2023/02/16th – Switch off and just be

1 – Switch off and just be… ready for anything

2 – Things I bet you didn’t see on TV News

3 – Klause is getting worried 


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1a – Switch off and just be – Wyatt Erp


1b – Senator Alex Antic   

Social credit system is being rolled out through the school curriculum, rewarding students with “points” if they “use correct pronouns”, “correct” themselves when they use the “wrong pronouns”, subscribe to critical race theory, and more. The social credit system also punishes students for non-compliance.  Home schooling is the only way ?



2a – ‘Our parent’ who art in heaven: Church of England consider gender-neutral terms for God


2b – Fake News Has Now Become Fake People


2c – The Non-Human element and the plans for a Fake Alien Invasion

We are all familiar with Operation Blue Beam – here’s a good take on it 

Search Operation Blue Beam on this site


2d – Marines Catch FBI Trying to Sabotage Substation in Idaho, and Kill Them.   


2e – It’s not just the water   Q told us to watch the water – could this be it ?

This is going to affect almost all of America and some parts in Canada.  Brought to you by the people who said the clot shot death jab was safe, they are murdering people and we are just sitting around dying because they have us so scared of everything we just want to be left alone. It’s do or die time.


2f – Hawaii earthquake of magnitude  15 Feb  5.27pm

Did you see this on any TV News ??  An earthquake has hit the southern part of the island, as the Kilauea volcano erupted. Lava has reportedly been flowing from the volcanic mass over the past 48 hours.

2g – Worldwide Engineered Genocide?! Colossal South America Fish Kill: 100s of Thousands More DEAD FISH



3 – Klaus Schwab Calls For Global Government – He’s getting worried ?

Arch globalist Klaus Schwab has called for elites to come together globally in order to “master” advanced technologies, warning them that if they don’t act swiftly the world could “escape our power”.

Schwab’s tone has changed of recent. A deep panic is setting in that the world isn’t going to adhere to his WEF strategic map, that he won’t be able remake the world into a globalist utopia…  ‘Our life in 10 years from now will be completely different, very much affected, & who masters [#4IR] technologies, in some way, will be the masters of the world’: Klaus Schwab, World Government Summit 2023




Fellow humanitarians, Holly and I have given everyone a lot of leeway with regards to what people can say in room 2, and have done our best to be empathetic and understanding to people’s frustrations.  All that we’ve asked is that people are kind and and considerate to others in the room, and to refrain from attacking others in the room, including calling them names.

In recent weeks there’s been a noticeable increase of negative comments towards others in the room, but rather than limiting users, we’ve thus far opted to delete the rude messages and encourage everyone to be kinder to one another.

Clearly this softer touch hasn’t been effective, because the amount of rudeness and attacks towards others has just gone up and up, and enough is enough.

After having wasted considerable time reading through and deleting the arguments from last night, I’ve put two people on a pause – for at least a week each.  I could easily have put several more on pause, but haven’t for now.  I will, however, be quick to put others on pause for at least 24 hours (though quite possibly a week or longer) if they are rude to others in the room.

Being allowed in Holly’s room is a privilege, not a right.  All that we ask is for people to be polite, and if you can’t even be that, perhaps you should question what kind of humanitarian you intend on being once the RV goes.

To those that continue to help lift up the room, I thank you for your ongoing efforts.

Transcription of ‘The Announcement That Wasn’t’

Phil Godlewski said Trump had intended to read this message during Super Bowl 4 days ago but didn’t due to a ‘credible threat.’ “My fellow Americans I come to you tonight during America’s biggest game as a humbled American citizen, duly elected President of USA, and supporter of freedom and equality for all people of our  nation and many nations abroad. 

Over the coming days and weeks you will experience an unprecedented series of events that will rock the very foundation of everything we’ve ever know. At times during theses days and weeks, messages will be received on your television sets, smart phones including Apple Android and others, tablets, laptops, personal computers, smart watches, and other strategic devices available to the private sector as well as government agencies world-wide. These messages will not be avoidable, and very close attentions should be paid to the instructions of which the messages contain. For the citizens of the US, our country has been attacked by a radical left group of extremists, part of a global terrorist network of politicians, businessmen, high ranking government officials, intelligence agencies, and dangerous criminals, collectively knows as ‘the cabal.’

