2023/03/02nd – Tomorrow never comes, or does it ?

Tomorrow never comes, So much speculation and opinions about it – depends on what you are expecting. Cannot put up even 10% of items received today


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1 – Follow the scientists


2a – Who is gonna believe ?

2b – The NWO is not a conspiracy anymore

2b – “Buckle up! The geo-economic tsunami moving forward”

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3a – Show and Tell – news from Wyatt Earp

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3b – Rick Miracle Video Banned pretty much Everywhere 

Propaganda by Israel 


3c – Jacquie Dundee on State and Federal Law!  She knows.




4a – 100 Million Animals Have Been Injected With mRNA Technology, and Hardly Anyone Knows About it


4b – Police Forcibly Remove Doctor For Promoting Ivermectin


4c – People Die after the Vaccine

4d – New Epidemic : People Dropping Dead From VAXX  

Media Can No Longer Hide so many premature deaths




5 – Is this free energy device fake and if it is how did they fake it??  



6a – 5G Networks and Cancer   sorry  I don’t have the full vid

Refresh your memory about radiation all around us  Video 1 on


6b – How Doctors worldwide have killed people


6c – Massive!! – Mark Steele weapons expert goes through LED street light to prove it’s a Weapon   Local councils are installing these 



7a – Ghislaine Maxwell ‘thrown in solitary confinement’ after TV interview



7b – Rupert Murdoch and Fox News set to be sued for over $30 billion after Rupert’s admissions under oath



8a – Protect your Assets

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8b – All Australian

Thanks for letting us know – Great Products  Australian Company Edwina

12 Survival Supplies Australia


9 – Elvis very young   some of the greatest people began as children


10 – Thoughts from Rebecca

  1. Analogy… Life is like a Casino Game.  One plays the hand they are dealt.  The House always wins.  But the players at the table are very intent on winning…and many cheat or have hidden wires in their ears.

  2. Divorce… always has TWO SIDES… one side feels ‘beaten up’… one side feels powerful…. so if there is “reconciliation with promises”… the beatings will continue.  

  3. When does the INVISIBLE become VISIBLE?

  4. HISTORY:  The King’s Banking Syndicate called THE CROWN, has always ‘managed’ affairs in the United States from a shadow position.  That was planned in 1775, passed by Parliament.  The Cabal went ‘active’ inside of the USA in the 1850s…after Karl Marx was paid to sign the written document by a Cabal pundit Frederick  Engels entitled:  The Communist Manifesto.  Abraham Lincoln was a BAR Attorney, under secret Oath to the Queen of England.  He was ordered to obey and destroy the Southern States, who were being robbed by the northern corporations.  The Southern states had very profitable crops sold to other nations, such as Russia and all of Europe.  The ‘selected’ President Lincoln authorized the empty “Star of the West” naval ship to taunt the South Carolina coastline where  General Beauregard patrolled. In response, the General tossed a couple of cannonballs to chase the offender away and protect Fort Sumter… the cannonballs did not hit the ship…. however, that was all the Cabal needed to declare that South Carolina had fired on the Sovereign symbol, which is the United States naval flag… and a war was declared.  The Cabal beat the South into submission (no Divorce allowed), robbed it of land and wealth, replaced all of the elected Governors, took over the Public School Systems… and began the drumbeat to the war we have today… for GLOBAL CONTROL OF THE WORLD.

POINT:  It is the Cabal, stupid.

  1. Reminder… there is no guarantee that China or Russia will honour their agreements with the White Hats or Gesara.  We hope… but we do not know.  In the minds of Generals… once the USA is down… they will want to take over.  That is REALITY.

  2. No, America is not in the ‘right’… the First Estate must deliver ‘justice’ to the nations… and the people of the nation are under that horrible decision… God loves his Sons and Daughters, who are inside of a car without a steering wheel…. CLIFF

Job 38:1-4 – Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind and said,
“Who is this that darkens counsel
By words without knowledge?
“Now gird up your loins like a man,
And I will ask you, and you instruct Me!
“Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?
Tell Me, if you have understanding,


11 – RV News     How will people who live in other countries outside of the US receive notice?  800 numbers don’t work there?

(This answer is only for those who speak the traditional route to receive notifications. If you’re expecting a private contact, you can ignore this if you want, as it wouldn’t apply to you, for example.)

 A: For RV speculators outside of the US, please ignore the “800#” because it WILL NOT APPLY to any country that does not use 800#s.

 Plain and simple: there will be no reason for you, in Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, etc., to call a US #. THIS IS A WORLDWIDE EVENT.  Then, you will receive the appropriate number for you to call in your home country where you are.

 To be very clear, Redemption Centres are plentiful here in the US. However, we are told that actual redemption centres will be very few and far between in other countries.

 You will be able to complete your Redemption appointment at major banks, who are working in cohesion with your country’s Treasury Department (which holds your country’s gold reserves/assets).

 This is the number you will be given.  A number to an authorized banking institution that is SECURE (association with the Alliance) for you to complete your exchange.  You will give your postal code (or zip code) – (any/all countries) and contact information will be given to point you in the correct (and safest) direction.

 You may receive a direct email giving you (in YOUR COUNTRY) the right ‘call centre’ to contact.  Due to language barriers, I don’t… I absolutely do not expect all VR participants to be directed to a US call center (designated by Alliance/UST) when living in other countries.

 It would be almost impossible for them to recruit staff that are multilingual, where all countries are represented.  But it makes sense if you are contacted directly, via email, with a contact in your country who you can reach out to.

