2023/02/04th  –  Currencies Reset accelerating

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Chinese Spy Balloons over USA ? Could this be a part of the plan to wake up the masses with the THREAT of WW3


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1 – Currencies Reset accelerating

Judy Note on the GCR:  It was my personal opinion thatAt any time Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) could receive notification to set currency exchange and Zim Bond redemption appointments.

On Sun. 29 Jan. 2023 the ISX Iraqi Dinar was listed on the Nasdaq.

As of Tues. 31 Jan. 2023 the US Inc. fiat Dollar officially transitioned to the new gold/asset-backed US Note.

As of Wed. 1 Feb. 2023 the US Inc. fiat Dollar was no longer recognized as legal tender anywhere in the world; banks were using the new Quantum Financial System.

On Friday 3 Feb.  all Basel 4 Compliant banks were expected to go public with the new gold/asset-backed currency International Rates.

On Mon. 20 March 2023 implementation of a new instant payment by the banks would begin. It was also the deadline to have all 209 major countries’ currencies of the world to be on a gold/asset-backed standard and exchanging at a 1:1 with each other – a situation expected to last up to five years.

Wed. 5 April 2023 Big Event. Back Again. America Saved. NCSWIC! …Donald Trump live on Telegram.

Global Currency Reset:

Thurs. 2 Feb. Walkingstick (an Iraqi Banker) via Frank26 on Dinar Detectives: Iraq was making the switch from an internal program rate to an open international free market for the IQD.

Thurs. 2 Feb. MarkZ: “What I am hearing from banking centers, bond folks ect was that it has been a week of “Groundhog Days” for them. They went in Monday and were told “tomorrow.”  They went in Tuesday and sat there all day, and then were told “tomorrow.” They went in Wednesday, same thing. They are very frustrated but were told that ‘it is so close we need you here daily until they finish this thing.’ They are pushing them hard to not leave or go anywhere over this weekend. …They are very frustrated and have been expecting this every day since Monday. Nerves are very frayed at this point, but they know we are painfully close.”

Forwarded from a Telegram room   There’s also one very important fact that proves Emily’s theory is correct, that many people have seem to forgotten!  The premise of the black hats controlling CBDCs is that they are doing it so that they can have total control over your money, and force you to behave the way they wish to behave, under threat of taking all your money away. That would imply that the central banks and the banks would still have control over the system and your account.

However, people have forgotten that once your QFS account activated by yourself, NO ONE, EXCEPT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ACCESS THE ACCOUNT! The banks can’t even look at it and see what’s in it! It is un-hackable, and absolutely no one, including the Central Banks, will be able to access it or even see the amounts in it!  

Therefore, there would be no point in developing a CBDC , that once a person’s QFS account is activated, none of the banks, nor the central banks, will have access to it! It would be developed for no purpose! Therefore, Emily’s premise is correct, simply by what I just stated. 

However, Charlie (Ward) can also be correct, because it can be made to appear  to those who don’t know what’s really happening, that the central banks and banks will control the CBDCs, therefore, having control over all your money! That should scare the ‘normies’ into awakening! Lol

Emily’s bang on right because she sees all 

2a – Chinese Spy Balloons over USA

Another part of the plan to wake up the masses –THREAT of WW3 ??


2b – Donald Trump Warns of Chinese Spies Everywhere in America

 So far, House Republicans have: 

– Established a committee to stand up against China
– Protected the lives of our most vulnerable
– Stopped the hiring of 87,000 IRS agents
– Called out Joe Biden for his failures of the American people                            – They are JUST getting started. 


2c – Helicopters in San Diego – Pacific and Atlantic Subs and Warships


2d – What’s happening in Thailand now ? Pfizer in trouble.

