2023/02/03rd  –  Rehearsal For Armageddon.

Rehearsal For Armageddon. Item 8

Is this the “threat” of WW3 we were warned about ? 

The Cabal is not giving up without a bitter fight 


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Psalm 139.14  I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.



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8a – The World Bank is ready to work with Iraq to implement reforms

economy| 09:23 – 01/02/2023

Baghdad – Magazine News
The World Bank expressed its readiness to work with the Iraqi government to implement investment and reform projects that require significant financial resources.

Salim Rouhana, the bank’s head of sustainable development programs, said in an interview with the official newspaper “Al-Sabah” and followed by Mawazine News, that “there is more than one way to implement the climate and development report,” noting that “the report prioritizes reforms, starting from the reforms that are very necessary in order to be able to implement projects, with the need for a capacity to complete them.”

He added, “The second way is financing, part of which is public, and the other part is private, because the bank is interested in these sectors to create the political and financing infrastructure, in order to stimulate the going to projects in energy, specifically alternative and renewable.”

He continued, “The third way in the reform process is to shift from a real-time and near-term to medium- and long-term view that requires some security and political stability and the creation of departments that can complete work on these projects and implement the outlook and orientation even in the frameworks of change of governments and policies, and this is important, as there must be some kind of continuity in governance to implement medium and long-term projects.”

He pointed out that “the World Bank will have a technical and intellectual support role, and it prepares for the government’s request to support investment and reform projects and many tools that we can work with, which require great financial resources and create an environment for the private sector and investment and a lot of modern knowledge, technologies and ideas through which the World Bank can attract the expertise that implemented these projects Finished 29/n33



8b – SG Anon: Rehearsal For Armageddon.

Nothing to see Listen or read below Transcript thanks to Rebecca


February 2, 2023 Thursday  VIDEO:  1.00 hours

HOST:  James Grundvig


REPORTER NOTES:  (rough transcript; go to the link for details and accuracy)

HOST:  The Cabal banking system is WITHDRAWING money from the M-2 money supply.

FACT:  The M-2 money supply is what you and I as well as businesses use.

Take a look at the US Debt Clock… and the numbers are going DOWN and not up. The cash is leaving our society. So are they accelerating the ‘cashless society’? Is this what DAVOS with Klaus Schwab is talking about with the “POLYCRISIS”? We are going into unchartered territory for the first time in American history. The ‘fifteen minute cities’ are now being rolled out in the UK…. So they are no longer a ‘conspiracy theory’.  They are happening.  It is a part of the “Climate Change Society”.

INSERT: (Wikipedia) A 15-minute city is a residential urban concept in which most daily necessities can be accomplished by either walking or cycling from residents’ homes. We are going to be a cashless society… and dependent on the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)… they will bring in a Social Credit System… they have NEW vaccine laws on the books… in Brazil, they will punish anyone who questions the science… (even though we have DISPROVED the Covid Vaccine HOAX over the past three years)….

Russia is showing the world its military might in the Atlantic Ocean last week with its hypersonic missile weapon test… It looks like the West is ‘ALL IN’ for sending weapons to Ukraine. Switzerland is breaking its neutrality, and sending weapons to Ukraine. We are living in INVERTED TIMES. Here is our special guest SG ANON to help us dissect the truth….

(2.12 minutes)

HOST:  It looks like the FIAT dollar is on the way out.  The BRICS are breaking off. That is going to create fireworks on a geopolitical scale that we have not seen for some time.

(6.30 minutes)

Here is the ARTICLE… 96 cities are in the ‘fifteen minute cities’ category and supposedly make up 20% of the global GDP… incudes London, Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires, Hanoi etc. Here is the C40KnowledgeHub website where they lay out the plan for the Fifteen Minute City

INSERT:  LINK: https://www.c40knowledgehub.org/s/?language=en_US

Quote:  A 15-minute city is a residential urban concept in which most daily necessities can be accomplished by either walking or cycling from residents’ homes. Here is an example in Bath city in England… they break it into 48 quadrants.  You will not be allowed to drive. This is done for ‘climate change’ and ‘CO2’. I will tell you… if you are still wearing that Covid mask… you are breathing a lot more CO2 than a car will ever produce.  In fact, you are breathing your LUNG WASTE at 400 times the normal amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

SG Anon, have you been following this about the cities?  I have been following the restructuring of cities… and the workforce throughout the world.

