2023/03/07th – How to stand in court against unlawful arrest

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1a – How Socialism really Works 

1b – Police just doing their job.  

2a – Q – Killing the Mockingbird

Latest I have found – 2 months old 


2b – EP. 3012A – Trump announces a Quantum leap in the Standard of Living – The Econmy is about to Change

The USA trade deficit reached an all time record in 2022 under Joe Biden of almost a trillion dollars or 4% of USA total GDP.   The USA shipped out 4% of its GDP to foreign companies/nations.   4%.  And about 40% of that trade deficit went to China


3a – AUSTRALIAONE PARTY (A1) – Michael Jaco interviews Riccardo Bosi   76 mins


Dear Larry,  As you know, Riccardo is contesting the upcoming NSW State Election on Saturday, March 25th, 2023, as an Independent Candidate for the Legislative Council, commonly known as the Upper House. Our big announcement for the day is that we have a team of 17 AustraliaOne Party-approved supporters who he is standing beside. We require boots on the ground and are calling for your support and assistance to ensure their success and for the salvation of our State and Nation.There are 2499 polling locations spread across NSW and our campaign team will be appointing volunteers to each polling location.  If you would like to help in some way, there are several ways in which you can volunteer for this campaign.

  • Share material online
  • Letterbox drops
  • Booth Assistant
  • Booth Captain
  • Scrutineer

Our time is now!
If you would like to volunteer in some capacity, please click on this link and complete the volunteer registration form. If you have friends and family who would like to help, send them this link  http://www.itsy.pub/australiaonegroup. They don’t need to be an A1-approved supporter to volunteer, however, booth captains with a valid WWCC will be preferred in accordance with AustraliaOne Party’s duty to our communities.

3b – Max Lowen: Rachel Vaughan – Underground Child Trafficking Tunnels Exposed in Adelaide


3c – SABOTAGE: Fourth industrial disaster strikes Northeastern Ohio in mere weeks


3d – Forced Evacuations Coming? . . . Are The EPA & CDC Colluding To Force Americans From Homes Using CERCLA?


4 – 17% more people are dying  


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5a – NWO anthem which was recorded during 80s, the lyrics are quite interesting and catchy, check the wording. 

 5bThis is how The Fake News Media Works in the world — Photos of children hiding in a basement in Kharkiv have turned out to be taken in Donetsk in 2014. 


I am asking for help, I have been targeted by police and the entire corrupt system, I have uploaded a video of the corrupt criminal thugs smashing down my door!  I have been harassed, intimidated, violated, unlawfully arrested, received heavy fines, had my license revoked, banned from the shopping centre, for 2 years, all for not adhering to their unlawful COVID-19 mandates, and for a virus which I proved does not exist by their own FOI document, and for which they failed to DISPROVE! Also I have been dragged through the shopping centre and arrested 3 times!
I have also been banned from Vinnies for 2 years, for daring to enter unvaxxed and unmasked, so the manager promptly called the police, and for this ‘crime’, 3 days later 2 “police” thugs came to my house and smashed down my door!  They ‘arrested’ me without a Warrant, so in fact KIDNAPPED me!  The perpetrator’s names are Hayden LUCAS & Gareth TAMMADGE from Campbelltown police station.
I was charged with 10 “offences” that they conjured up, 3 being COVID-19 S7,8 & 9 (of which, fines have been deemed invalid and thrown out!), yet after over 19 months, I am still being dragged through their corrupt Court system for these stupid ‘offences’, and am currently on “bail”, having to report to these criminal mercenaries 3 times a week!!  Whereas, these corrupt criminals who are guilty of “trespassing”, “break & enter”, “damage to private property”, and basically “armed kidnapping” and a “terrorist attack”, to name but a few, should be paying ME millions of $$ for all the physical and emotional damage they have caused ME, including 3 FALSE ARRESTS!  I am living alone and am in my 60s and an easy target for them, as they are set on making an “example” of me because of my “views”, and to whom they refer as a “sovereign citizen”! I would like to sue the pants off of these bastard PIGS and would like remedy!  Can anybody HELP ME, please?!
Daniela ladyamazon35@gmail.com
P.S.  I will give you my details on request, thank you.
You can also see video of my arrest on this site, https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/2023-01-20th-everything-is-beautiful-in-its-own-way/

just scroll down to item 11b to see the video
11b – Single lady arrested for not wearing a face nappy
Here is the video of the “police” TERRORISTS, the PIGS that barged down my door for not wearing a face nappy, 3 days prior at Vinnies shop!  They came with NO ARREST WARRANT, they used force to BREAK & ENTER, DAMAGE to my PROPERTY, ASSAULTED & KIDNAPED me – THERE MUST COME A TIME OF RECKONING!  AND WE MUST NEVER FORGET THESE CRIMINALS & WHAT THEY DID TO US. The police doctored this video leaving out key questions I asked.


6bThis American State National, shows us how to stand in court against unlawful arrests, felony charges and fraudulent traffic violations.


7 – If you haven’t seen this. Albo is one sneaky SOB

8 – Everything for Camping and Survival

9 – Moller M400 skycar VTOL flying car

Developed for over many years and first flown in 2001 at the company’s shareholder meeting, the Moller M400 Skycar is a true collector’s (museum or private) piece. over the last 30 years, moller international has spent more than $150 million developing the engine and airframe technology to make the prototype possible. the feasible, affordable and personal VTOL has eight rotary engines that provide a total of 720 horsepower to the propulsion fans. running on gasoline, ethanol or methanol, the M400 skycar has flown numerous times even though it has never been FAA approved.

10 – Your musical item.

Note the cello player’s left hand little finger knew exactly where to start the first note on the fretless keyboard. Also if you look carefully, you may even notice a piano.

11 – Who cut down the Giant Trees ?

They are not rocks. They are petrified wood.

12 – Helmet of a Giant ?

Interestingly, in nearly all ancient writings from all over the world we find that in the past, giants walked among ordinary humans, but of course main stream history denies their existence..


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