None of this has happened yet. It MAY happen, or it may not. We don’t know.. The DS/cabal will fight against this with everything they have, for obvious reasons.  You are treated as unvaccinated in the statistics for the first after 14 days after being jabbed, immediate adverse effects not counted



3a – Tim Dwyer – Is it Now a Terrorist act

to Demand The Government Produce The Lawful Documents that evidence that it has any Actual Authority in Accordance With The 1901 Constitution Of The Australian Commonwealth & NO OTHER  Could it Be They are All impersonating a Commonwealth Official.  Let Freedom Be The Call on the Lips of all men and women so as children will never know Tyranny


3b –Albo says what ? – Terrorism Laws and Sovereign Citizens


3c – AustraliaOne Party – AustraliaOne Q&A Update




4a – German Comedian shows her Reptilian Eyes


4b – LED lights – so bright, good – Right ?

Opt out for Candlelight, Halogens, Incandescents, or Sunlight

4c – Air Fryers Are Made To Harm Us – Go Figure 





4d – Do you remember the Dutch farmers?  No farmers, eat bugs.


4e – Nothing to see here – really ?

Joseph says – I worked for a plastic thermoforming shop and they make these grave liners by the hundred each day. I’m assuming casket makers are out of stock. Eastern Canada can’t keep up with the death happening. Mortuaries are falling behind


5 – Mike Adams voice 

The AI system cloning of human voices reaches creepy new level of achievement… now you can never trust that what you hear is HUMAN

See the full video here



6 – Wake up Britain


7 – Message written in the German Sky reads – the Final Countdown



8a – Growing Potatoes on the Terrace is very easy


8b – Growing sweet potatoes on the terrace


8c – You won’t buy bread anymore! No oven needed




9 – Just in – If this is true, then the question – why are the sellers accepting Fiat $ if they are supposed to be Zero ? However, there is little doubt that the real RV is underway.  For those new to the RV and wanting to purchase currency, there are several currencies that are great buys:

1. Zim: These are 2008 and 2009 Zimbabwe AA and AB bonds with pictures of rocks on them.  They are rumoured to proceed take home proceeds of from $11 million per 100T note all the way up to $30 million and possibly above as MarkZ has been saying.  The 100T notes are the best, but other denominations are available.  These are meant to be used for humanitarian projects.  Purchase available from many places: 100trillions, great American coin, Treasury vault, banknote world, and others.  Think of the Zim as like your golden ticket from Willy Wonka!

 2. Dinar: Iraqi Dinar was the first currency that was going to revalue and then others were added.  It’s somewhat expensive to purchase now.  Rates are rumored anywhere from $3-$8 per dinar and even more in some circles.  Most years are good for Dinar.  My personal opinion is Dinar may end up revaluing at over $20 per 1 dinar just due to the fact this has gone on so long and that Iraq has so much oil!  Available for purchase at the same sites, Great American Coin, Safedinar, Treasury Vault, Bay, CEIFX.  

3. Dong: Vietnamese Dong is currently the biggest bang for your buck.  You can get a million for around $70 from CEIFX and the rumored exchange rate is starting at $2-$6 and can go up to double digits possibly.  It also could be double digits to $20 per Dong potentially as well.  Any year is good, circulated or uncirculated.  Available for purchase at CEIFX, Banknoteworld, Great American Coin, Treasury Vault, eBay and many other places.  

4. Bolivar: Venezuela Bolivar are a wildcard in the currency game.  It has no known rate but is quite cheap to acquire.  They went into sever hyperinflation after 2018 so the more recent notes are the best ones to get.  There are many zeroes missing from the face value of the notes.  For example, the 1 million 2020 note is actually a 100T value in Bolivar.  It is recommended to get 2019 and newer years of Bolivar.  2021 is the highest value and is the Digitales. Venezuela is the most oil-rich country in South America and also has many other natural resources.  This currency is way undervalued.  Available for purchase on Ebay, Banknoteworld, Great American Coin, Treasury Vault, and many other places.

5. Other Currencies: Indonesian Rupiah, Iranian Rial, Afghani, Hungarian Pengo Hyperinflation notes from the 40s, Zimbabwe Agro-Cheques


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