WARNING:  We are living through a GLOBAL POWER GRAB. It is important to understand that we are ACTIVELY engaged in a CONFLICT… between good and evil.


Places like Bath have been running a ‘Trial and Error program’ since the launch of Covid 19… with SOCIAL CONDITIONING, the ability to manipulate people OUT OF THEIR LIBERTIES before they realize what has happened to them. Yes I have been following this topic and others… it looks like it is going to CONTINUE.

(9.33 minutes)

How is the 5-G going to play into these Fifteen Minute Cities and the Social Credit Score system that is coming our way?

SGANON:  The 5-G is the glue that binds it together… it is the second salvo in the MULTILEVEL FREQUENCY WAR that is being waged on humans. 

FACT:  We are energetic beings with frequencies at the subatomic levels. The 5G frequency has been tuned to the 440 wavelength and the ‘5G’ references the amplitude … it was formerly weaponized with disastrous effects… against the people in China. The 5G was supposed to have tied into the VAX program… and gone worldwide… to bring on ‘mind control’.

When you control the electro-pulses in the brain in the human being, which is what allows thoughts to be formed and carried throughout the brain… and your conscious apparatus to make sense of it all. With that control… one can insert one’s will over someone else’s will. That is exactly what is planned and has been planned all along. The 5G goes back to 1983… with the plan to track and trace EVERY electronic device a person owns. All electrical devices that we own are being tuned to that 5G frequency.

(11.30 minutes)

HOST:  Can 5G be a microwave weapon at the high end?  So can it be a danger at higher levels?

SGANON:  Absolutely.  It is worth noting that 5G is just a label… for the type of frequency emitted. It can be weaponized.  It has been weaponized with disastrous effects.

INSERT: (Wikipedia) The Active Denial System (ADS) is a non-lethal directed-energy weapon developed by the U.S. military, designed for area denial, perimeter security and crowd control. Informally, the weapon is also called the heat ray since it works by heating the surface of targets, such as the skin of targeted human beings…The effects of this radio frequency on humans have been studied by the military for years, and much, but not all of the research has been published openly in peer-reviewed journals.

LINK: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Active_Denial_System#:~:


INSERT:  (Wikipedia) An area denial weapon is a defensive device used to prevent an adversary from occupying or traversing an area of land, sea or air. The specific method used does not have to be totally effective in preventing passage (and sometimes is not) as long as it is sufficient to severely restrict, slow down, or endanger the opponent. Some area denial weapons pose long-lasting risks to anyone entering the area, specifically to civilians, and thus are often controversial. An area denial weapon can be part of an anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) strategy.

LINK:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Area_denial_weapon

INSERT: Active Denial System 5G Radiation Weapon

LINK:  https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/active-denial-system-5g-radiation-weapon/

The Cabal has used something called HAARP (High aurora Research Project) to control various aspects of our existence that we never thought was possible.

FACT: The 4G wave will penetrate 0.4 mm through human skin… and will shred blood cells with continued exposures. It impacts the oxygen… and impacts the air. It can destroy things at the molecular level. A lot of the climate weapons seized from the Evergiven ship… April 2021… dealt with “Frequency Capable Atmospheric Modulation”… in other words these were weapons that were going to be used to change the ATMOSPHERE in such a way that it would not have been inhabitable for humanity. Mass casualty events would have been possible.

(12.58 minutes)

HOST:  Staying on the topic of the Fifteen Minute Cities… and the cashless societies… how far away to you think we are? Does the DAVOS crowd have to crash the old system in order to implement this new system… the CBDC?

