2023/02/26th – JAG Arrests Past and Current

JAG Arrests Past and Current  –  1b

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1a – Zelenski and one of his doubles on MSM ?

1b – JAG (Judge Advocate General)  Arrests Past and Current Covid Task Force Members.     JAG is US Military Justice System

United States Navy JAG investigators on Thursday arrested former and current members of the criminal Biden regime’s Covid-19 Task Force on charges of treason, JAG sources told Real Raw News. Carole Johnson served as Testing Coordinator between January-December 2021, and had previously spent five years as a public health lead in the Obama White House. She was also the commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Human Services.

JAG, has evidence proving that Johnson pushed for mass testing despite knowing that an enormous number of PCR tests were returning “false positive” results, tricking millions of healthy but frightened sheeple into believing they had the virus. The erroneous results artificially inflated the country’s Covid cases and helped buttress the regime’s impetus to call for increased testing and more frequent vaccinations.

JAG’s evidence against Johnson includes inculpatory emails she had sent to other Task Force members, in which she admits that 2,000 (of 5,000) test results obtained from a Los Angeles mass vaccination site in September 2021 were “faulty.” She wrote, “It would be to our detriment to notify people of false positives. It would undermine confidence in testing. It’s better to let them believe they are Covid positive and self-quarantine.” That email was distributed to all members of the Task Force and to Kamala Harris.

Also personal sighting of Military assets outer Melbourne, Camp Road last week a large double B size vehicle with troop carrier and equipment covered all in camouflage with army personnel. Months before that a large army helicopter circling around South Eastern  Suburbs area. This is the third time I spotted the helicopter  on different days. Things are happening as i have not seen this type of equipment in the Melbourne area ever.  I use the roads a lot.


1c – Massive Supreme Court Ruling 9-1 vote  Supreme Court rules that bankruptcy filers can’t avoid debt incurred by another’s fraud

My hypothesis is that this ruling authorizes the government to bring down, by bankruptcy, all criminal businesses & everyone who is a owner and/or partner –  think corporations, companies, partnerships, law firms…the list is almost endless. It could also, quite possibly, be used to seize ALL the ASSETS from the spouses of criminals even after they are divorced. Possibly…

GATES, BEZOS, TOM BRADY & GISELE ? and all the other recently divorced billionaire, super rich, celebrities and/or elite power couples.  Remember marriage is a contract, a legal partnership for life Mark 10.9 like it or not

I always thought the recent tidal wave of divorces by all these high profile billionaires/power couples was their attempt to move assets to their spouse. My hypothesis is that they thought their government (military) might not be able to tie to their spouses to their criminal activity. This would theoretically protect half their assets from being seized. In my opinion, this ruling authorizes the government to seize all the assets from the divorced spouses!  In a word:  CHECKMATE


1d – Trump talks about race

1e – This Judge is absolutely right –  Stand up, zero tolerance

Same should apply to our teens who commit murder while stealing cars 


2 – The New Technology designed to Kill

This whole electric car and lithium batteries are bullshit along with climate change. We are seeing this great new “safe” technology banned in more and more places. Fire departments struggle to put these batteries out when they catch fire. If your battery powered car catches fire in your home, say goodbye to the whole house unless you are very lucky.


3 – Dr Peter Glidden – Medicare + prescription drugs = biggest killer

The body’s ability to fix itself is remarkable. The magnificent creations of our Creator is unmatched by any scientists Franken-creations. So many of them trying to play God and all they manage to do is create artificial or cross-bred mutations of horror.  We are blessed with this beautiful home, our Earth, that has the most amazing creations and we need to raise our children as protectors of Earth and the purity of Creation Unpolluted by the human shaped monsters in labs.

4a – The insanity continues as “low traffic neighbourhoods”

could potentially be costing lives  The ambulance cannot get through. Damn these ’15 minute’ PRISON cities, probably off to collect another ‘vaccine’ victim? I now hear them in my neighbourhood daily Steve

4b – WEF plans for you living in a 15 minute city

4c – 15 Min cites began in China years ago 

Chairman Mao and his socialist utopia is the plan KIaus Schwab and the WEF have for the rest of the world It’s started 3 years ago with the mandatory injections and QR code tracking and now they’re about to lock us into the 15 minute prisons in our neighbourhoods.

5a – We teach our kids about genders while Chinese kids learn this

5b – Meanwhile in China    

Shit Faced – Facial Recognition Verification Needed To Get Toilet Paper  Do you get more if you smile? What does this cost? Holy crap. Better carry a roll around with you if need some. What if they don’t recognize you and you’re  just sitting there ?

5c – Escaping UK 15min city like trying to get across the Berlin Wall. 

6a – Former UK Prime Minister, Liz Truss, warns

that authoritarian regimes are trying to create a “new global world order” She didn’t last long in Office – She must be one of those “qAnOn cOnSpIrAcY tHeOrIsTs”  

6b – It’s the now 21 yr old grandchild of a Rothschild,

so the whole thing is part of the satanic trillionaires’ storybook agenda. The tyrannical govt can seize land deemed toxic. A lot of Amish live there so there independent from govt with their self sufficient and clean/natural farming, so it’s a way of getting them of their land and making them dependent on the Beast System State. (666) Satanic doesn’t even cover how evil the ones in power are. It’s us against them. There can only be one winner. We are many, but they have the money. Fight back now while we still have a chance. It’s them or us. That simple.

6c – Karen Hudes gave her life to speak out 


6d – Hidden main stream pedophile networks and parents pimping their kids on social media

7 – Top CDC Official – We’ll get rid of all Whites who refuse vaccines 

8a – Where are all the environmentalists ?

8b – Dead fish in the Ohio rivers

9 – Rukshan speaks about foreign police officers heading to Australia.






Queensland’s huge drug law change Queensland will soon have some of the most relaxed drug laws in Australia, according to leaked emails obtained by News Corp,

10b – Australia’s drug regulator deliberately hid vaccine deaths from the public, concerned that “disclosure could undermine public confidence”, it has been revealed.

11 – A Plan Hidden in Plain Sight

12 – Buzz Aldrin admits the moon landing fraud

The smoking gun is President Nixon calling to the moon from the White House from a land line


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