2023/02/18th – When people come together

When people will come together see what happens – Item 7

RV update – Item 8

Trump and Pfizer – Item 9 


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We are getting a lot of concocted info on TV – designed to make you angry or afraid



1 – Dear “elites” Y’all aren’t doing so well are ya – haha

     So good to see the younger generation waking up



2 – To be Blunt, Game Over! Worldwide Televised Executions! No Escape! No Mercy! Prepare For The Storm – ChristianPatriotNews



3a – Criminologist questioning Train shooting suddenly cut off on ABC radio


3b – Senator Rennick – Minutes of the meeting Albanese + Gates ?



4 – Weapons expert MARK STEELE’s – 15 minute cities / 5G & EMF 



5 – USA, Canada & Switzerland – 3 US Law Enforcement Agencies Activated



6 – Another individual with magnetism at the injection site 

Send your magnet test videos to @samtruth2451 ON TG – Use a Neodymium magnet – 40mm x 5mm for a definite attachment on the injection site



7a – Everyone can and should play music

7b – When people come together in an unified vision & action  

Time-lapse video of  Amish building a huge farm house  Become true Sovereign & Independent Beings.  We outnumber them 99 to 1


8 – Message from JFK Jnr February 16, 2023 Washington, D.C.

Statement by Office of 19th Vice President of the United States of America, Number One Observatory Circle   As temporary Vice President of the United States, I’m serving to protect American citizens from any threats until the 2024 election.  Jim Carrey is a white hat who plays Joe Biden’s role.You’re watching a movie. Sincerely,   John F. Kennedy Jr.

From Judy Byington –  The transition from US Inc. to the Restored Republic of America started at 11 am Tues. morning 14 Feb. and completed at midnight this morning Thurs. 16 Feb. This allowed the US Treasury to trigger the Green Light and allow the banks to move forward so that Bond Holders could receive liquidity and Tier 4b could be notified to set appointments for their Currency & Bond exchanges.

MarkZ – Some highlights by PDK – see last night – Item 9

Member: So where are we?  

MZ: If we are listening to bankers….they believe we are a day or two away…..if you listen to folks on the ground in Iraq we may be a couple weeks away… Either way this tells us how close we are Seeing money showing up in paymasters accounts from Dubai 1 and 2 over the last couple days s exciting…. 

MZ: IMO It has started. When Iraq changed their rate to 1300 it started the mechanism ….to me this is when the switch was flipped. This is when it was turned on and now we are just waiting for the process to roll down to us…..I am very excited. I am still hearing we could see it sometime between the 19th and the 24th.  I pray that is accurate. 

Member: How about fines and penalties?

MZ: If they are working on tier 1 and 2 right now…..then F&P’s don’t come out until the end or tier 3 . So they are right around the corner…They are possibly sitting there poised for delivery already.

UPDATE – Feb 17, 2023   We’ve officially started.

USA Inc. is now officially completely gone.

All countries are transitioning to Nesara/Gesara, Republic currencies, and their own gold-backed currencies.

Sovereign Contracts have started.

DOD, Reno, Zurich, UST, etc. begin Tuesday, February 21, 2023.

Liquidity will begin on Tuesday 21st February 2023 although all funds have been released.

Next week will definitely be the week that we all receive our blessings.

No turning back, no more waiting.

Here we go!


9 – Had Trump really been part of the cabal,

he would have sailed off and gave it to Killary in 2016 and we would have had instant overnight communism in the USA. President Trump is the only reason we still have the ability to fight for freedom today. 

President Trump is the one that has exposed the fake news, the FBI, social media, election fraud, judicial system, the IRS, the DOJ, state BARs, the EPA, the rinos and the communists, SCOTUS, the CDC/FDA/WHO/NIH, the club for growth, the world economic forum, the council of foreign relations, the military “wokeness”, and more lying politicians than we can count and so on and so on. This list could go on for pages. There would be absolutely no need for any of that exposing were he part of it. 

We live within a satanic slave system, and it’s exactly why we find the crossroads we see today. President Trump was a threat to their entire empire, their entire system, their entire way of life. We will soon find out why President Trump so often refers to those very good generals I believe. 

Think about this one last thing. President Trump while in office told us that there was an orchestrated plan to steal our 2020 election, and wrote several executive orders in order to further safeguard against that theft. Had President Trump walked away and failed to stop the theft, and not enacted the very orders he wrote, then he himself would be guilty of treason. If  President Trump committed treason, don’t you think the vultures on both sides of the aisle would have fast tracked a trial and execution? 

Wouldn’t it have been plastered all over our TVs 24/7 had he even potentially thought about committing treason even if sound asleep in the middle of the night in a dream? President Trump did not commit treason. President Trump upheld his oath and fulfilled his duty and I believe he still is to this day. 

Wouldn’t the United States Military have committed treason as well by allowing a communist regime to steal our election and take over our government? 

I’m willing to bet they didn’t commit treason either. If our military was going to allow us to be taken over by communists, there’d already be a communist military on our soil, or worse. They, like President Trump are not committing treason.

 They are as well upholding their oath to We the People, and are defending us against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. 

The truth is out there hidden in plain sight for anyone that wants to find it. Find Jesus, Find Yourself, Find Truth. 

God bless you


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