SGANON:  The CBDC and cashless society has always been the goal… it is talked about in holy texts throughout the ages. Revelation 13:16 – And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

Historians and various archeological articles have backed that up with different power shifts in history. So we know that a REFORMING of how we do things at a ‘value exchange level’ has been one of the over-arching big plans of the Cabal to keep humanity ENSLAVED…. Basically into perpetuity… into the future. I think we are seeing the tearing down of the systems that would not SERVE that agenda. Curiously, we are seeing the Cabal making ECONOMIC DECISIONS that are causing the implosion of that system faster that what they are capable of doing without tipping off people to the narrative. Regardless of ones perspective… WE ARE LIVING THE DEATH OF A FORMER VALUE EXCHANGE SYSTEM… and the REBIRTH into a new value exchange system.

INSERT: WAR CASTLES… SERGEANT Robert Horton, Trainer of Sp Ops

Full lecture about the Ancient Masonic Financial System At this point in time… whether it is good or evil… is up for debate.

(14.36 minutes)

HOST:  This image is the US DEBT CLOCK (https://www.usdebtclock.org/ ) … look at the box under the arrow… that is the “M-2 Money Supply” As of this morning it was $ 23.1 dollars… but in 2000, it was $ 4.7 Trillion. So what is happening is that money is leaving the system.  You can see the number is GOING DOWN (top left). But everything on the page is INCREASING… Dr. Elliot and I discussed this… the Fiat USDollar is basically at $0 in relation to Petrodollar, gold, silver.  He believes that money is leaving the M-2 supply. If it is, will this accelerate the drive toward the cashless society?

SGANON:  I think it will accelerate us toward a couple of things.

FACT:  And it is interesting that some of that draining the M-2 supply is also mixed with the ‘FTX debacle’… because it ties together a lot of the ultra-high-worth holders… banking institutions… government agencies… and individuals.

This is a VERY BIG DEAL. We know the petrodollar is losing value. If the people are going to come together and unite… and take over at the end of this… then the ability of the US Dollar to be used by evil for destruct has to come down… and there has to be a restructuring.

ANALOGY:  Part of that process is bringing down the whole building… while we are standing on the ground floor. We do not want it to drop on our head. We cannot leave it standing if we are going to build something new. So YES… I believe what we are seeing is going to compel us toward a cashless society.

I believe the Cabal has been using their maneuvers for nefarious plans…and… we also have some good people in power who are attempting to move back and forth against what the power force is doing…. And attempting to HEDGE what comes next. The fall of the Petrodollar and the pinching of the US economy… pretty significantly… and getting much worse from here… is a part of that process.

(17.33 minutes)

HOST:  Let’s talk about FTX…. Is it possible that Sam Bankman-Fried has Epstein’s client list… to get billions so fast?

SGANON:  My thoughts are… that is a very distinct possibility.  I think it is a probability. The rate that he came onto the scene… lightning fast… with billions of dollars… from individuals and businesses that we KNOW are tied to the practice of Occult Magic… the practice of abusing kids… pedophilia… and transnational crimes… so all of these same individuals were pouring money into FTX. Whether or not FTX was holding the Epstein client list…. FTX became the new ‘money laundering Safe Haven’. So Sam Bankman offered a place to money launder… and to continue to rip off the world… through a crypto exchange, which allowed it to be done instantaneously. I read the reports… I know… the case is in the Southern District of New York…it has a powerful list of Creditors that are supposed to be turned over to PUBLIC… I think we will see household names we did not expect to see. So it will continue to paint the picture of how this corruption at the HIGHEST LEVELS is really just the same ‘beast’.

(20.20 minutes)

HOST:  Zelensky was a part of this… and FTX was funding a Democrat Super PAC and a RINO Super PAC. What are your thoughts if all of this comes to LIGHT?

SGANON:  When it comes to LIGHT… I think we will see major geopolitical power shifts… in the FINANCIAL SECTOR … that will have to happen.

FACT:  The Ukraine government was being funded with the FTX funds. That was outside of the aide being given publicly by this FAKE Biden administration. So when that was cut off… that is one of the reasons that Zelensky ratcheted up the rhetoric… asking for armored weapons… vehicles… fighter jets… because the man knows that the hedge he had is no longer there.

