2023/02/12th – RV Funding Update

RV Funding Update


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Australian Freedom Rallies 18th 23rd Feb

NSW Passed – Per Kilometre- Rego “Fees” While We Were Distracted

Only 1 reason for this – Revenue ?  It seems to be for only electric vehicles ??



1a – Funding the RV

GCR👉 Judy Note: A High Up Source indicated that the funding for the RV has already been released to the US Treasury and was in the Quantum Financial System ready to be distributed.  The liquidity for Tier4b to begin appointments would be coming from the Rodriguez Trust some time before, or on, Mon. 20 Feb. Guys we are getting close and I suggest everyone go to 5D and drop all the hate you may have against anyone.  You need to go and meditate and be in harmony with the world.

The QFS will detect anyone who is not a good person and will not be able to continue. We’ve talked about this for years and so it’s not something new. To be a humanitarian you need to be in good spirit with God and the world.  God bless you

Allan writes  Unfortunately, it is often necessary to destroy the existing before the new can be created. I spent one year knocking down my house before I could start rebuilding it, which was a tedious and painful process. I couldn’t simply bulldoze it down, it had to be done bit by bit, as certain supporting walls, beams and foundations had to remain. Similarly, we are witnessing the slow destruction of a system in which every institution that formed part of it is being exposed as compromised by an underlying web of corruption that runs all the way to the top. The asbestos team needs to be called in! The house is toxic. 

It would be great if we could simply bulldoze the system, but the resulting chaos would be too unmanageable. So very much like I had to do with my house, we must methodically chip away false perceptions, purposeful lies, system indoctrination, mass brainwashing and matrix hypnosis, so that the rotten pillars are revealed, the evil foundations uncovered and we can finally start building the house we deserve.  The destructive phase is always ugly and often demoralising, it feels like you will never get to the creative part but we must remain patient and constant. We will get there as long as we are faithful to the truth and the vision of a peaceful, healthy and harmonious home for all of us. God gave us the land, the air, the water, the materials and a beautiful framework in which to build, so let’s get rid of the matrix walls and build something we can call home for all humanity. 

1b – Restored Republic via a GCR as of February 11, 2023


  1. EMP Electromagnetic Pulse Military Weapons (EMP Blast):

  • For two years Q The Storm Rider and several Patriot channels have been WARNING you of the EMP weapons to be in the U.S. and world to create havoc and chaos. We are now approaching Zero hour.

  • These Chinese Spy Balloons are not Spy Recon Operations like the Deep State MSN is reporting. The Chinese Balloons are EMP Weapons and the Deep State Biden Regimen Obama, Chinese Communist Party Allies getting ready to assert EMP to take down the U.S. & South American Grid and cause chaos.

  • Currently they are doing EMP test Fights with the balloons and testing the EMP balloons.

  • The CCP, NATO, Deep State US Military Regime (Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Obama, Clintons, Biden) are preparing to create a full World War against China (the CCP wants this war so they can remove XI). Inside the Deep State CCP Operations they want to blame XI for the war with the US and oust him after the Event.

  • The US Military was given orders not to shoot down the Chinese Spy Balloons (which weren’t spy balloons). The Chinese already knew where all the U.S. missile silos were. They have been in their SATS for years. The orders not to shoot down the Chinese balloons came from Biden/Obama and their Deep State Military force.

  • The White Hats knew these Events were coming long ago and let them stage their Deep State Plan.

  • The US Space Force Operations/ US Intelligence Agency connected to Military Operations have long asserted these Events happening right now.

  • Cheyenne Mountain Military Command Centre is well aware of what’s happening and were letting the current US captured operations by the Deep State CCP and Obama Regime take place.

  • Everything is leading to Military intervention and US Military Court Tribunals that will go after the Deep State US Military captured operations.

  • These current events happening will clean the US of foreign occupation such as the CCP buying and owning US territory.

  • Keep watching Trump as he is publicly telling you everything he is going to do. Everything leads to Military 11.3 Laws of War. Military is the only way. Q

  1. Earthquake Wars Starting:  The Earth ripped apart 100 feet deep 650 feet wide  Locals report weird clouds and loud explosions before the quake. Earthquakes at the 10Km Depth (6.2 miles).  Same Depth that quite a number Have registered Around the World.   Coincidence?

