2023/02/21st – the First Arrests on TV will Shock you

2 – The First Arrests on TV will Shock you  

3 – The QFS Visa card revealed

5 – Survival Foods and Trusts

6 – Criminal Indictments

Electronic billboards in Moscow read:  “Preparing for an historic day 2/21/2023, No Turning BACK.”

Another Earthquake – 6.4 Turkey. It even made the TV  News



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Remember – Your Silence is your agreement


1a – Maybe this time you all will listen – conspiracy theories ?


1b – You’ve been misled: ‘Real agenda’ of the Voice exposed.

Voice to Parliament, and the “real agenda” was exposed today “in a brawl” between people advising Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Note – ALP National Constitution  Objectives   (m) reform of the Australian Constitution and other political institutions to ensure that they reflect the will of the majority of Australian citizens and the existence of Australia as an independent republic;  That is a lie – We are and voted in Referendums to remain as a Constitutional Monarchy under the Cwealth of Aust Constitution Act 1901



2a – Trump said the First Arrests on TV will Shock you?  A short compilation   see all    Note – Biden said  Today Covid no longer controls our lives @ 6m 21s

2b The WRATH of JUSTICE MOVES Ahead – 14 Million DEAD Thus Far – TRUDEAU, FAUCI Being INDICTED



3 – The QFS Visa card revealed

During the last 3 years, the global financial system has been busy converting its international payment systems to the new ISO 20022 banking standard.


4a – US To Sign Over Sovereignty To W.H.O.

Is it likely a fake Biden will sign a fake Bill ?   hmm  Biden spoke to his cabinet first, then his fridge and his washing machine. Can this affect Australia ? Who do you trust – the Good men or the fear mongers ?


In reference to the above video, Please go to your Federal members office and ask for a pocket Constitution book. They give them out free. Then go through this

Click here first    Australian Constitution

Then see  Truth Is Treason In An Empire Of Lies

Australians are NOT to OBEY unlawful mandates that conflict with the Commonwealth of Australia Act. This is just a reminder that the majority of Australians are oblivious – and in addition we are under:

  • Usufructuary Military Rule

  • Under the Communist UN Trusteeship and Bankruptcy

  • Unlawful Quasi-Corporate-Titular-Government  Political Parties

  • Unlawful and corrupt judicial system with the BAR

  • We are registered as CITIZENS in 1948 a CITIZENSHIP Act was slipped in which is a trap    Also see Item 11

5a)  ————————————————————————————



5b – A non-registered trust is the foundation of wealth generation

and creation, whereby it protects the estate that you are creating (your home, your car, your cash, your business, your bank accounts, your estate) & stops any attack by a potential pirate. Click to get started




6a – Criminal Indictments :

The U.S. Department of Defense along with Fauci, Gates, Tedros, Moderna, Pfizer, FDA, CDC, WEF, CIA and others willfully and criminally engaged in racketeering, illegal advertising, fraud and mass premeditated murder of millions of innocent people worldwide.  1 hr


6b – Head of the Snake – Wexner, Maxwell’s, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed   1 hr



7 – Tin Foil Hat Time for HAARP Deniers



8a – Australian ABN Lookup – 51 824 753 556

 Here is something  I think you might want to share this with your accountant and maybe ask your federal member WHAT THE HELL ? Here is an ABN number go to ABN lookup and type it in  Wow !

Then look down the page you will see  Business Name and Ultimate Holding for all Company – Click on that, it will take you to ASIC you might need to wait while it loads up. 

Now ask yourself a couple of questions ? What dose this mean? What is The ATO ? Who are all these Subsidiary’s? is my TAX being given to these Companies as dividends?

8b – Senator Rennick grills TGA (D…) Head in denial about the cause of Cardiac Arrests


8c – This is the video Lidia Thorpe DOES NOT want you to see



9a – The Ice wall – 1969

9b – Anti-seismic technology that the megalithic builders used to build the mortarless super structures seen across the world

9c – Mercury – Suppressed Technology



10 – Seven Things Begin Now – Robin Bullock Prophetic Word

1 – (Quote)  Demons cannot prophecy on their own.  They have to depend on men’s Authority.

2 – Are you empowering the demons?…  Are you sharing your authority with them? …. Do you know that demons exist?

3 – Have you bothered to study the topic of demonic interaction with humans? …. Have you studied how to come out of that demonic oppressive system…or… do you just ‘put up with it’?
Do you understand who and what runs the U.N.?

Ignore the spelling mistakes – computer generated      RCs pay attention



11 – The Truth will set you free – The Ark of Covenant



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