FACT:  Kyiv is home to a number of transnational corporations in the pharmaceutical industry and the banking industry.  We are going to see that affected throughout the world.

FACT:  The FTX scandal … ties ALL of the U.S. Government together with various levels and lumps them in with the same group of people who are the celebrities and the ultra-high net worth businessmen… Blackrock… Vanguard… and other major business names… and ties them together under the “financial Crime”. So it is going to be a ‘very bad day’ when it comes to light.

(22.08 minutes…. BREAK….26.30 minutes)

HOST:  Russian tanks are ready for the invasion… what do you think will happen the next few months.

SGANON:  Things are going to get wild…. I have said this a couple of times…

FACT:  The Russian BEAR has waited a thousand years (1000 years) to destroy a long-standing stronghold of this deep state cabal.

FACT:  The Ukraine is a ‘playground’ for all sorts of evil… many levels worse than most people are willing to imagine.

The Russians went in their original for the threat of Biological Warfare.  That threat has NOT been completely neutralized.  It is my belief that we will see Belarus and Hungry coming in on the side of Russia.

WARNING:  They will attempt to take the whole of the Ukraine country.

I think we will see NATO countries try to prevent this, because if Russia takes Ukraine it exposes them to LIABILITIES with their involvement with the biological warfare. We have seen them pushing the ‘Russian war crimes’ very hard over the last 6-8 weeks… and that seems to be ramping up… which tells me there is fear in the air.  They recognize what Putin is prepared to do.

FACT:  Putin introduced mandatory conscription throughout Russia for this operation. He fully expected this war to be big. We know that the tunnel systems that are beneath Ukraine… that the deep state has funnelled money, drugs, weapons and people… in and out of the continent…. Those tunnels run northward beneath the Baltic states and part of the Belarusian area… and they connect to the Baltic Sea.

WARNING:  I expect that this war will get much bigger before it gets better.

(28.58 minutes)

HOST:  I do not see any ‘peacemakers’ in the west to put it politely…what are your thoughts?  It looks like they do not want peace at all.

SGANON:  They do not…. Many of them are complicit in FUNDING or PARTICIPATING in the development and weaponization of Biological Weapons, which is a ‘Crime against Humanity’… and it is punishable by various international laws and Conventions.  All of them are GUILTY of it. A lot of them were bought off… and the CCP is the largest and most prominent… so they are beholding to monetary interests that threaten to kill their families… or beholding to the idea they will be ‘offed’ anyway when this is all said and done.  So they are going to let it drag out as long as is possible. I think we are seeing this right now with the discussion of the ‘tactical nukes with South Korea’. And we have seen that in Europe regarding ‘nuclear warfare’ … which has been going on for about 3 months at a very high pitched level. These deep state people around the world recognize that their ‘time is up’.

They lost the Narrative War. They are losing control of the population. More and more people are coming around to the reality that the world is not as it seems…. And the ‘News’ is lying to them. As this process continues around the world, the desperation ratchets up. So we are at that point with the deep state where they have lost the Narrative… and they are losing power and control. They are in a kinetic space.  We are seeing things converging at a level that we have not seen before…. Ever… in human history.

WARNING:  These people are very, very desperate.

(31.02 minutes)

HOST:  On a spiritual note… about a month ago I saw a five minute video about a British Barrister in 1996 … who went to the Vatican and saw the three ‘Apocalyptic Visions’ of the young children in Fatima. Portugal… back in the 1917 ‘invasion by Russia’… saw the three visions.

INSERT: (eyeofthepsychic.com) But the most intriguing apparition occurred in the early 20th century, in the Portuguese hamlet of Fatima. The Virgin Mary is said to have appeared at Fatima six times, starting on May 13, 1917, with a final apparition on October 13, 1917, when she performed a great sun miracle, “which all shall see so that they may believe”.

The Vatican shared two of them, but never showed the third vision. But the Barrister told two points from the Third Vision without going into specific details. He said that ‘peace and salvation will not come from the West, but it will come from the East… from Russia.’ His second part was that ‘Kyiv is the truth’. I believe that mean Kyiv was going to show us a ‘DARK truth’ about how the satanic cabal is operated. What are your thoughts?