  • The War to control Middle East Oil is happening. This High grade TECTONIC WEAPON they are using is for several reasons.

  • Cover the news with new catastrophes as the investigation into the Biden Laptop, business and Biden Crime Family begins.

  • The STAGING/ FALSE FLAG CATACLYSMIC EARTHQUAKE by use of High Grade military Tectonic Weapons for Deep State US interest in oil from the middle East to Ukraine and Northern Europe begins with a catastrophe in Turkey and Syria.

  • This was only the beginning as the DEEP STATE wants pipe lines through SYRIA and plan to create a huge WAR in the region.

  • Rothschilds controlling the Deep State Military Operations that created the earthquake in Turkey was a warning for Turkey, which is planning to leave NATO and join BRICS.

  • Rothschilds also created the same event in Fukushima Japan.

  • For control of their GDP and had other plans for Mass migration PROJECTS in Japan. Due to the help of SEVERAL White Hats including Dragon Families, China, Italian Elites and Bin Salman family stepping in with Military backing of the Rothschilds who held their plan to destroy Japan.

  • These Earthquake Wars are real and known patents exist on tectonic weapons and other weapons that cause Earthquakes.

  • The fight for keeping NATO together is happening as several NATO countries want to succeed from the NATO UN Regime. The Deep State was keeping tabs on countries and high positioned Elites to keep their countries inside NATO and the UN.

  • Several Prime Ministers and Presidents were planning to quit as head of their countries in the next 5 months into the Fall.

  • Earthquake Wars was what the Cabal wanted to use to unearth Alien technology. This False Flag Event has been long in the works, just like the PLANDEMIC and major wars were created.

  • The Rothschilds and Jesuits, etc wanted a new religion to be born after a new technology was found after the earthquakes. The news would be worldwide and later connected to new laws and suppression of information sharing at the highest levels for security clearance. There were many reasons (deaths, scare tactics) the Deep State wanted to use the Alien Agenda to bring world under their control. That’s why the Vatican has been pushing an Alien Agenda with Israel, the CIA and Pentagon.

  • The truth was that there was much Extraterrestrial Life, but the first disclosure by the Rockefellers, CIA, Pentagon Regime is the false one.

  • Much will happen in the next two years into Trump’s presidency. For now, Earthquake Wars would be happening into 2024. It’s not Climate Change. It’s DARPA.

  1. The US Navy Destroyed Nord Stream II in Classified Operations:

  • The U.S. Navy’s Diving and Salvage Centre…The centre has been training highly skilled deep-water divers for decades who, once assigned to American military units worldwide, are capable of technical diving to do the good—using C4 explosives to clear harbours and beaches of debris and unexploded ordinance—as well as the bad, like blowing up foreign oil rigs, fouling intake valves for undersea power plants, destroying locks on crucial shipping canals.

  • Two of the pipelines, which were known collectively as Nord Stream 1, had been providing Germany and much of Western Europe with cheap Russian natural gas for more than a decade. A second pair of pipelines, called Nord Stream 2, had been built but were not yet operational. Now, with Russian troops massing on the Ukrainian border and the bloodiest war in Europe since 1945 looming, President Joseph Biden saw the pipelines as a vehicle for Vladimir Putin to weaponize natural gas for his political and territorial ambitions.

  • Biden’s decision to sabotage the pipelines came after more than nine months of highly secret back and forth debate inside Washington’s national security community about how to best achieve that goal. For much of that time, the issue was not whether to do the mission, but how to get it done with no overt clue as to who was responsible.

  • There was a vital bureaucratic reason for relying on the graduates of the centre’s hardcore diving school in Panama City. The divers were Navy only, and not members of America’s Special Operations Command, whose covert operations must be reported to Congress and briefed in advance to the Senate and House leadership—the so-called Gang of Eight. The Biden Administration was doing everything possible to avoid leaks as the planning took place late in 2021 and into the first months of 2022.