 If the SafeLink website is indeed a factor in this, it makes sense that you provide proof of your identity by answering key questions, proving it IS YOU, and then you will be given a number to an appropriate bank that can handle your exchange.

 The VPN on your computer/device can also be used to identify which phone number in which country to provide to you personally.

 It is equally important to note that in the US only one redemption center will be able to accommodate the redemption of Zim Bond notes AND regular exotic currency exchanges.  IF someone ONLY has currency and zero Zim, they are free to go to any bank that participates in foreign currency exchange to complete their transaction.

 This is not the case in other countries!  Because there will be very few real “Redemption Centres” – YOU WILL BE ABLE TO EXCHANGE AND REDEEM FOREIGN CURRENCY AND ZIM at all major participating bank locations.  Again, you have to sit back and wait to see how you will be notified.

 Email with SafeLink website will be a perfect solution for you.  But the bottom line is that you will be given an appropriate number to call at your location, where you can be pointed in the right direction.

 It’s not all about the United States!  And the advice you’re getting (from the gurus) shouldn’t be of the “all about the US” kind either.

 It doesn’t make sense that an RV speculator, or a humanitarian in Timbuktu, would have to call a call centre staff member in the central United States to learn how to make a trade-in appointment.  The Alliance is smarter than that!!  You know who you/we humanitarians are!

 You will not be left out.  Please hold on and wait.  We will all offer direction however we can.  I hope this helps.   Ginger

Judy Note: Wed. 1 March promised to be an unprecedented day for both the Global Currency Reset and a Supreme Court announcement on Election Fraud that would pave the way for a US Restored Republic in line with the Original Constitution.

  1. Global Currency Reset:

  • Judy Note: It is my understanding that the new Quantum Financial System is operational, has successfully completed trial payments, Paymaster Accounts have been loaded and the Kingpin of the GCR, the new gold/ asset-backed Iraqi Dinar, has RV’d with a $5 rate (and moving upward in value) against the new gold/ asset-backed US Note. A High Up Contact indicated that a Major Event concerning the Supreme Court could happen on Wed. 1 March, which would then start a Three Day Blackout Period and perhaps a Black Swan Event?

  • Tues. 28 Feb. 2023 MarkZ: There has been a lot of chatter about Tiers 1 and 2 release tomorrow Wed. 29 Feb. This morning there was lots of chatter from multiple Bond people that starting tomorrow Wed. 29 Feb. they expected to be gone until mid July (because of signing an NDA?) 

Bond people commissions are to be paid out between 11 pm Tues. 28 Feb. and 1 am Wed. 1 March.

Notification emails to set redemption/exchange appointments for Tier4a,b will come out overnight or in the morning of Wed. 1 March.

Beginning Wed. 1 March there will be a fully staffed Redemption Center Staff working 8 am to 11pm for the next 12-14 days.

Our exchanges/redemption should be completed by Wed. 15 March.

Charlie Ward may announce NESARA/GESARA on Wed. 1 or Thurs. 2 March

The new USTN has been traded on the Market since 1 Feb.

The new USTN should be available at the Redemption Centers.

Fiat US Dollars should be turned in to the bank to trade for USTN by Mon. 10 April.

At some point soon we will be going to a four day work week and a four day school day in order to spend more time with our families.

On Wed. 1 March a Supreme Court decision should come out regarding Election Fraud that would pave the way for a change of leadership in our country.

Common Law 👉 Things are happening real soon, hopefully like this week or next, per many sources pertaining to; NESARA, GCR, RV, QFS and our Republic which brings in Constitutional Law otherwise Common Law. This is; “No crime has been committed if no harm has been done to others, not what the police and government officials think harm has been done to others or themselves.” And don’t forget the IRS and Federal Reserve will be gone completely so no Fiat currency or income taxes to pay, and banks may be shutting down by being backed by Fiat currency. Dan Mahnke

Guys, I’d urge everyone that’s really stressed today to take a break for a short while.  Maybe get out into nature and reset your system.  Getting all worked up by what’s said in these rooms does no one any good.

In terms of intel, just wait and see how things roll out in the coming days.  As Holly has pointed out, she’s hearing very good things about the potential release of the codes that will start this process.  The word she used was ‘imminent’, which is what she’s hearing from multiple sources.  Hopefully this will be it, and there won’t be any more delays.

Please remember, though, even if the release codes are entered ‘imminently’, this does not mean we’ll be able redeem/exchange straightaway.  There’s a process to be followed, which might take hours, days or weeks before it rolls down to the Tier 4B level.

In summary: it looks like we’re almost there, but let’s remain grounded, and please continue to be patient.


In the new banking system, you will no longer be known as a customer as much as you will be an investor. 

Just having your money in a banking system going forward, places your money inside an economic system that invests inside a Commodity Market.

It is important for all of us to realize that movement forward will be a collaborative effort between our bank and ourselves to raise the value of purchasing power through investing inside assets of real values.

© Goldilocks

Well sports fans, some very positive information from the Treasury has been provided to the Tier 1 banks including my personal banker which confirms our event is proceeding ahead.  His one caution was to ignore the starting rate of exchange on the Dinar as it is dealing with the oil contract between the 2 countries and he is hopeful to have precise information yet today or in the morning.  Hang tough.

Just to give you guys hope.

Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump meet March 4 with the World Military Alliance and the World Bank Assets. This release will be from March 4th to 15th, starting with German bonds.

God bless     Wolverine

The overwhelming majority of my sources believe it will start in the next hours or within a day or two. Mark Z.



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