2023/02/05th – More Ugly People are likely to Wear Masks

More Ugly People are likely to Wear Masks


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1 – It’s Official – Ugly People are likely to Wear Masks


2 – ANZ Bankruptcy update as much as can be found


3 – More Mayors, Govt employees and regular people should do this

If they resign they will most likely get a huge payout.

Better still they be sued for all the $ they took under false pretences



4a – CDC Creates ICD-10 Billing Codes for Doctors to keep track of non-vaxxed


4b – WEF’s new video, Digital ID on clothing. Clothes with a tracker so they know your every move



5a – Mount Washington Observatory Cold As . . . Record-Breaking Wind Chill

by Tyler Durden   Saturday, Feb 04, 

The polar vortex that moved in yesterday has been nothing short of impressive. Records were broken at the Mount Washington Observatory (MWObs) in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.  At 6,288 feet, MWObs is located at the highest peak in the Northeast and has some of the most wicked weather in the world. The lowest-ever wind chill was recorded early Saturday morning near minus 109 degrees Fahrenheit, surpassing the previous record of -103 degrees. At the same time, temperatures were around -47 degrees. 


5b – Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors Because of a Repair Ban

(Look For Pre1985 Tractor)- VICE   This video was originally aired in 2018


5c – Listen, they are not predicting food shortages, they’re planning them  Why egg shortages,,,Gates making fake eggs for us

5d – Why Are Insects Secretly Ending Up In Your Food?

Crickets contain chitin which is harmful to us, so why are they only focused on crickets, why. because they are not good for us, due to the chitin which comes from their outer shell



6a – Woolworths reserved parking for Green vehicles ?

I used to have a green car – should have kept it ?

6b – Alice Springs   2 short clips – same ideologies in 2 countries

6c – Cheap Grog Alice Springs 



7 – Extra spicy events re RV 


8 – A journey to the Firmament


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