2023/02/08th  – Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on

a – There are a lot more Quakes in Turkey than they are letting on.

b – Big shake up in Washington   Biden Arrested ??

c – By the end of Feb 2023, most BANKS may literally disappear, that is part of the Cabal plan, to leave us penniless so they can control us.


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1a – GOP Reads Constitution into the record   

What think ye about this? – The GOP (Republicans) have read the Constitution into the Congressional record for the first time in history. At present, the reason for this unprecedented move is not clearly understood, but to even the most uneducated in issues of the U.S Constitution it surely has great significance. The question is; Did they just end the Corporate Government and restore the Republic Officially or is there something bigger afoot. Time will tell.

You can GUARANTEE that very few, if any, politicians elected into Washington (or Canberra) or any Govt employee in any western nation have read nor studied their entire  Constitution or our Australian Constitution Act 1901.  None of our politicians uphold the Constitution as they swear to do.

Anyone running for a seat in Parliament or any Govt Department should have a background check. Personal and Financial history as well as being able to pass a test on the Constitution as well as our real history, especially the so called First Nation stuff  see item 11


1b – Robert F Kennedy – his father’s legacy   CONVID Has the Hallmarks of a CIA Coup d’État 

He’s been going in on the CIA & what they did. He and JFK will finish the job of their father JFK to splinter the CIA into a 1000 pieces.

JFK Jnr has been telling us on Telegram that many black hats in many countries have been removed – names we Aussies don’t know, but we are seeing clones or actors. He also tells us Trump is in a safe place and will come forward any day 

1c – Biden was just arrested – Fake News ??  or If this is true then the Q machine has begun. Look out for high profile Australian traitors disappearing 

For sure this won’t be on the News –Waiting for verification from these Telegram channels     https://t.me/+enRQ-wYhzLJmYjg0  +  https://t.me/+enRQ-wYhzLJmYjg0


2a – Doctors speak out that an effective cancer treatment is being systematically shut down.


2c – Australian Adults offered 5th jab   Ch 9 Karl is not convinced



3a – Clear your system from radiation with this formula 

Dr. Hazel R. Parcells ,a doctor who was declared a medical reject due to her motivation to save humankind instead of poisoning us like the rest


3b – Dianne writes . Have taken a teaspoon of cod liver oil night & day for 3 days now.  Wow! What arthritis, cramps etc. It is VIT A & D3…I have forgotten a lot of my studies – cramps & aching pain in ALL muscles & joints (thought I was well & truly buggered🤭) Muscles & joints where full of calcium. Finally flushing excess calcium out & should now go into the bone. I highly recommend! Thought is was just arthritis worsened by the wet weather.  Try it Larry- much benefit for cholesterol & insulin



4a – Why you can’t see pics of the Children rescued from the DUMBS

WARNING —Graphic content. Earth is a human harvesting prison & children are a prized commodity. Children’s bodies found underground in China. where 2 million people go missing every year — massive organ harvesting operations. Paris has its famous catacombs. Bodies are buried in every country.


4b – Prostitutes gather in Davos for annual meeting of global elite – where demand for sexual services rockets during economic summit



5a -Strange cloud in the sky over Turkey before the earthquakes

Locals report birds and animals going beserk 1 hr before 1st quake  


5b – M7.8, 7.5, 6.0 and 120 more Earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria


This is the only verse in the Bible that gives a DEATH COUNT with an earthquake  Revelation 11:13  “In the earthquake 7000 people were killed,”  Scores of Headlines began reporting the DEATH TOLL went over 7000 in the afternoon of 2/7/2023


5c – There are a lot more Quakes in Turkey than they are letting on


5d – Four tropical cyclones to threaten Queensland, Northern Territory, and Western Australia coastlines. Will this be another HAARP operation or will the White Hats deflect them as they did the last 3 times ?



6a – Bottled Water Alert – Which Bottled Water Brand Didn’t Freeze?


6b – USA egg farmers know how to solve a problem

6c – Canada – For all those football, cricket, tennis loving sheeple

who know nothing else and couldn’t care less, here is what we are going to get after they initiate the ‘SMART CITIES PROGRAM’    



7a – CDC are tracking the unvaccinated – are you awake yet?


