2023/03/17th – Things aren’t getting worse – just more obvious

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PREPARE for something that you never expected to see in your lifetime. The MSM will never let you know about these event occurring now and things around us could change very quickly. The MSM are beginning slowly to turn on Sleepy Joe Biden –  Why now?  Who’s pulling the strings? What just happened in the last two weeks? What is categorically coming for them now?  Preparation for Biden removal.  Sinking Ship.  “It will come back to bite them”…  President Donald J Trump 

If you see images of Trump getting arrested right now, they’re definitely fake. But if Trump is correct about being indicted on Tuesday, we could get images of an anti-democratic leader finally getting his comeuppance. We just don’t know what that will look like yet.

After the banks implode and our Global Financial System goes down, people across the World will be using Quantum Financial System Universal Digital Currencies to buy and sell things. Your present bank account will not be mirrored into the new Quantum Financial System. In order to handle and safely store your monies, you will need to set up a QFS Bank Account – called a Quantum Ledger – that works out of the StarLink Satellite System. You can set up your own Quantum Ledger right now by going to: https://www.quantumledgerfirm.net/register.php 

Top News – Billions of Blank Jabbs are being burned worldwide


1a – CNN insider – editing Trump’s words

1b – The Hammer is about to Drop 

1c – Agenda47: Preventing World War III   Trump 16 Mar

[Transcript] – “We have never been closer to World War III than we are today under Joe Biden. A global conflict between nuclear-armed powers would mean death and destruction on a scale unmatched in human history. It would be nuclear Armageddon. NOTHING is more important than avoiding that nightmare. We will avoid it. But we need new leadership.

Every day this proxy battle in Ukraine continues, we risk global war. We must be absolutely clear that our objective is to IMMEDIATELY have a total cessation of hostilities. All shooting has to stop. This is the central issue. We need PEACE without delay.

In addition, there must also be a complete commitment to dismantling the entire globalist neo-con establishment that is perpetually dragging us into endless wars, pretending to fight for freedom and democracy abroad, while they turn us into a third-world country and a third-world dictatorship right here at home. The State Department, the defense bureaucracy, the intelligence services, and all the rest need to be completely overhauled and reconstituted to fire the Deep Staters and put America First. We have to put America First.

Finally, we have to finish the process we began under my Administration of fundamentally re-evaluating NATO’s purpose and NATO’s mission. Our foreign policy establishment keeps trying to pull the world into conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia based on the lie that Russia represents our greatest threat.

But the greatest threat to Western Civilization today is not Russia. It’s probably, more than anything else, ourselves and some of the horrible, U.S.A. hating people that represent us. It’s the abolition of our national borders. It’s the failure to police our own cities. It’s the destruction of the rule of law from within. It’s the collapse of the nuclear family and fertility rates, like nobody can believe is happening. It’s the Marxists who would have us become a Godless nation worshipping at the altar of race, and gender, and environment. And it’s the globalist class that has made us totally dependent on China and other foreign countries that basically hate us.

These globalists want to squander all of America’s strength, blood and treasure, chasing monsters and phantoms overseas—while keeping us distracted from the havoc they’re creating right here at home. These forces are doing more damage to America than Russia and China could ever have dreamed.

Evicting the sick and corrupt establishment is the monumental task for the next president. And I’m the only one who can do it. I’m the only one that can get the job done. I know exactly what has to be done.”


1d – Bill Gates squirming

1e – Bill Gates Files  This Will Finally Put Gates in Prison.

Rumours are said that the ongoing Military Tribunals are all being recorded in Analog Video Tapes (ie VHS), to keep as unedited receipts. Tapes cannot be altered, edited or manipulated. 


2a – If you have a mortgage.  repay $1 every day

No video here – just a guy talking I have typed above what he said

This will not work if you have a fixed rate. Most banks will not allow you to make daily payments, so make one on Monday for weekly reoccurring, then do the same for Tues, Wed etc, every day for 7 says. Same Bank to Bank is free, but there is probably a fee for your bank to a different bank. I cannot guarantee this – your decision.

2b – Smart Meters

2c – Japan is waking up


2d – People Should not be Afraid of their Govts,


Two Landscape Gardeners from Scotland drove their works van to Ukraine to help following mass media hysteria. Here is what they found:  “The locals getting on with their life as it usually is, walking about doing shopping, not caring …”


3a – 50,663 DEAD and 5,315,063 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions


3b – A journalist tells the facts on MSM

I’m surprised they didn’t cut her off

Two Landscape Gardeners from Scotland drove their works van to Ukraine to help following mass media hysteria. Here is what they found:  “The locals getting on with their life as it usually is, walking about doing shopping, not caring …”

4 – Chemtrails – A pilot accidentally releases the chemtrail at the airport. You still think chemtrails are ” condensations” 

5 – Elites charged and CEOs over false covid shots. 2000 people

6 – MED BEDS, & New Technology


It’s coming VERY soon, This technology was the tech that illuminati satanist pedophiles didn’t want us to have. They wanted to keep humanity in fear, hate, war, poverty, starvation to keep us controlled, while they enjoyed the tech.