For years these extremists have flaunted their wealth, power, and technology in the face of all human beings, most of which are struggling to put food on their table and a roof over their head. They have infiltrated every level of government, big tech, big pharma, and have even made their way to the mainstream media, becoming some of the most trusted voices that we have ever known. 

Over the past several months as part of a global military alliance with other world leaders, many of these extremists have been detained, arrested, or otherwise captured during a strategic military operation know only by one word—“extract.” Many of these individuals are now awaiting military trial at several black sites across the world. The crimes committed by this group amounts to the worst crimes our world has ever seen. It cannot quite be put into words how many people have suffered at the hands of this satanic cult. Our world has forever changed because of theses atrocities. 

Although we cannot change the past, we can certainly change the future and the outlook of humanity. Together, standing united and strong, our global military alliance has made very strong steps to change the trajectory of humanity’s future. This operation continues as we speak, and we will not rest until it is complete.

My message tonight is one of calmness, peace, and jubilation. Our unity has been proven to be strong–too strong for this evil group, and God has cast his good grace over our efforts. Please remain calm throughout this process and follow any instructions you are given throught the messaging system described earlier in this announcement. 

For God, country, and the future of humanity, I thank you for your attention and respect.

The Creator Writingstranscribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/PractitionerFEBRUARY 15, 2023

Divine Truth:  A gentle yet very important reminder…when speaking your truth, take some time to think if your truth is coming from the highest source.  If you are speaking your truth to hurt, wound or unsettle others, then it is not from The Universe, but from ego.  Speaking truths that harms is but a mere projection of what you need to work on or are hiding from yourself.  Divine truth springs from pure intent, pure thought and pure love.  Give yourself and others the chance to experience this beautiful gift. ~ Creator

Many people ask why can’t I feel the love of people, why am I pushing people’s love away, why am I scared of love, how can I feel people’s love, how can I feel love towards others, how can I express my love without being hurt….

The answer to all these type of questions is…  Love yourself.  When you love yourself, you learn how to connect with your heart.  When you love yourself, you learn how to create healthy boundaries while being open and vulnerable. When you love yourself, you will energetically create space for others to express their love, admiration and appreciation towards you. When you love yourself, you will learn genuinely how to live with love towards yourself and others.  ~Sarah Moussa

I have a WILD STORY you need to hear.

Today, my wife [Mrs.G] ended up in a business meeting she wasn’t supposed to be at. She was kind of just tagging along with somebody she’s working with. The meeting was in a huge polished, futuristic corporate building around Sofia. 

The topic was about putting a new computer navigation system in their line of commercial flying DRONES. The type that carry people & cargo – essentially cars & trucks that fly. 

My wife was instantly amazed by the conversation. Charming as she is, she started asking questions. ‘Is this what everyone will be using in 20 years?’ 

They laughed at her & told her that these would be flying around the city NEXT YEAR!!! – And that the Government was currently working out new flying regulations to allow for the flying vehicles. 

Are the flying objects all over the news related to the fact that our airspace is about to undergo a massive overhaul? 

They told her that Bulgaria was trying stay ahead of the US & China who were also well-advanced in this technology. Then they offered to show her the vehicles! 

Mrs. G soon found herself (indoors) sitting in a very slick looking sports-car drone, complete with 2 seats. They also had family vehicles, trucks & large cargo drones. 

The project was still quite secretive, so she wasn’t allowed to photograph them, but I guess that won’t be for much longer. ‘Do you have to learn to fly it?’ she asked. No, they replied. You just sit in it & tell it where you want to go & it drops you there like an Amazon parcel. 

They also explained to her that trucks & even commercial airliners would soon be a thing of the past. Large ‘bus’ Drones would replace them too!!

Now that makes me think about the fact that airline pilots have all just been given those dodgy COVID jabs & are dropping like flies, as well as the fact that the FAA just broke the safely regulations by even letting them take experimental medical treatments. As you probably know, none of the jabbed are legally meant to be flying. 

As I’ve said in the past, pilots will soon be surplus to requirement, and now they’re conveniently dying off. (As well as flying illegally) I guess now we know why? 


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