7b – Attorney Todd Calendar Royal Family SE Asia Pursuing Pharma for deliberate Fraud After Crown Princess D


7c – Beginning prosecution of Switzerland President, and Thailand’s Royal Family going after Pfizer for lying about the shots   1 hr


7d – Click – King of Thailand Bans Pfizer Vax



8a – Life in a Smart World 

8b – Amazing Agricultural Tech   can farmers afford it  –

The WEF would hate these machines.


9a – EX Men In Black  

This video was recorded in 1989. He died in 1990

9b – Do you have a Body Guard ?

9c – Police 3 short clips

9d – If I broke into your House – 



10a – Panic selling USD as Iraqis try to get rid of their dollars after Central Bank of Iraq successful measure to reinstate IQD value

10b – Revaluation of Currencies is storming


10c – Restored Republic via a GCR as of February 7, 2023


10d – The gold-asset-backed U.S. $ – the U.S. Note [USN] is expected to go live this week but will take 9-months to roll out.

Australia news LIVE: RBA poised to lift interest rates; Greens to back Yes vote in upcoming referendum  The Coalition is ramping up its attacks on the government’s handling of cost-of-living pressures, Lidia Thorpe is leaving the Greens and alcohol bans have been reinstated in Alice Spring communities.

The Event Is Near

Everything has been set for a global financial reset with the use of new tools and methods, which means that all old methods of creation and control of the economy will be abolished in a blink of an eye, and thus a lot of new technologies that were suppressed can finally emerge in full daylight!

Everything has been set for a global financial reset with the use of new tools and methods, which means that all old methods of creation and control of the economy will be abolished in a blink of an eye, and thus a lot of new technologies that were suppressed can finally emerge in full daylight

11 – My Path To The Flat Earth for beginners – Karen B 2017

NASA Discovering New Planets – $69 Million Per Day Public Funded Budget.


Urbano Monte’s 1587 Flat Earth World Map review


Underworld Cities of old. The Grand Canyon, Cappadocia and China


Prof Alfred Haddon – The Aboriginal Invasion of Australia.

Many elders know this

(News Corp Sunday 5-2 ‘Early study into unique culture’) Professor Alfred Cort Haddon, a turn of the century figure revered today as the ‘founding father’ of British anthropology, stated, the aborigines were clearly “pre-Dravidian” people from South India. “We only have to look at today’s southern India inhabitants and Australian Aborigines and we can clearly see a resemblance.”

In Haddon’s 1909 book, ‘The Races of Man’, he asserts that Australia was originally inhabited by Papuans, or Negritoes, who wandered everywhere from the north to the extreme south of the continent. Where the Indians either killed or drove off the original aboriginals—early pioneers reported the aboriginals cannibalised the pygmies of north Queensland.                                                          


Whilst researching the history of Cape York, I found it necessary to re-trace the “ORIGINS OF MAN” on the Australian Continent. It soon became apparent that the “ORIGINAL AUSTRALIANS” were definitely “NOT” the people we now refer to as aboriginals.

For over 200 years. Australians have been constantly indoctrinated into accepting the dark-skinned natives that Captain Cook saw in 1770, as being the original Australians. Yet, truth is stranger than fiction.  For all the latest anthropological evidence shows very clearly that the original Australian were “PAPUANS”, who came down from New-Guinea when both countries were connected by a natural land bridge estimated to have been 100 miles wide (160 km), consisting of vast lowlands and undulating hills.

The final separation was caused by rising seas which flooded the lowlands.  Leaving only the highest points above water, thereby, creating 200 islands within shallow sea level now known as the Torres Strait. The breaching of this land bridge is generally believed to have occurred around seven thousand years ago. Prior to the separation, the Papuans had access all over the continent, including Tasmania. It is a point of  fact that the Tasmanians were positively identified last century as being of a Papuan race.

In April 1898. Professor Haddon led The Cambridge Anthropological Expedition to the Torres Strait, and later carried out further research in Australia. He clearly identified the Australia aborigine as being of the same pre-Dravidian race as the following.

INDIA — Cond, Bhil, Kurumba, Iralu, Veddah.  CEYLON — Veddah. MALAYA — Asakai. In 1909 Haddon published “THE RACES OF MAN” and exposed the invasion of Australia by the Indian aborigines {Pre-Dravidians}. They are not and never were the first people of Australia, that is made up nonsense and lies that stupid people actually believe. 


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