2023/03/26 – Trump assassination attempt

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1 – Trump assignation attempt – one of many  

2 – Banking, Stock Market Crash, Quantum System and EBS

3 – NSW Elections – can you smell the BS ?


4 – Nesara Gesara “Hammer dropping”


5 – 5G death towers can kill – push a button

Ask these communication companies who their insurance companies are.
They can’t get insured The images at 8.50 are from an event, people were just protesting ! And, once and for all, WHY would those “entities” or reptiles or E.T’s take that much time to enslave and kill us when it could have been done way easier and faster, since “they” are supposed to have beeen here for ages ? Don’t you get it yet ? It’s only to distract you from their crimes. They pretend to be human, they are just cupid loaded psychos.  Solution easy …. just cut these towers down
. Why is there a Patent No 6017302A for the Acoustic Manipulation of the Nervous System ?


6 – LED lights are being installed to …

Dr. Daniel Nagase, the blue LED lights are being installed to distinguish the unvaccinated from the nano-chipped who received that mRNA gene therapy. Such blue-purple lights have been installed more and more for the past two years, and that is on purpose! There are most of them on main roads and in places where there is a high frequency of traffic and people. Those who deal with molecular biology know that such ultraviolet light is used to identify genetically modified organisms (people whose mRNA has been altered by a gene). The police can now know exactly who received these “vaccines” and who did not.


7 – Where have all our land titles gone, long time passing?

From Dick Yardley – The Treasonous Political Party Certificate of Title
QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT (LAND HOLDING) AMENDMENT ACT 199- 2 Note their Treasonous Seal over their Constitution of Queensland 2001 No.80 Schedule 2
The seal is that of a private ABN Company calling itself the Queensland Government ABN Queensland Government ABN 75 818456 675

8 – Queensland cops have some explaining to do over death of Steven Harrison

9 – BBC admits one of their own employees died from the vaccine.


10 – The video MSM doesn’t want you to watch


11 – 13 year old girl rescues a bus when driver has heart attack


12 – CIA Agent Who Abducted Gen. Berger Killed at GITMO

13 – Did you know NASAs budget is $52 Billion per day ?


14 – Your music item while we wait for item 2

15 – UFO means UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object

Ancient artworks from Europe and the Americas hold clues that suggest UFOs have been visiting earth for many centuries. Angels, fallen or otherwise have visited us from ABOVE since day 1. They are mentally far superior and can do things we currently cannot imagine.

there’s a civilization underground
Ancient artworks


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