations are currently rolling out Agenda 2030, with the notorious “sustainability goals”. This worldwide project aims to completely transform every aspect of human existence: food, sexuality, family, work, finance, health, education, everything! This will supposedly put an end to poverty, hunger, inequality, sickness, and other bad things. A former executive director who worked at the UN for two decades, tells a different story. He explains that the UN is controlled by criminals who use it to enrich themselves, and enslave humanity.



1b – Fiat is Gone – yes we know, but what is next ? 

According to the United States Debt Clock (below) wwwusdebtclock.org Gold, Silver and Oil have been devalued to ZERO thereby rendering Gold and Silver worthless.

DO NOT PANIC this has been long planned to bring down the United States Stock Exchange as the Stock Market is overvalued. With Gold and Silver and OIL devalued to ZERO temporarily the engine of the Stock Market has been removed. BANKS and the Stock Market can no longer manipulate the Gold, Silver and Oil Markets.

What you are witnessing is the annihilation of the FIAT currencies and the ACTUAL start of the largest transfer of wealth ever recorded, back to where the wealth belongs… us  If you are holding Gold and Silver Bullion this is the BEST NEWS you will ever hear about.

The RV is happening and will start in earnest on February 1, 2023. Expect huge changes and for the price of Gold and Silver to jump significantly once the new Stock Market (INDUS) is fully operational on the Quantum Finance System. It is expected that the completion of the compliances for all of this will be by week’s end this coming week.

LOCKDOWNS on a worldwide scale are expected to occur sometime during this period over the foreshadowed Scare Event (WW3) but in reality it will be to stop the world’s citizenry making a run on the Banks. There is no need to worry,

YOUR MONEY IS SAFE. It is expected that when you are able to access your money after the lockdown, the money will be the new “Rainbow Currency” (Gold and Silver Backed).

For those who have the FIAT Currency on hand , you will be able to exchange your FIATS for the Rainbows at a 1:1 rate via your bank.

For many months this site and others have been telling you to prepare for the impending LOCKDOWN, there can be no denying that it is indeed IMMINENT, if you have not prepared, you had better do so as soon as you finish this item because time has officially run out.

Further evidence of the changes mentioned in the article above are confirmed in the following information which is a few days old now. Not surprisingly the time line further suggests that I the changeover to The Quantum Finance System is well and truly happening.


1c – A contact who works with buyers sent this days ago

Tuesday – January 31, 2023 – The US Dollar (USD) will switch to the new US – Gold /Asset Backed Note (USN).

Wednesday – February 1, 2023 – From the date, the US –  Dollar (USD) will no longer be recognized as legal tender anywhere in the world.

Thursday – February 2 – Banks and stores will withdraw the US dollar (USD) and send it to the US Treasury to be destroyed.

Friday – February 3 – All Basel – 4 compliant banks will operate on the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) and will be made public with the new international rates

01 – Receive an electronic notification You receive an e-mail notifying you that you have received a transfer of the new USNS OR USTNS asset – backed currency and that the funds are fully for you via the Q FS

02 – Connect with the QFS The QFS already knows who you are, since it has consulted your bank account based on the account details provided in the payment order. You connect to the QFS from a URL link provided to you.

03.1 – Confirm Identity There is a 3 – step process to confirm that you are the rightful beneficiary:

03.2 – Your bank account is intervened.

03.3 – you receive a unique code by email 

03.4 – Confirm the code received Ping successful = go to SID code

04 – Create a security ID  Once the ping confirms that your regular bank account has been successfully verified and authenticated, you will be prompted to enter your secret code to confirm the opening of a QFS mirror account.  It then confirms acceptance of the funds transfer received.

05 – Accept transfer of $ Your SECRET, SECURE & PERSONAL account is automatically credited with the amount of USNS or USTNs that you received.  Your account is fully operational and available to you to transfer funds to third party beneficiaries. has the same status as a sovereign

06 – USN / USTN Transfer From the “Shipping” screen you can easily and instantly transfer USNS (within the US) and USTNS (overseas). Transfers can be in any currency and are instantly converted at preset exchange rates and the funds are immediately available to the beneficiary who uses the same process to receive the funds. 

2 – Repeat of 6c way back on 26th   

This has been floating around a few days – The source is blocked out – I have no way to know if it is a hoax or real – who can know ? The warning has been coming for some time of what many hope for and expect.  What might they use as a serious threat for people to accept it ?  Being forewarned and prepared is better than ignorance or hopium. The secret people who are trying to DESTROY the Earth will be revealed. Keep in mind that God Wins. . “Q” 17 states that sometimes, by losing a battle, you find a new way to win the war.

3a – Senator Rennick for Qld doing his job

3b – Non Stop Lies from Day 1

Former Health Minister Greg Hunt announced….The world is involved in the largest ever clinical trial…The Vaccine is safe and effective

3c – How many Quarantine Camps in Australia ?  109 at least

Peta Credlin on the billions wasted on quarantine camps and the near trillion dollar debt that is now with us.

3d – What the corporate government is afraid to tell the people.

Secret Australian Government Reports prove COVID Vaccination has caused a shocking 5162% increase in Excess Deaths compared to the year 2020.  Let that percentage sink in: Five thousand one hundred and sixty two percent of Australians were murdered. lots of them were children led to their deaths,  and the corporate government and Mains stream media want it hidden from you, while they continue killing the people.  when are the people going to wake up. After all there are more of us than them, how many more must die?

By Authorised Representative :denis-peter: sui-juris

4a – Organic farm animals to be vaxxed with MRNA

Even Organic Cows, Pigs, Chickens and Sheep are now being Vaccinated with MRNA Vaccines. This is a global movement to poison the livestock. Stay ahead of the curb, make the switch to alternative protein sources. I’m not talking about soy and the mainstream stuff

4b – Who noticed on the TV News that the 5 police who belted hell out of the young black man in USA are all black men – they are being charged with murder

5a – Christine Anderson Blasts AstraZeneca VP, WEF Member


6a – Why is Australia Day 26th ?


6b – Forget Invasion Day, how about Home Invasions


7a -Maori Morpheus exposes NZ PM Jacinda Ardhern as Deep Stater flipped to Trump and Q  hmmm


7b – New PM Chris Hipkins speaks to media from the Beehive bunker overnight, after widespread flooding in Auckland


8 – Aussi Cossack – Jayne Hrdlicka says YES to vaccines & NO Russian flags at the Australian Open


9 – Common Sense – the horizon is horizontal



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