Q & A about Med Bed


7a – Australian Fire Fighters Alliance –

7b – ATO exec’s daughter guilty of $105m fraud 

ATO exec’s daughter guilty of $105m fraud  The daughter of a former ATO deputy commissioner has been found guilty of siphoning more than $105m in taxes to fund an enviable lavish lifestyle. https://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/courts-law/daughter-of-ato-executive-found-guilty-of-105m-fraud/news-story/a9b6178c90c5152e7b368ba6ff053e4d

7c – ‘You’ve been misled’: ‘Real agenda’ of the Voice exposed


7d – Who Do These Criminals Really Work For

It was pointed out to me that Mark Dreyfuss, the Attorney General, and his staff are calling themselves Ministers for the “Republic”. I have provided a form on this article pointing out the treason so that you can ask what is going on.  GO TO THIS PAGE & SUBMIT THE FORM


The ALP Government have not told Australia that we will need a nuclear dump for spent fuel rods, far more dangerous than a coal power station — we need nominations for the most suitable sites.  As they tell us it can be safely stored — I nominate Canberra on the other side of Capitol Hill. PM Albanese and Penny Wong have announced they are giving away $3.5 million to a LGBTQ group, this is our hard-earned taxes that we need here in Australia — What about the flood victims, those who lost everything in Lismore and other areas,  What about the people in the north who are now in devastation from floods.  Here lies the true identity of Labor, they prefer fringe groups of no value over the livelihood and survival of workers, their families and homes. To hell with Labor, your priorities  are identified above the workers and voters.

7e – Consulting the Voice if Australia goes to war


8a – The Invisible War


8b -Australian Army in Townsville training – for what?

8c – Joo Power in Australia

all for fake worthless pieces of paper they called money created out of thin air too and not backed by Gold. People still think slavery was abolished even those who work 12+ hours a day…. it’s a mad whirled (not spinning)


8d – Top 5 Demons under Satan – Fr. Chad Ripperger


8e – Tunnels and Bunkers exposed

Retired FBI white hat explains how illuminati satanic conspired to take over the world & put their illuminati Satanists in key positions & exposes their satanic pedophile child sacrifices & child trafficking.


9a – Bank of America   

A lot of people are missing money from their bank accounts

9b – Signature Bank

Federal Reserve announces that ALL depositors at Silicon Valley Bank will be protected as another bank – Signature Bank – closes, and an auction is held for SVB’s assets

9c – Crypto-friendly Signature Bank shut down

Signature Bank has been closed by U.S. regulators. New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) has taken possession of the bank in order to protect depositors. This is the second bank in the United States that has collapsed in the last 3 days.

1.  From the start we, knew the banks would have to switch from USD to US Note.  Would be kinda turbulent.  

2.  Trump told us in October of 2020 that he would sue China for 10 trillion.  What???  Why?  Cuz that’s the exact amount we have alway known it would take to switch the currency.

3.  What does ten trillion do?  Gets the gold for the world in the interim and covers the funds overall so that the people don’t lose anything.

4.  The cabal lose it all.  Why SVB?  That has a ton of the cabal idiots there.  They are losing their lunch while they are probably in federal prison to GITMO right now as we speak.  

5.  Is this the banking trigger we have needed?  Maybe.  I kinda think so.  Most of my contacts believe so as well.  

6.  The Fed is meeting right now to ask what to do.  Listen the Fed meeting is like a bunch of chickens meeting in the road as Wendy drives home to Tulsa.  

7.  There might be a few days of little access of money while the systems reset to the new currency (NOT WEEKS!)…days.  Please chill.  

8.  Don’t flood into the banks and ask them anything.  They don’t know Jack right now.  The tellers have their basic instructions and the rest can’t tell you.  

Wait for it.  EBS and NESARA are on the way…The invisible War – Never FQrget why we started

9d – And voIla ! ….SVB is open for business again 

Is this how they will switch to a new QFS system?


10a – Pay attention to Children    Wyatt Earp


10b – Focus on your child’s talent, not their gender 

10c – Love is in the Air (and water) 

10d – Love always wins    

This 4 min movie took 30 min to make and it won an Oscar. It’s absolutely beautiful…NEVER JUDGE…we never know the whole truth, until we dig to find it. The little boy arrived late at school

11 – Your music Item



copy to URL https://www.survivalsuppliesaustralia.com.au/?b7=lh

12a – Get Endless Broccoli in 7 Days

If you pick the lower leaves as the plant grows ( broccoli ,cauliflower, cabbage- all cruciferous family) you have greens all year around. A single plants leaves picked in this manner can & mostly does have a life span of 3-4 yrs, & grow to a height of over 1 meter.


12b – 337 pounds of Potatoes – no dig, no watering

13 – Wise Black Woman in Africa

I am sure we have many here with the same wisdom


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