  • The Leaks (Mil. Drops DOCS) are in possession of Congress hands Tom Cotton, who has briefed Cruz and several others who putting together a MASSIVE investigation into the BOMBINGS of NORD STREAM by U.S. officials leading to the top and rogue U.S. military agencies operations

  • Russia was silent on Nord Stream for many reasons.

  • Behind the Scenes, the US Military White Hats are working with Russia Intel and everything is on track to expose the Deep State US Military Industrial Complex System/ CIA, Pentagon, Rockefellers, Rothschilds Regime.

  • There were many reasons why several SCOTUS members declined to attend Biden’s State of the Union Address, and several reasons U.S. Military Commanders also declined to be part of Biden’s Address.

  • It’s the first time in history that the Senate, Congress, U.S. citizens and larger level were beginning to see a major division inside the U.S. Armed Forces divisions and Department of Defense regimens intelligence agencies.

  • We are heading into a near Civil War Event as the Deep State Military/ Intel Agencies were being exposed.

  • The JFK Assassination Files were coming with the Pentagon, CIA, Bush, Military Industrial Complex System inside the Kill Box.

  • Trump is smiling. Cheyenne Mountain is secure. Trust the Plan.

  1. Ukraine War Not Going Well for NATO, UN, Deep State US Regime Biden, Obama, Rothschild, who are in a panic.

  • Fake News Deep State MSM report Ukraine winning, when the truth is that it is the opposite.

  • U.S. to send 31 Abram tanks (but this will take over 3 months to ready them for combat and deliver….. And still UKRAINE forces must be trained in 8_12 man groups for each tank to operate specifically with high tech weapons system, data connections to operation centre command, daily restoration, upgrade of the tanks to keep in Spec conditions Specialist in fixing the tanks when broken or non-functioning it’s needed and Ukraine has no specialist in training or programs.

  • Germany has over 320 leopard tanks but the military is in dispute and INFIGHTING in German regimen on how many they will give to Ukraine. Sources report 14 will be given to Ukraine in a few months.

  • All other NATO countries are giving 18 old dinosaur tanks from the 1970s to Ukraine, with14 tanks coming from the UK. This is much much less than the 300 tanks Zelensky asked for. With the White Hats in Germany, France, UK and US intentionally withholding tanks and causing delays, the hopes of Zelensky receiving the tanks in due time has failed.

  • All this while Russia launches it’s massive attack through Ukraine to bring down the Deep State CIA Pentagon, Obama Biden Money laundering regime that controls Ukraine.

  • Cables Switzerland: Russia, US White Hats Alliance Operations are targeting the Khazarian Mafia stronghold of Switzerland that holds a trillion in gold and resources that fund Deep State European Wars and War Mongering throughout the World directly connected to the US Military Industrial War Complex System. The only way to end all wars is to bring down Switzerland.

  • Plan II: Take full control of CERN CIA Complex DARPA:

  • The AI System coming out CERN (where the world’s first Internet was built to control the World) is controlling A.I. WARS.

  • This war is connected to A.I. that helped create the Virus, the Vaccines, the World distribution of the Vax System and censorship of the Internet.

  • The A. I. is directly connected to Wuhan and 5 G Networks. (Why was WUHAN inner city infected so quickly with the virus but the suburbs and surrounding regions weren’t infected with the virus… And all the while the virus infected Europe and the U.S so quickly? Even before 14 of the Chinese regions were infected or even WUHAN suburbs?)

  • The truth is 5G. It’s been proven by the military itself that 5G is a military weapon dating back to the 70s and recent studies in the 1980s that 5g causes respiratory failure and infections. 5G is A.I.

  • To this day there is still not one photo of the Covid-19 Virus.

  • You were attacked with frozen SPIKE PROTEINS that were sprayed through chem-trails throughout the world.

  • Bio-weapon virus released SARS (the real COVID 19 corona looks like a manmade Frankenstein virus that was spliced together in 5 strains…. This is the reason they don’t want people to see the virus bio-weapon).

  • 5G A I. [DS] Military Warfare is causing a lot of problems, then and now.

  • The Graphene Oxide in the vaccines is interacting with the 5G. ( There were many studies of animals being controlled through Graphene Oxide and computers 5g AI).

