2023/01/29th  – Gold and Silver cannot be bought.

Gold and Silver not available – Item 1 last night 

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1a – Compelling Evidence – If there is still anyone out there wanting “Proof” that the White Hat RV is coming, not the Cabal Reset, the evidence can be found in the video of Speaker Kevin McCarthy announcing the 221 – 210 vote in favour of ending the IRS. In effect if passed by both the House of Representatives and The Senate the IRS can no longer collect taxes. In doing so it returns the responsibility back to the United States Treasury. It also further evidences that the Fed (A Private Rothschild’s Banking Corporation) has been taken over by the White Hats and like all other Central Banks, can no longer print money like there is no tomorrow. As with Gold, Silver and Oil this will surely completely gut the FIAT System. Stay tuned as more news on the annihilation of the FIAT is sure to be coming. 

1b – First Bill has been passed repealing the IRS Funding 

1c – US flag was upside own over the House of Reps this morning

Hanging the flag upside down is seen as a symbol of a nation in distress 


2 – Gold Coast tap water  

3 – Red Cross money Laundering 

The salary of the CEO of the Red Cross is $737,971 per year.
Gail McGovern is the current CEO of the Red Cross and has held that title for 11 years.  Not sure where this vid was recorded   USA ?

4a – Transition Closet sponsored by a Church The deplorable push to shove the trans agenda on our children behind parents backs.

4b – CDC admits on Fox News…………..vax’s causing strokes

4c – CDC admits on BBC vaxx kills

5 – Retired Nurse Speaks   short and to the point


6 – Bosi – We survived thi


7 – 5G is the real cause of Covid-19 symptoms – Vodaphone leak


8 – Magic Greenhouse Gas – Co2

Co2 is heavier than air, so how can it get up into the sky ?

All plants love it and they give us oxygen

9 – GMO Humans – History Does Repeat 

Wars happen every 80 years – 2025 for the next one ?

10 – Covid Zombies from Max Igan – good insight


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