2023/03/22nd – Trump has seen no notification of an arrest or charges

So much has happened in the last few days which causes me to not put up several items I had planned. Three days ago is ancient history now. The financial crash must occur before QFS will start. 

The post 2023/03/17th is now up and complete. There are no links for some videos obtained from various sources

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The possibility of Trump being Indicted with charges related to the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels is reportedly something that law enforcement agencies are preparing for. However, a Trump official stated that, A spokesperson for Mr Trump later clarified that there “has been no notification” of an arrest or charges, other than “illegal leaks” to news outlets.

If you see images of Trump getting arrested right now, they’re definitely fake. We just don’t know what that might look like if it happens.

DISCLAIMER:  The following is not intended as legal, financial, or medical advice; instead, it is sent for Education and Discussion Purposes Only….the Reader is responsible for all thoughts and actions gained from introspection.

PREPARE for something that you never expected to see in your lifetime. The MSM will never let you know about these events occurring now and things could change very quickly. The MSM are beginning slowly to turn on Sleepy Joe Biden –  Why now?  Who’s pulling the strings? What just happened in the last two weeks? What is categorically coming for them now?  Preparation for Biden removal.  Sinking Ship.  “It will come back to bite them”…  President Donald J Trump

Trump says – In one week he is going LIVE on this channel.


The Cabal is desperate ? Is Trump’s arrest a distraction to the bank collapsing ? Absurd as it sounds, of whether criminal charges alone would legally prevent Trump or anyone else from running for president, the answer is NO. Trump would not be sentenced until months after his conviction and could remain out of prison pending appeal. But a conviction or even imprisonment would not bar Trump from running for president. The Constitution sets the requirements for presidential candidates, and a clean criminal history is not one of them.

1a – Outside of the Criminal Court house in Lower Manhattan. A mob of media outside waiting for something to happen with Donald Trump. This was even on Ch 9 News tonight

1b -Bosi comments on Trump’s so called arrest

1c – Well Well lookie who is wearing a leg brace  

1d Elon and RFK Jr. Drop NUKE: ‘Fauci Created a BIOWEAPON in China, We Have Receipts’

2a – 80% Of The Banks Begin The Move To QFS 


2b – World Currency Reset   

2c – Our Bank Accounts are mirrored on the QFS   

2c – Our Bank Accounts are mirrored on the QFS     


2d – On my farm after QFS payments  

3a – John Lennon’s last interview before he was murdered

3b – A big fire in the centre of English Loughborough: the building of HSBC bank, which recently bought the British division of the bankrupt Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)

3c – Biden – the Banks collapse  

4a – Why Biden is not yet arrested

click to open PDF http://annavonreitz.com/bidennotprosecuted.pdf

4b – Putin Laughs at International Arrest Warrant

5a – Westpac estimates 400,000 immigrants arrived last year under the Albanese Government, driving our rental crisis and putting Australians on the streetSports fanatics will be watching Albo’s submarine races.


5b – NSW – Election cheating has started

The NSW Electoral Commission have confirmed with us that NO ballot boxes are to be removed from polling stations until AFTER they are counted on Saturday 25th. Why then are NSW Electoral Commission vested staff REMOVING ballot boxes from booths? this has occurred at 8 booths. We have also received advice of AEC vested staff walking around hospitals with ipads asking if people would like to vote. We have also received advice that country polling stations are being CLOSED and electors are being asked to submit mail-in ballots. To all those who have already voted… YOUR BALLOTS ARE BEING MISHANDLED IN CONTRAVENTION OF ELECTORAL LAW. It’s time YOU contact the NSW Electoral Commission, because as confirmed by the NSWEC today, THEY are only responsible for what occurs to YOUR ballots up to and including 6 metres from the polling booth

5b – NSW Elections – cheating has already started 

5c – Australia’s Defence Policy explained 

5d – ADF patrolling the suburban streets of a small coastal fishing and tourist village of 556 houses in Currarong NSW 2540 south of Sydney   Could it be just an exercise ?     

5e – Qld Police surround home of Warwick intellectual who apparently killed himself with a gel blaster

These may be helpful from Mark P

6a – Epstein’s Island 

Rumours are said that the ongoing Military Tribunals are all being recorded in Analog Video Tapes (ie VHS), to keep as unedited receipts. Tapes cannot be altered, edited or manipulated.

There are millions of videos of child sex abuse circulating in the U.S. alone… This is the real virus, and the only vaccine is a the guillotine.

6b – Pastor Manning explains – Nigerian descendants in America

6c – A decent City Mayor doing his job

6d – Big Storm, Big Quake, Cosmic 90 Degree Flip | S0 News Mar.22.2023 Even if it’s true, nothin we can do – just be prepared


7a – And you still have a smartass phone –  oh my

Almost everyone at some point has felt the eerie synchronicity of seeing an ad served up on Facebook that exactly corresponds to a recent conversation. Of course Facebook/Instagram is listening in on your private conversation with friends, catching key words, and then serving you tailored advertisements. And of course Facebook would deny this is happening. What is more creepier is that someone had messaged me asking if I ever get advertisements just from thinking about something (not actually talking out loud). And yes it has happened multiple times for me.  Says the guy on this video

7b – do you still want an electric vehicle ?


7c – Lawyers, how they operate

8a – Emergency Authorisation – unlawful – Robert F Kennedy    

8b – When Your Booster Kicks in


8c – Titans and Giants were a real part of our History. They have been covered up and made to look like fantasy just to keep the mainstream narrative in line.

8d – A different Time Period – bigger people

9a – Titanic

9b – Pyramid UFO – what is this ?

9c – Stonehenge – you thought it was ancient ?

9d – Tartaria 1906

10a – Smart meters kill your plants too

11 – Who is Jesus ?

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