  • The Military Alliance knows that it’s very important to take full control of Switzerland and DAVOS CIA DARPA underground facilities connected to CERN. Past operations have failed due to the massive 60,000 manned CERN underground complex and the underground DUMBS that stretch over three thousand miles into Italy, Germany, France, and Austria.

  • The power of A I. System in CERN must be taken down. This is the next operation of Putin, Xi, Trump, Modi Bin Salman Military Alliance Operations.

  • Now you know why the DAVOS yearly meeting was half empty this year as they know Military Alliance Operations were coming closer. Hammer. Storm. Military is the only way.

  • In the next ten days Russia is going to unleash hell on Ukraine, and then he will explain what’s happening with the Deep State controlling Ukraine, outline NATO .U.S. involvement in the war against Russia and tell the Russian federation they know Zelensky has nukes created by the CIA run Nuclear units in Ukraine.

  • Putin is expected to gain a record number of new enlisted Russian soldiers in the month of Feb. after his speech and after his March speech.

  • With China and India broadcasting Putin’s live speech, it will hit 23 ½ billion across the World. The Pentagon is worried that his speech could directly involve Joe and Hunter Biden, Obama, the CIA and Pentagon in creating funding for nuclear projects in Ukraine, bringing forth evidence of bio-weapons in Ukraine.


1c – click to open – What if Lights Have Gone Out,


2 – JFK Jr. Goes Public With Some Executed Cabal & Exposes ‘The Movie’ Actors – The Masks Come Off in 10 Days (Videos)  Yes He and Diana are alive – both were rescued by Trump years ago.

Click – https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2023/02/jfk-jr-goes-public-with-some-executed-cabal-exposes-the-movie-actors-the-masks-come-off-in-10-days-videos-3788438.html


3 – Georgia Guidestones Secrets – Destroyed by a Villain or a Hero?

On July 6, 2022, a bomb detonated on a 5-acre plot of farmland in Elberton, Georgia. The explosion destroyed a large monument that had stood on the property for over 40 years. Known as “The Georgia Guidestones”, it was four monolithic slabs of granite, weighing over 230,000 pounds, that contained a set of rules for a more peaceful and orderly society.

The identity of the builder was a mystery for 40 years, but today I’ll tell you who he was. But why did he want to keep his identity a secret? Probably for the same reason the Georgia Guidestones were destroyed. Because, according to the Guidestones, the way to a perfect society is through a one-world government, genetic and racial purity, and massive global depopulation.

see the full story

copy to URL – https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/agenda-21/36-georgia-guidestones/



4a – How to kill your children. A few helpful tips from the CDC.

4b – Human to insect cloning – that’s what PCR tests are all about
       So why do they want us to eat bugs ?


4c – Public Health worldwide has been militarized, creating “Kill Zones” for Global Depopulation and Control.


4d – The 5th Vaxx jab for Australians



5 – The indoor generation?   

We continue to say, it will get worse before it will get better but, how much worse can it get? Things are pretty bad. What would our ancestors say? Do you think they had any idea that it would ever get to this point? The pendulum stays at its lowest point for only a short time before it begins to rise again. We’ve got to be close….right?



6 – 2 x No Trespass signs you might like to use


7a – 16 Uses for WD-40 


7b – Plants in Pots  One super simple way to improve your gardening

The terra-cotta clay pots help to boost life force energy of your plants 🙂 if you want to take it a step farther you can add an electrocute antenna into the pot and some Volcanic Basalt Clay.  Volcanic basalt clay is loaded up with quartz which helps boost the piezoelectric effect of the soil. Charging it up with beautiful earth energy.

7c – What magnets can do with growing plants

Let’s take a look at a simple 2 minute video from Ken Wheeler (https://www.youtube.com/@kathodosdotcom/videos) on the differences between the poles while growing.

North Pole Exposed Seeds:

Bundled and altered scents

South Pole Exposed Seeds:

Vibrant and healthy

This is why I always mention using South Pole magnets if you decide to add them to your gardens. A lot of this is also covered in the book The Magnetic Body By Buryl Payne *(Mentioned here:



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