2023/01/31st  –  QFS Ready to Go  

QFS Ready to Go – Item 1  


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1a – QFS Ready to Rock  


1b – From Allan K [31/01/2023 6:14 pm


Stay Positive, Stay Focused, And Buckle your SEAT BELTS

Remember a while back when I told you guys when we were close you would be drinking through a fire hydrant  Well that time has come We are Truly at the end of this.  President Trumps speech yesterday In New Hampshire for sure was full of comms. He was giving our military signals to move, and when he stopped at Zesto’s for Ice cream in South Carolina. We were always told Israel 🇮🇱 is last. Well guess what you guys we are in Israel 🇮🇱 as shortly after TRUMP left, Zestos Israel blew up Iran’s oil refinery HUGE COMMS-.

Elon, musk/ (Aka) Mr. TWEET is also giving us signs RSBN also said there would be a special event/announcement that they would be covering tomorrow 01/30/2023 at Mar-a-Lago!!!! Also Gold / Silver and oil are all at Zero I am hearing Great things for this coming week Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes we definitely need to be paying attention to

If I had to guess for this coming week. And it is Just a Guess lol 😂 I would say a huge financial crash. I would say Biden removal and a possible World War III scare event and Blackouts buckle up everybody. It’s about to get real. I don’t know about you all, but I am very excited😂 I am truly so at Peace Much love ❤ Believe In Miracles

Allan K [31/01/2023 6:16 pm]

While I realize it is a little late in the evening and I have been asked to temper my posts as so many are really suffering financially and when the exchanges are not forthcoming they get even more depressed, so please everyone reading this please realize those in power do not wish to provide a specific date and time.

So tonight’s message from the banker is he is anticipating a notice in the morning of the date he needs to have his exchange centres fully manned and operational and he notified me see 1a.     GOD Bless you all, we are right on the doorstep.

1c – Go look at the debt clock – There’s a reason why  

1d – Soros’s Minions are being removed

1e – The WEF is terrified of people who refuse to comply.

1f – A Ukrainian General told the truth about who is pulling the strings in Ukraine way back in 2014

2 – ANZ Bank gone forever ??

ANZ has filed in the State of Vic seeking bankruptcy of themselves   A rumour says that if ANZ closes, they would never reopen  That rumour appears to be fact  

3 – Ice Cream lovers also ?

4 – Fake Courts, Fake Cops, Fake Govt. Rod Culleton kicking Goals for Australian Farmers


5 – Terrifying Twitter montage Covid vaxx deaths – UK and Australia


6 – Restored Republic via a GCR as of January 30, 2023



Plan Melbourne – Current Projects


The Parisian ‘15-minute city’ comes to Brisbane


8 – Ancient Burma amazing buildings

A source of power kept hidden and suppressed    

9 – A page you might need one day  hopefully not

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