2023/03/03rd – Biden’s United States may abandon Ukraine ?

Big Events appear to be being released

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Good Morning ships at sea and all our World Wide friends. The only thing I must address is the Imminence of the events occurring.   See Item 9


1a – Zelensky received 3 bad news: the partisans began to resist, the United States may abandon Ukraine


1b – Another Democrat Had To Resign From His PORN Addition And Charges

Just caught another one    Do we care,,   yes


2 – Australia’s Digital ID is steamrolling ahead

The Reserve Bank puppets  know what’s coming so it seems this is their attempt against the QFS


3 – 30+  Major Chemical Spills in the US 2023


4 – Japan “Robotic Electronic Mops

During pre season basketball games in Japan “Robotic Electronic Mops” were used to clean the court.  Boasting to the people. No humans needed. That is what the elite are working towards are they not? Kill us all off because we are useless eaters and they don’t need us anymore?


5a – And so the blame game begins in Australia’s medical circus……

5b – 5G and your health Senate Bill 637 USA   3 Epidemics 

And after listening to this, you still insist on cling to your smartass phone ?? 

5c – Doctors meet to discuss the NEW fake Marburg Pandemic and 5G

Dr. Lee Vliet, Pascal Najadi and Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger gathered last night regarding the new planned Marburg virus pandemic. There is no new virus, don’t be alarmed, there is no human-to-human transmission, this is all the result of 5G as a direct energy weapon. Those who received the so-called “vaccine” will die en masse under the pretext of a new smoke screen, the so-called Marburg virus. Refuse at all costs to be “vaccinated” even if it is forced


6a – Australia’s Digital ID is steamrolling ahead

The Reserve Bank puppets know what’s coming so it seems this is their attempt against the QFS


6b – Future Shopping  – will you tolerate this

by continuing to support the system by using your smartass device everywhere instead of cash?

and silence is consent while you support the child slavery to make the batteries from Cobalt mining. All the electronic gadgets and EVs that we have are created from the backs of theses African children.

7 – Steel wool and battery 9V Firestarter


8 – Impossible Buildings before electricity – 1800s 

      How many resets have there been ?    

9a – Restored Republic via a GCR:   3 March  


9b – QFS . . .  There will be no fanfare or public announcement when the QFS is activated. 

There are those in the financial industry and some in the intel communities as well as those who will redeem or exchange, who will know that the QFS has been turned on but there will be very few “tells” to the general public that it has been activated and fully functioning.

When the QFS has been activated there will be no fees for any financial services; no more Ussery fees on loans, no more theft by bankers, no more delays in transferring funds; it will just be a simple account-to-account transfer initiated by the parties involved. This will not require any third-party CIPS or SWIFT system to be involved. All transfers are within the QFS initiated by the individual account holder without any requirement of someone doing it for them.

NOTE    We are ALL trying to work through this process. As you can see the vibration (narrative) is VERY important.

10 – Your musical Item – sing along



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