2023/02/24th – Eyes on the Law


2023/02/24th – Eyes on the Law


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1 – Orwellian Australia…Watch out Canada and UK  Wyatt Earp

Chat GPT and A.I says it’s A Fallen Angel. Biden Admin, EPA non responsive to Ohio derailment until President Trump visits. Senior Democrat Rep Ciciline from RI resigns. Gold and Silver prices. The timeline I gave is still on track. What the Bible has to say about AI – Beware of the “gurus” who claim connection with ETs or Aliens. Any serious student knows they are fallen angels impersonating humans. Also Exodus 20  4-5, 2nd Commandment which the Vatican removed. Lots of $ selling statues. 


TFCC Earth and Bicameralism     learn lots here   start with the latest


GDP for 4Q2022 was just revised down from 2.9%increase to 2.7. The GDP increase for all of 2022 was less than 1% since 1Q and 2Q were both negative (recession). In addition, the employment numbers were revised down because they were overstated by the Biden Labor Department by 1 million jobs for 2022. With inflation between 6 and 9% over the year, average inflation was over 7% for the year. 1 minus 7 means that business growth for the USA was a negative 6% in actual units sold. Minus 6. 6% of employees are not needed. Watch closely for the next 12 months. Kiplinger and Bloomberg are both predicting that the unemployment rate will be 6 to 7% in 2024.


2a –Another attack poisoning the airways in the US?

5 acre warehouse fire breaks out in Kissimmee, Florida just south of Orlando. The warehouse is filled with plastic potting material. Another scorched Earth tactic from the Cabal?

2b – New Zealand And while the media is whining about Ukraine…

People on the ground are talking about this being a mass genocide because 4 dams were not managed properly. Evidence of Genesis Power company closing their dam for two hours during the cyclone, then opening the gates causing a tsunami, has been collected. This was done 1.30am people never stood a chance. Nearly all of Rissington people are gone but a few. Esk, the same, Wairoa … bodies still being collected from the Manawatu River and flown back to Hawkes Bay. Sad very sad thing Larry, government at war with the people. Locals are saying they expect 6000+ deaths. Not such a loss since so called Spanish Flu 1918

From another food producer in Hawkes Bay.
Hi everyone, food producer here. Just wanted to write an easily digestible post so people can understand how severe the destruction in H.B is for the whole of N.Z The media aren’t really discussing it fully and people I speak to can’t seem to wrap their head around how serious this is for us as a country.
What’s been lost: It’s called the fruit bowl for a reason, not just grapes and apples but also pears, onions, corn, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, honey, dairy, beef, sheep products including wool and also apiaries, nurseries and seedbanks.
Wineries and orchards have had heritage trees and vines utterly wiped out. We’re talking 30-40 year old plants gone. Countless bee hives and fields of crops buried under a metre of silt.

These aren’t just for fresh produce but also wine, vinegar, honey, bread and processed fruit and vegetables for things from muesli bars to ice cream and condiments. The layer of silt now covering the once fertile land has been completely smothered. There’s so much cleaning up to be done before people can replant and fertilise it will take years to get back even close to normal.
In that time we’ll see massive shortages of all the above which will effect almost all food items you can think of.

Employment: Job losses will be huge. Hipkins stated they’re looking into business support payments to assist in wages but without trees to plant, prune or pick we’ll see massive job losses across the entire region. Secondary food production will also take a huge hit here. Without being able to source ingredients in their usual supply at their usual price, many food producers will really suffer here. Adding to the hurt, insurance companies will take literally years to pay out those primary producers affected and not nearly to the value of what is lost either. Secondary producers don’t have these protections at all so we’ll likely see a lot of these businesses on both sides really struggle to get back up to speed if not close completely.

Food supplies and price increases: As mentioned earlier supplies in the supermarket will be massively affected by this. Many growers around NZ source their plants from seedbanks & nurseries in the Hawkes Bay. These folk have to order these seedlings a year in advance at least and now that they’re gone – they’re gone for a very long time. Strawberry, tomatoes, chillies, blueberries, broccoli, cabbages as well as leafy greens could be in short supply for at least a year. Food producers will be needing to import their raw ingredients to keep up with demand and with already shockingly high prices due to shipping – the end user ie. us will be paying significantly more for all grocery items.
This is just the surface level and I think we’ll be hearing a lot of discussion in the next few weeks and months going over these points.

The longer we wait to spread the word, the longer it’ll take for us as a community to get back to normal. The people I know in the region are out there on diggers in knee high mud with shovels digging out homes, dead live stock and throwing away treasured items like photo albums and door frames with their kids height charts on them before the rot and mould sets in. They’re normal people doing their best to show a brave face to one-another so words of kindness and support are hugely helpful and a massive morale boost to everyone on the ground. In the words of the great Fred Rogers “look for the helpers, especially in times of disaster look for the helpers because then you know there’s hope”

2c – Simpsons weather “predictions”  Aug 2022


2d – Sea Level Check – Sydney, Australia



3a – Thailand to Nullify the Vaxx


3b – Senator Gerard Rennick – Australian Drug Regulator: Intentional cover up of Covid Jab deaths


3c – Big Pharma Pays $900 Per Baby To Inject With MRNA 


3d – Eyes on the Law – woman deals with the Bailiff



4 – Biden Ukraine Bio-weapons



5 – Man does a tour through the LGBTQ stuff around Sydney University 

Nicky writes just talking to my girlfriend that use to live in Sydney and last weekend she was back there for work and she couldn’t believe the amount of pride stuff around and how big corporations are backing it. People may live this way if they choose – but don’t try to indoctrinate our kids or have so called laws made which would have been rejected at a proper Referendum.



