2023/03/24th – Trump case dismissed  

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Everything you have heard was a lie, and soon all the lies are going to be revealed. JFK JR is coming out of the shadows. Watch this space

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1 – Trump case dismissed 

In case you haven’t noticed, Trump is the master of narratives. Trump posts message that they are going to indict & arrest him. Media goes into a frenzy thinking they finally got him. Trump team plays into frenzy (legal team press conference, outrage, etc Trump team circulates letter from Cohen team proving he is innocent. Public sees the two-tier system of justice. Trump gains sympathy & support from the people. Trump wins, again. .

2 – New York case falling apart – what did they think would happen ?


3 – Satire – Alvin Bragg Resigning – Likely to be close to the Truth


4 – Trump defiant 1 day after case dismissed

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5 – Trump Singing With Jan 6th PRISONERS, Media in PANIC


6 – Pain is coming! Major changes


7 – The elite are preparing for something – are we ?


8 – The real reason the Labor Party are pursuing the Voice

The Australian Labor Party in promoting its “YES” vote for a voice to parliament to have the Constitution changed by referendum. The Labor Party is not being open and truthful as to the real reason it is conducting this referendum.

In 1990, Federal Politician Kim Beasley made a statement in response to Senator Button’s question in the Australian Federal Parliament about whether there should be a republic. His reply was: Kim Beasley Quote: “The United Nations has given the Federal Government a mandate of ownership for housing, farms, property and business to government control once the REPUBLIC has been proclaimed.”

The comment by Kim Beasley in parliament back in 1990 should be ringing alarm bells. The United Nations is the NWO in waiting for a one world government. The current push by the Labor Party for the ‘Voice’ referendum is the single most important part of their plan, which is to include the ‘ORIGINAL’ Men, Women and children of this Country (Indigenous people) into the Commonwealth Constitution because, at the moment they have ‘NO CONTRACT’ with the ‘ORIGINAL’ Men, Women and children of this Country.

Because there is ‘No Contract’ with the Indigenous people of Australia, a republic would not be achieved because the ‘ORIGINAL’ Men, Women and children of this country are the lawful land owners and the government would be unable to take control over ownership of housing, farms, property and business, thus thwarting its secretive push for a totalitarian republic where you would own nothing and be happy.

This plan as you can see was already underway back in 1990. Every State in Australia has already sold off the Lands and Title Office, your original titles have been destroyed. The value of your property is in the TITLE. All properties certificate of title has been digitised and this is not a lawful proof of historical ownership.

Say ‘NO’ to the Voice and say ‘NO’ to a totalitarian republic they have planned for us Australians. Authorised by Riccardo Bosi 122 Perfection Ave Stanhope Gardens

9 – Bitcoin has ‘no future’ …

“The cryptocurrency market today is extremely unpredictable, and, in my opinion, bitcoin has no future. Therefore, I would not advise investing in it, but would keep money in Russian digital assets that are starting to appear on the market. This year, we expect a serious promotion of the issuance of digital assets, secured, among other things, by natural resources and the potential of companies,” Russian Finance Official explained.

10 – Kira Hart, the 13 year old Australian Girl



11 – Pfizer sponsorship 


12 – The real cause of Heart attacks

Vitamin C deficiency is linked to a higher risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease (CVD), according to a recent review. Published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, the article also suggests that vitamin C may help regulate blood pressure, reduce arterial stiffness and decrease the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

Research: The real cause of heart attacks is vitamin C deficiency

13 – Sodom and Gomorrah today


14 -Why Did The Pentagon Predict An Alien Mothership Will Visit Earth The Cabal Programming us for Operation Blue Beam


15 – There is a lot of stuff around about ETs, Aliens. Galactic Federation etc and our superior “brothers from way out there somewhere in a godless space” who are coming to save us.



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