2023/02/25th – short  interesting items – not much politics


Short interesting items – not much politics

Please stop bleating – when is Trump going to intervene? – what do you expect – him to arrive at YOUR door with criminals in handcuffs just to show you personally so you can tell him how to fix everything YOUR WAY?

GCR update 11


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Angels in Turkey ?


1a – Ivermectin – this was Trump’s vax

1b – Is Buckingham Palace Empty – are all the Pedos removed ?

1c – Joe Biden is not good at boarding planes – from Poland to USA

1d – Criminal Elites Are Getting Sloppy




2 – Is this what it’s like trying to wake up friends and family ?

       Is this so far from reality – hopefully not as rough



3a – 5G Towers Can Make Healthy People Sick


3b – American Senator asks the hard questions



4a – Chemical Weaponry Destined For Ukraine
Ignited In East Palestine Train Wreck

Now who would have done that – the 5D chess game is full onWhy The East Palestine Tank Cars Had To Be BLOWN Open AFTER Derailing To Let The Vinyl Chloride Pour Out After which It Was Ignited With Road Flares
They Called This Terror Attack A ‘Controlled Burn’
Tank Cars Just Don’t Leak When Derailed    And people believe this is all an accident. . 

4b – Poison the Land Kill the Wildlife…  

4c – An Act of Terror Against the American People

4d – Releasing Bio-chemical weapons on residents



5a – This kid is going places. Teenager Exposes Woke School Board, Renders Them Speechless In Five Minutes  

5b – My 3 years old son

5c – Teach your children practical things

5d – This will make you angry – get your kids out of public schools 



6a – WEF plans Smart Devices on Air-Cons, TVs and Electric Vehicles


6b – The Toxic ingredient in your kid’s vitamins and energy drinks

6c – MacDonalds meat Factory  –  This is almost impossible to believe 

6d – Lab made fake meat on sale in Melbourne

The foods you buy use aborted fetal cells as flavouring. AII processed products you buy contain them, and not only that, but fast food companies have been exposed for selling human flesh, like McDonald’s and the others. What they don’t tell the public is that they use HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an aborted baby to produce these receptors, which is why they promote and support abortion. Did you know that over 40 million children are aborted worldwide each year? What do you think they do with all those quantities? They use them as flavour enhancers. Don’t believe it? research: Senomyx    Senomyx adds fetal cells to consumer products. They have been putting aborted baby cells in our foods. If this doesn’t disturb you, then rethink what this means

Why do vegans want things to taste like meat ??



7a – The Storm is upon us

7b – Never Give Up



8 – THE FLIP Is NEAR – the FLIP into the PEAK of THE BIG UGLY.

The BIG UGLY is a time of the upending, and overturning of the giant iceberg of public opinion as the 5GUW (5th Generation (global) Unrestricted War) emerges into public discussion.  The BIG UGLY is a time of ‘collective expression of knowledge’, that will produce an ‘upending of the social order’. The ‘upending’ will be spectacularly fast. It will scare the piss right out of you it will be so quickly consuming of YOUR social circle.




9a – The simple things

9b – American Country Music is from the real people.   John Rich

10 – NASA use of Green Screen



11 – The old fire places are not what they told you!

Yep. There is free energy and electricity everywhere. The higher you go, the more there is. Nikola Tesla knew it and people before him.  People seriously think that they heated their enormous mansions and castles with wood? Anyone who has ever heated their house using logs in fireplace know how much you need it,  A LOT




12 – GCR   Are we there yet ?

  • Wolverine👉 From my contact 

  • Best news. Texas just opened the room and update. Looks like we will go get blessings possible this week. Other things, tier 4A is almost complete. Whether tonight or tomorrow. Reno times and we are really close ready to get green light.

  • God bless you all Just hold on there guys as we are definitely closer than ever. It is very stressful for all of us but I’m very confident that we are nearly there.  I had a dream today that our lives would change for the better and seeing my family happy and meeting all of you at a Get a together. It’s coming guys   God bless    Wolverine

  • GCR👉 MZ: What we are hearing on the bond side in the last 12-16 hours or so is crazy stuff….Money goes in and money goes out. I do not know if they are doing a serious hard-core final test on the system….but they are seeing billions of dollars going in and out of accounts. Are they testing the system to see if it’s as flawless as they think it is….are they trying to catch someone doing shenanagans?  Am waiting for just past 20 00 hours in Reno, about 2 1/2 hours from now. While it’s not Friday night it could be a night sealed in our memories, we shall see!

  • Wells Fargo to Launch Digital Platform for Wealth Management Wells Fargo is preparing to launch a digital platform called LifeSync to select clients of the bank’s Wealth and Investment Management division at the end of March.


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