2023/02/02nd  –  How Are The Feds Are Bringing Down The System?

How Are The Feds Are Bringing Down The System? 

NESARA is unfolding.    Item 1



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1a – How Are The Feds Are Bringing Down The System? 2/1/23


Want to see what the looting and destruction of an economy looks like in its inception? This happened just six short years after the creation of the Federal Reserve.

Now that they’ve parasitically sucked all the value out of the fiat economy they’re going to try and replace it with a digital currency. Something equally valueless and infinitely easier to surveil, track, control and weaponize.

Worth your time to read the whole letter.

1b – McCarthy dropping Q phrases — Promises Made, Promises Kept.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy Moves to Remove Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff and Ilhan Omar from Congressional Committees

1c – Kevin McCarthy – Things are NOT at all what it seems.


1d – NESARA is unfolding.

House Republicans will now vote on ABOLISHING the IRS and replacing a national income tax with a consumption tax – after voting to strip agency of Biden-backed $72 billion in funds for 87,000 new staff


1e – All Bark  No Bite. Don’t allow them to siphon your Energy with clickbait headlines.   Biden’s 87,000 new IRS agents may be short-lived


1f – IRS is fraudulent — Admits all taxes are voluntary


1g – Is the IRS shut down? Phone disconnected


1h – How Are The Feds Are Bringing Down The System – part 2 

The truths are rolling out now, a bit rough to read of the evil and sick behaviour that so many have participated in, knowingly or unknowingly.



2a – Newsweek  July 2022 has come to reality

2b – Putin Destroys Adrenochrome Lab in Ukraine




3 – LTN  -Low traffic Neighbourhood

What utter insanity! And one wonders how this scam was so easily accepted….there’s your evidence right there. These LTR’s are part of the NWO 15 Minute city agendas!!! It’s the first step for the 15 or 20 minute city to get people used to it before you can’t leave your district more than x days a year without a fine. They’re training us! Mass DISOBEDIENCE is the only way for us to stop this.
Stop them at all costs.



4a – European Royals and Elite killing naked Children

Revealed by eye witnesses in court. A harassed single WA mother discovered that State Child Service staff get $3000 bonus for “rescuing” . . .  per child 

4b – What’s the Vatican up to now ?

4c – Former Satanist gives first hand account of the significance of Halloween and what takes place in the rituals under the priests.

4d – Vatican EXPOSED – Your birth, death and serial number.

All on record at the Vatican who say they “own” you50 Hail Marys won’t help  Matt 6.7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.



5 – The magic of green screens for propaganda



6a – All anti-vaxxers were crazy until my daughter dropped dead

6b – Stew Peters NAILS IT –  “Don’t give me this crap about . . . 


6c – Transexual Pedo’s excuses – caught trying to meet a child for sex

6d – Shoplifting is ok if you are a beast of the field



7 – The (CYBORG GRAPHENE)   6g Game Over Revealed



8 – The Greatest Human SECRET



9 – An ordinary 3-year-old chimney sweep in the 30s 

In Victorian London, the job of a chimney sweep was dangerous and dirty. Child Labour was often used because it was easier for children to get into narrow chimneys


10 – Why pre-historic animals were so big   Kent Hovind – ytubes


11 – Electro-culture indoors ?

Copper and crystals can amplify the energy of the soil & plants. Crystals can emit colour spectrums to help boost plant growth. Similar how humans utilize “red light therapy” or colour spectrum therapy. Try these techniques for your indoor garden


12 – Why Is China Hoarding Food?     and so should you

China is hoarding a massive amount of food. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has said that China will soon have 69% of the globe’s corn reserves, 60% of its rice and 51% of its wheat. But when asked about it – China lies. “The data show that China is clearly hoarding food,” says one expert. “They, of course, will never admit to something like that.” The communist food shopping spree shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Which begs the question… Why is China hoarding all this food? What Do They Know That We Don’t?

You see, when it comes to food shortages, China is the “canary in the coal mine”. Because as the world’s #1 importer of food, they rely on the rest of the world to keep their people fed. So they can’t afford to mess up… or the result will be riots, civil panic, or even worse… total famine and over a billion people won’t eat. They’re using food as a weapon. Control the food, control the people. What Does This Mean For Americans Like You And Me? 2 words: “food shortages”

There are 38 million Americans, including 12 million children, who are struggling with food insecurity. As inflation and supply chain disruptions continue to push food costs higher and higher, families struggle to make ends meet. John Boyd Jr, a 4th-generation farmer, warns that food shortages are coming to America. “For so long, we’ve enjoyed lots of food in this country, so we’ve never faced a food shortage. The worse is yet to come.”

Remember, the Chinese are going to import every scrap of food they can, and they will pay top dollar for it too. The Chinese Want To Put The “World’s Pantry” In A Headlock That means rising prices and empty store shelves for us. It’s already happening… have you seen the prices at the grocery store lately?

Leading industry sources here in the U.S. are also worried about food shortages. Experts say grocery hoarding may come as disruptions push America’s food supply “near its breaking point.” The result of all this means that having your own personal food stockpile is more important than ever.


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