6 – EXPOSE the PEDOS end of the CABAL



7 – Reaction of a Donkey – a bit touching

Growing up on a 1950s dairy farm – similar with the cows



8a – RV – Now you can see why all the branches are shutting down

From a Canadian friend in Ecuador. I am trying to get more info about the source. Update 22. Feb 2023 



All RV and Redemption funds will be deposited in QFS as gold currencies at the time of redemption or exchange.   RV funds are settled and collateralised in currency in QFS accounts as gold using digital gold certificates.  Redemption of funds will be made in the national currency at the venue.  

Keep in mind that this global currency reset means that the world has moved its currencies to an entirely new gold – backed financial system.  There will be no fanfare or public announcements when QFS is activated.  There are those in the financial industry and some in the intellectual community, and those who will be buying or exchanging, who will know that QFS has been enabled, but there will be very few “hints” to the general public that it has been activated and  fully functional.  

Banks will go through their own transition period as they lose their main sources of income, become insolvent and go into receivership.  But the Alliance wants it to be as smooth as possible.  The transition will include White Hat representatives in the banking system who will continue the functions of the bank with personal access to QFS so that they can serve customers.  This will be at the same time that the financial services industry will take over the overhead and payroll to maintain banking services.  Obviously a customer might ask why his account wasn’t blocked for an overdraft, but the teller might just say we don’t do that anymore.  

Once QFS is activated, there will be no financial service fees; no more usurious fees on loans, no more banker theft, no more delays in transferring funds;  it will simply be a simple account – to – account transfer initiated by the parties involved.  This will not require the involvement of any third party CIPS or SWIFT system.  

All transfers are made under QFS, initiated by the individual account holder, with no requirement that someone else do it for them.  If a customer is not charged any bank fees in the past, the customer will simply smile and walk away wondering how the bank will make money in the future.  This will be a question in the minds of many customers.  This is truly the end of an era of financial manipulation by bankers to make money with money.  

QFS is free, secure and lightning fast.  Once again, a new financial services industry will take over the financial needs that were once fulfilled by banks, only it will be free.  The larger owners of Zim – Zim Benefactors will acquire banking assets and create this new financial services industry called Financial Services Centres. 

They will use the current bank buildings and their branches for centres.  It will be a great way to use significant amounts.




Boy are we ever close – let’s start with this  – on Tuesday we thought Wednesday / Thursday – one of our Bond PM has a connection in the Treasury and in speaking with them about the start of the RV and when we’d start – and he said he’d no longer be able to speak after 5pm tonight – but he did say “WE ARE ON THE PRECIPICE”   – So that’s on a cliff and ready to GO – and others saying that Nesara and Gesara will be announced over the weekend and that could precipitate political change over the weekend.   The Bond Holders received their cards on Saturday and still awaiting their emails  and we should be receiving ours at about that same time – so also for the BH’s  a start date   – and we are looking good as far as that goes along with them  – our near enough shotgun start. 

Iraq has done what they were supposed to do – maybe some more arrests but the situation has been cleaned up.  If we have been slowed up a bit today – it’s because a couple of other countries are trying to get into the first basket at the last minute.   Other than that there doesn’t appear to be anything else stopping this from happening – but we aren’t feeling or seeing that at this point.

Gem Finch, [24/02/2023 2:40 PM]

We also heard as of 8pm tonight CKMX and PP were to start   – now realise this PP wouldn’t be delivered in the middle of the night  – but will resume in the morning and continue throughout tomorrow and those PP should be in conjunction with us setting our appointments and exchanges going on – I would have hoped I’d the 800’s in time for the call tonight – because they do want as many as possible to get them – so if they only have currency they will go to a T1 bank – but the Zim is a bigger deal and they will be going to a RC overseen by WF  – at least initially   – but maybe later for the latecomers.   But the vast majority will call the number and make those appointment and NO MORE THAN 10 MINS EARLY BUT ON TIME  – if you run you’ll be put to the back of the line and re-schedule.   And now Bruce of course is going onto talk about Sue and that simple outline form using the World Class Formula.   

So dear ones – I’m thinking that the above is probably ALL we need to know re our T4B notifications still coming to us this week and hopefully within the coming hours  – which I’m thinking might well take those exchange appointments over the weekend and into next week  – but on-going.    As always am sure Bruce will thank ALL the team  – including Sue and Bob and GCK and Pastor Scott and Jeannie and Larry and all the listeners from around the world  – Truly this call is going out globally.    So that’s really a great reach for the message that these calls are meant to bring to us ALL    And also of course  – he’ll be praying out the call.   

And I TOO  ask that we ALL Pray tonight and every day until this amazing miracle Heavenly Blessing is received.   We Truly are VERY VERY CLOSE and we just need that extra help from HEAVEN AND THE FATHER AND JESUS  – Truly help as to manifest this at the Soonest Divine Possible Moment – they know how much it’s needed and I know they see our hearts and hear our prayers.    Love to You ALL   Always  – Gem

IMPORTANT👉 The Global Currency Reset, where all currencies are reset to a par value with all other currencies, must take place just prior to the activation of the QFS. The QFS does not adjust for the differences in the present value of currencies so the GCR must be completed when the QFS is activated.


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