2023/02/28th – March – we are marching on

March – we are marching on – beware the Ides

Rv update – Item 11

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Going to Work  9 – 5    govt Job Training programme ??  full screen

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Are we on the brink of something really big – good or bad ?

Both. Those “asleep” need to be shaken out of their complacency. We need as many on board as possible to over-whelm the demonic, satanist cults. Think thousands of years of indoctrinating people with their agendas. Many are innocent trusting people who cannot imagine such evil exists. It’s hurtful and painful to wake-up to the reality of such cruel manipulative beings who are self-serving, greedy and maniacal.

This will be the final shake-down. Be brave, be steadfast and above all remember Where We Go One, We Go All. Miracles are around the corner. For the first time in many, many decades and yes, centuries we will experience sweet fresh air, clean water, healthy food, grown in rich nutritive soil. We are loved beyond measure by our creator. Be patient, it’ll be well worth it.

God Bless y’awl warriors,   Faith *Starr​* USA

China Fake News – An Australian friend living in China many years tells that what is on the MSM about inside China is grossly exaggerated rubbish,

1 – Why they want war with Russia – 47 mins but best to know 


2a – Aussie Cossack 57 days in Russian Consulate.  Cops can’t touch


2b – Danger Dan Reviews – I’ve been so beeesshhy….says Albo


2c – Melbourne Police officer walks free after that infamous BODY SLAM in Flinders St Railway Station   Too bad he got off ?


3 – Credit Cards are not just a chip

Your credit cards not only have a chip to track your purchases, they also have an antenna so you can be tracked whether you use it or not


4a – Ban The Jab Resolution Is Passed in Florida


4b – NSW Premier Tells Us What We Already Know


4c – A notice is served at a chemist store.. 


5a – Australia Inserting NWO Storm Troops into Police Forces


5b – The Australian People are the “Terrorists” they talk about


5c – Prison cities aren’t just coming…. they’re here…


5d – The Birth of Smart underground Cities begins


6a – HAARP over Turkey Feb 6 just before the Earthquake


6b – This guy is waking up   good to see young people awake


6c – Seizing Your Land – another young one waking up 

        The fires and toxic places around Govt land grabs


7a – The Waco Lie Just happened in QLD., same script different country.   The Train Brothers

31 – The Waco Lie

7b – Robert Leys Warning

       4 mins  good for people to wake up ?


8 – Australian Energy Providers Want ‘Sun Tax’ on Solar Households 


9 – NASA another fake video   full screen

10a – Hydrogen Peroxide – From what I know  you should not use stronger than 3% Hydrogen Peroxide from the Chemist ? They call it Food Grade


10b – Don’t buy Tasmanian farmed Salmon

copy to URL   https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-02-27/epa-tassal-salmon-farmer-antibiotic-report-release/102026738

11 – RV Ready to Go ??

Just FYI,  I work at a bank and I logged into one of our wire transfer systems and it has been re-named. Not QFS or anything thing close. I haven’t logged into this system in months. But, as I had posted previously the USD and the USN are both listed in the drop-down under currencies. All of the main currencies that we talk about, their 3 letter id are also listed as I’ve previously stated. IQD, VND, ZWL, VEF etc. I thought this might encourage someone. 

RV – Wolverine and MarkZ

Good news coming from T1 platform. They are getting ready to pay.

A lot of people are very emotional that at last this has started.

What I was told that T1 is from the Military not from Treasury.

We should be expecting good news for the rest this week. 

God bless you all     Wolverine


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