2023/02/01st  –  World Wide CURRENCIES update

World Wide CURRENCIES update

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1a – Global Wealth Transfer


1b – World Wide CURRENCIES update

Allan K – “FYI, called my banker at wells fargo thousand oaks, wanted to purchase more dong dinar and zim. No longer for sale as of today. Not on list.”


January 31, 2023   Article:  “The US Federal Reserve will meet tomorrow regarding the dollar in Iraq”   THIS IS A VERY BIG MEETING!  Quote:   “The US Federal Bank will hold a meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, in which it will study Iraq’s proposals to curb the dollar’s rise.” The last day of the month – we thought this will be our starting day – but we got information yesterday evening that we had an issue with Iran which supposedly slowed us down for 24 hours – and 2 hours ago that problem had been solved  – we don’t know how – but a deal with Russia and using the Rubel solved the problem – thank you Russia. 

It’s interesting because what we are getting today is very good that meeting in Florida came to a successful end and as a result this evening we got things were going to be moving equivalent warp speed tonight and overnight  – for Bond Holders and possibly for us – the long and the short is the 1st of Feb to start Nesara and our RV  – they are all supposed to brought out as new values and we should have the Fiat currency of other countries  they’ve asked for them ALL put on deposit in many banks around the world – take it into the banks because tomorrow it won’t have a value – because the Gold Backed currency with Nesara and Gesara and as far as the USD (US DOLLAR – FIAT) as it’s coming into our banks starting on Thursday the 2nd they will then start shredding the old Fiat  – so tomorrow or Wednesday the USN (US NOTE – ASSET BACKED) which is asset backed that should be coming out at the RC and the T1 & 2 banks to which it’s been delivered   – and that is really positive  – so where does that put us  

We should be underway and going within 48 hours  – so tomorrow notified and so just let’s say everything happens over the next 48 hours  – Wednesday/Thursday with our exchanges and it’s coming down to the wire – all Basel 4 compliant countries will be putting out those new currencies and taking in the old money – so the Fiat DOLLAR tomorrow is Null and Void outside of the US – not sure but I know we use the Fiat and then Transition over  – to the precious metals backed and we do that the USD has no value outside of the US after tomorrow.   But we will still use the Fiat for up to 90 days – Feb/March/April in line with the new USN  – they may have a cut off of April 30th.   I’m sure they will announce that.

BRICS Moves To Launch A New Reserve Currency

Sean Foo:  Jan 31st – 2023  At the 2023 BRICS summit, Russia has confirmed a new reserve currency system will be discussed. If this comes true, a powerful new competitor could arise to challenge the dollar and the Euro. However, what shape will a BRICS currency take? Will it be backed by commodities like oil or gold? 


Just in –   Hi, look at the top of the receipt! From a friend in UK

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Seriously if you feel light headed : Breathe – Take a teaspoon of cayenne in water with food in stomach.

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What I would recommend to everybody when you listen to all these other Intel providers out there discard any date discard any timeline when they’re saying this is happening, only look at key nuggets of what they’re saying, and hold onto that. Because with all the data driven information they provide. They do provide a a nugget of information in there. You must be able to clean that from what I would recommend to everybody when you listen to all these other Intel providers out there discard any date discard any timeline when they’re saying this is happening, only look at key nuggets of what they’re saying, and hold onto that. Because with all the data driven information they provide. They do provide a nugget of information in there. You must be able to glean that from there    Holly

And may I make another suggestion, is if you listen to all these Intel providers and you believe what they’re telling you every single week every single day and it doesn’t happen, and then you get disappointed and upset and frustrated, that is on you. It’s not on them. What you need to learn is to decipher the information and use discernment, because when you listen to these people and you believe everything that’s being said, you are giving your power away to them. You have the power within you and all the answers inside you. What we are doing is training our discernment muscle, and it takes practice to get it strong. It’s up to you to decide and determine what is true and what is not and stop blindly believing every single thing you hear.    -Holly

And may I make another suggestion let’s not live in the past or live in the future. But live present for just today. Only think about today and what will come for today and what you can do with today to make it your best day ever.

You have to remember there are many different levels of Intel providers. Meaning they get information from many different levels. And you also need to remember that there are two RVs still running side-by-side. The good side and the bad side. And the information from the bad side gets intertwined with the good side. And some people don’t know that it’s bad meaning the internal providers hearing it don’t know they’re being fed from the wrong side. So this is where discernment comes in.  – Holly

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3 – ‘Pipe-Bursting’ Cold Blast Headed For Northeast USA



4 – Mel K Delivers The Most EPIC Speech Of Our Lifetime

Trump/patriot-friendly free speech social media & video sites…




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5b – Experts say she will end humanity. Here’s the fix, with Elon,  


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6 – Whole Foods getting ready for the Cabal Great Reset.

You can’t enter without a QR code.  This QR code is the mark of the beast they have been talking about. Wake up enough people to boycott it, and let it collapse.  Support your local producers. and dump your smartass phone 


7a – Anti-vaxxers not welcome in Australia


7b – Shortass Shorten is after your very personal details – new ID Card



8a – A strange letter arrived today:

Denis Peter writes – I have gone one further in dealing with fraudulent mail: I now put it on Public Notice: and then email the fraudsters the link, along with return to sender, so they know what’s coming. I call that full disclosure: 

If they hit you – then you hit them back.


8b – Commonwealth National Stands His Ground with the truth    



9a – Giant Skeletons Found In Wild West Cave


9b – Cambodia Royal Palace – What did they know about music and broadcasting The great cathedrals in Europe used bells

Cambodia, ancient free energy atmospheric electricity gathering device in action! It perfectly matches the ancient texts and drawings of this technology and it sounds awesome too.


Item 10 – I trust you will do much greater humanitarian projects and especially take note of the last sentence.


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