2023/02/13th – RV Update – Digital Gold Traded for Digital Rubles

RV Update – Digital Gold Traded for Digital Rubles  Item 7


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1 – A message from Julian Assange



2a -JFK Jnr travelling across the world making short stops – Arrests ?

2b – Swamp Creatures exposed by JFK Jnr – Heads are Rolling – look

Copy to URL – https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2023/02/swamp-creatures-exposed-by-jfk-jr-more-heads-are-rolling-mission-complete-big-announcement-tomorrow-video-3788493.html

2c – JAG Sentences Jerome Adams to Death  The panel voted unanimously: guilty. They told the admiral that Adams ought to hang for deceiving the President.

“Judas was destroyed by sin,” Vice Adm. Crandall said. “Your life, as you know it, ends at the hands of this commission. I hereby sentence you to hang on Monday, February 13.”  To our knowledge, this is the first time the admiral cited scripture at a military Tribunal




3a – New Zealand Presstitutes – Actors or not. they will have their day

Likewise in Victoria 

Copy to URL   https://ap.org.au/2020/11/30/a-day-of-reckoning-victorian-government-pushes-to-ban-christian-practices-with-threat-of-10-years-in-prison/ 

3b – A rare Cop indeed 



4a – Death Care Video Sparks Outrage amongst Purebloods


4b – Sad to see many Lining up for Boosters

Some comments – I’m all out of sympathy – A cull of the stupid – People known to me are both dead because of it – stupid stupid fools This made me feel physically sick. I just wanted to grab their hands and drag them away. After this I went to my fitness class. One of the ladies there had just been in to get the vaccine. The conversation was ‘going to get mine asap’ ‘I know someone that died of covid” … I could have cried. Told them not to” It’s unfortunate that they think it will save them, when it won’t.


4c – All these Sudden Deaths are Occurring in the Fully Vaccinated

We could see this for what it was and no matter how much we tried to show them they wouldn’t listen… they mocked us they got mad at us despite our reasons or evidence.

see it all here – https://www.bitchute.com/video/3uLYiZgJ4Jxf/

4d – Coming to a Hospital Near You ?

4e – 1918 Flu Pandemic was a Vaccine Experiment

4f – Died Suddenly Trailer

4g – Cardboard Coffins ?

4h – Dr Roger Hodkinson: 20 Million Dead & 2 Billion Injured by Jab

copy to URL  https://beforeitsnews.com/republican/2023/02/dr-roger-hodkinson-20-million-dead-2-billion-injured-because-of-the-%f0%9f%92bluetooth-instructions-how-to-pick-up-vaxxed-mac-address-nano-identity-class-code-7936massive-exposure-w-h-o-2445044.html



5a – Is Walmart selling Children ?  $5000+                    order online

5b – Who Else is interested in Children ? 

        Inert Church Leaders should see Isaiah 56.10

5c – Tucker on Australia’s DEMONIC gender ambassador

This embarrassment has made news in the US!!! This creature is DEMONIC.
I really don’t think it’s human….they should have left it in the loony bin



6 – WEF  Live in Line and You’ll be Happy – where are the materials to build it and where will the food for 9 million people come from ? 



7 – Digital Gold Traded for Digital Rubles by Russia’s Rosbank 

Rosbank has brokered Russia’s first deal involving the exchange of tokenized gold with the digital version of the Russian ruble. “Rosbank has brokered Russia’s first deal involving the exchange of tokenized gold with the digital version of the Russian national fiat currency, the ruble. The successful transaction demonstrates the growing interest in digital financial assets and the need for digital ruble payments, the banking institution stated.”

Here we go.   Russia has just tokenized their National Digital Currency that represents their country’s paper currency. And, this token is backed by gold.  They are currently processing the ability to make future International transactions utilizing gold as a standard form of payment. 

This is a way of valuing their currency in a different way than before. In more specific terms, they have just revalued their currency. 

Russia has just created a path forward for a gold standard in trade among countries. 

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Quantum Stellar Initiative (QSI)  Jan 2 Upcoming 2023 deadlines

Last Edit: Jan 18  Liz Budrim, [13 Feb 2023 at 11:09:04 am]:

First Financial Bank confirms LIVE UPDATES of SWIFT integration into ISO20022 protocol 

 “Announcing the NEW International Payments Portal”

 ISO20022 Confirmation:

 -Fully connected SWIFT based process

 -more confirmation of cable payments

 -conversion progress

 Benefits of ISO20022:

 -will have additional validations and tracking capabilities

 -get your electronic payment to the recipient faster

 Thank you 🐿 for sending a photo!

 Remember that the migration deadline is March 20 for SWIFT and many other FMIs:


 Information and announcements:


 Training course for beginners:



8 – Cheap Cooking Oil for Restaurants




9a – Bob Joyce and his son Matt – Elvis never left the building ?


9b – Grandpa, how did you live in the past without technology . . ?

without computers,   without Internet connection,   without TVs,

without air conditioners,   without cars,   no cell phones?”

Grandpa answered:

“As your generation lives today . . . there are no prayers,  there is no compassion,  there is no respect,   no real education,   there is no personality,

there is no shame at all,   there is no modesty,   there is no honesty.

We, the people born between the years 1940-1980, were the blessed ones. Our lives are a living proof.” 

* While playing and riding a bike, we have never worn a helmet.

* Before school then we played and again after school until dusk and hardly ever watched television.

* We played with real friends, not virtual friends.

* If we were thirsty, we would drink tap water, or from the hose, not mineral water.

* We never worried even as we shared the same cup of juice with four friends.

* We never gained weight by eating plates of pasta every day.

* Nothing happened to our feet despite roaming barefoot.

* We never used food supplements to stay healthy.

* We used to make our own toys and play with them.

* Our parents were not rich. They gave love, not stuff.

* We never had a cell phone, DVD, game console, Xbox, video game, PC, internet, chat . . . but we had true friends.

* We visited our friends without being invited and shared and enjoyed the food with them.

Parents lived nearby to take advantage of family time.

* We may have had black and white photos, but you can find colorful memories in these photos.

* We are a unique and the most understanding generation, because we are the last generation that listened to their parents.

And we are also the first ones who were forced to listen to their children.

* We are a limited edition!   Take advantage of us. Learn from us. We are a treasure destined to disappear soon.   Follow Us


10 – This Fruit Extract Killed Cancer in 48 hours   Ch 7 Sydney



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