SGANON:  That is actually an area that I enjoy discussing.  We are in a spiritual war.  The symbolism cannot be lost.

FACT:  The last time this cabal near extinction was with Vladimir the Great.

Here we are now in 2023, and we have another Vladimir the Great who will extinguish and exterminate the cabal again in Europe.  That is the base of power for a great majority of their network around the world. So this is a spiritual war…. A ‘Good vs Evil Battle’. A number of things going on in the world are about Symbolic Justice… about righting the history… about utilizing the events in the world to cast forth a ‘spell work’ of LOVE and UNITY going forward… with Good triumphing over Evil in a very REAL space.

FACT:  The enemy that we are actually dealing with are followers of the Canaanites, who are the Babylonians many thousands of years back. There are many awful practices involved in that.  They believe that they are the literal ‘spawn of Satan’…. And that they are the bloodline of the union between Eve and the Serpent.

They are religious zealots. They have waged spiritual and kinetic war on Mankind since the very beginningFOR THE FIRST TIME… we are giving it back.

HOST:  We are giving it back.  Their serpent logo is on the MEDICAL shield.  This serpent is also in the Vatican. When people wake up and realize the symbolism, it is really going to affect them in deeper ways.

SGANON:  It absolutely will.  That is WHY symbolism is their downfall. Once we learn to read their Play Book, there is nowhere left for them to hide. They have stuck it on every brick… every rooftop… and every logo that is out there.

Examples:  Look at the United Nations insignia.  The Nike checkmark. 

That is a ‘sleight of hand’ which they have always used called ‘the retribution of Karma’. So they think that if they give it to us without giving it to us… or show us without showing it to us… or tell us without telling us…. THEN they put it out there so that now it is a functionality of our CONSENT. However, we have no idea there is something to ‘consent to’…. We have no idea that there is a choice to make. That is how the Usury and the Usurpation has always happened.  That is how the good parts of society were slowly drummed out over the ages.

But that symbolism that you were talking about… once people wake up to that… we will learn a new way to communicate with one another as human beings. We will understand the VALUE… really and truly… of nonverbal communication…. And honing in on our spiritual values, which have always told us when things are good or not good…. And example is if you are overwhelmed by a feeling that something is not quite right…. Your spiritual body interacts with the ‘space that you are in’… in this Matrix Reality that we all walk in… and alerting you to something that is off. That skill set and all of our other sensibilities that are tied to that skill set can be honed and refined purposely by the human being.

FACT:  That is really what this cabal has been AFRAID of for a thousands of year. They are very powerless beings.  They control the world through FEAR. So when their FEAR MATRIX crumbles, their control crumbles… and it is crumbling now.

(36.08 minutes)

HOST: Let’s go to image number four.

PHOTOS …  I found it interesting that the Adolf Heusinger Chief of Staff for Hitler… ended up being the Chief of Staff for NATO. And Operation Paperclip not only brought in rocket experts, but the brought about 400 ‘Bio-terrorist experts’ into the Unites States. Let’s talk about… What really is NATO? We have been sold on ‘it is a good organization’… like we were sold the United Nations. In reality NATO looks like a Fourth Reich operation.

SGANON:  That is exactly what it is.  NATO is essentially the U.N. Military… with all of the resources, assets, capabilities, etc. that a military would have possession of… BUT… it exists in a space of being ‘ABOVE GOVERNMENT’… all over the world. In other words, they are UNTOUCHABLE by sovereign law. That is exactly what NATO was created to do… and to later on enforce the New World Order.

So yes, the Nazis were instrumental in NATO and other academic and governmental institutions immediately after the war. Adolf Hitler was not actually killed. He fled to Argentina and passed away in the late 1960s… and he managed to father a couple of children along the way as well. In addition to being a World military… it is also a ‘Family Operation’.  At the top, NATO is tied by the same individuals who are pulling the same strings… and most of them are related.

(37.57 minutes)

Continues at the link.


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