2023/03/28th – Europe Abandons All-Electric Car Mandates

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1 – CNN does a segment on de-dollarization, Fox News also.

What is going on here?  Pay attention. Cabal Social Conditioning so you just go with the program once the dollar is destroyed. They’re manufacturing consent for their digital currency  However – What has been happening since 2015 has been a massive sting operation. Nobody understood that Bitcoin and other Cryptos were there to catch the greedy and they’ve done that well.. Cryptos wont be recognised on QFS. They are not ISO20022 certified. .

2a – 35,9270 children found in cages in lush underground cities

35,927 children found in cages going through horrendous abuse.
Children get electrocuted all the time to turn them into ultra slave bots in large mk-ultra development facility in Northern CA (3:19)
Boulder, CO Headquarters for EMC, a type of electromagnetic mind control broadcast to modify the thinking of Americans and to control MK-ultra slaves, genetic, geology/mining, as related to tunnelling and underground construction.
22 miles under Denver CO, a massive underground facility used for a concentration camp for WW 3. 8 cities under Denver stacked on top of each other, 88.3 miles deep. Swastika symbol laid the foundation. The underground Denver complex is larger than Denver. It is the New D.C. complex. All factors of gov. Are here for transition upon WWlll start. This complex is lush with flora & fauna, it has parks a large lake tied to the FREE ENERGY earth Tesla grid system. Sign says, NWO airport. Wow, Hillary Clinton had us either blue or white listed. Red list was just to wipe you out, you would be taken away and killed. The blue list means you’re treatable and salvageable as a nice slave


2b – Russian Soldiers Discover “Baby Factories” in Ukraine

where Young Children are Grown for Child Sex Brothels and for Organ Harvesting. This is what it has always been about! Saving the Children. When you doubt Trump or what’s going on you need watch this video to remember. You will see much worse after the Event and the EBS – Prepare yourselves MORE VIDEOS ON THE LINK


3 – Colchester City Council gets a dressing down


4a – Who is behind the international push to injure and kill millions


4b – Warning from Michael Yeadon – ex-Pfizer

Michael Yeadon was a scientific researcher and vice president at drugs giant Pfizer Inc. He co-founded a successful biotech. Then his career took an unexpected turn

In recent months, Yeadon (pronounced Yee-don) has emerged as an unlikely hero of the so-called anti-vaxxers, whose adherents question the safety of many vaccines, including for the coronavirus. The ex-Pfizer scientist who became an anti-vax hero

His message – Always use $CASH


5 – Europe Abandons All-Electric Car Mandate



6 – Trump speaks to Democrats


7a – New PM of England, Rishi Sunak

(His name in Sanskrit = Dog)     Speaker, Pastor Steve Cioccolanti Melbourne

7b- The New BLM emerging


7c – Are children influenced by TV


8a – Final stroke on the clock   Nesara News 

Jeremiah 29:11 “‘For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.’”  It amazes me the amount of people who have no idea what is happening.


8b – What is your old money really worth ? Pay cash, not cards


8c – The New Currency


9a – Is everything CGI ? The woman in behind her just disappears


9b – Best Actors – Zekenksi media crew for the world MSM


9c – Checking the Facts about the Fact Checkers


10a – QFS update + French people are awake  



Copy to URL – https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/remedies/12-survival-supplies-australia/

Bob – I am sorry – I‌‌ h‌‌ave b‌‌een h‌‌elping m‌‌yself t‌‌o y‌‌our w‌‌ife w‌‌hen y‌‌ou’re n‌‌ot a‌‌round, p‌‌robably m‌‌ore t‌‌han y‌‌ou It’s been so incredible and fun, I’ve not been able to stop myself Sometimes it goes on for hours and hours. I‌‌ k‌‌now i‌‌t’s n‌‌o e‌‌xcuse b‌‌ut I‌‌ d‌‌on’t g‌‌et i‌‌t a‌‌t h‌‌ome I‌‌ c‌‌an’t l‌‌ive w‌‌ith t‌‌he g‌‌uilt a‌‌ny l‌‌onger I‌‌ h‌‌ope y‌‌ou’ll a‌‌ccept m‌‌y s‌‌incerest a‌‌pology I‌‌t w‌‌on’t h‌‌appen a‌‌gain.” Feeling o‌‌utrage a‌‌nd b‌‌etrayed, B‌‌ob g‌‌rabs h‌‌is g‌‌un, g‌‌oes i‌‌nto t‌‌he b‌‌edroom, a‌‌nd w‌‌ithout a‌‌ w‌‌ord, s‌‌hoots h‌‌is w‌‌ife. Moments l‌‌ater t‌‌he g‌‌uy g‌‌ets a‌‌ s‌‌econd t‌‌ext: “Bloomin’ auto-correct, it’ll be the death of me! I meant to say ‘wifi’”

10b – The Deep State Crash & QFS –


Dave XRP Lion + Nicholas Veniamin – The Deep State Crash & The QFS

This morning, I continued listening to the CRUCIAL interview with David XRP Lion, who turned out to be Whiplash, a man who participated in the NESARA plan since 1994. In other words, a big shot of the Alliance.  

Between 40 and 50 minutes it releases a large number of pearls, which I summarize below. -The Silicon Valley Bank was related to the Chinese Communist Party and all the corruption of the money that is sent to the Ukraine.  In addition to having the money of many large Internet companies, it was a very important node of the Deep State. -Then it warns that the trigger for the final crack of the system is the announcement that Saudi Arabia enters the BRICS and that it will no longer accept the dollar to sell its oil.  He adds that there are now 109 countries that have actually (unofficially) joined the BRICS.  And he associates the moment when the death of the petrodollar is announced with the “redemption of 2 trillion dollars in US Treasury bonds coming home”: “game over, lights off, crash” and the issuance of the EBS Emergency message.  

I understand that when Saudi Arabia announces that the dollar is no longer the reference currency for the sale of oil, the countries will sell their US Treasury bonds and that will cause the US stock market to crash.  He then explains about the 10 days of messages on television, which we already know very well.  – Then he does a bit of history on NESARA, and connects it to the prosperity funds and blocked accounts, which I’ve been talking about lately.  As I have told many times, NESARA was going to be enacted on September 11, 2001 and the attacks that day prevented it.  

Bush Senior took control of the accounts corresponding to the prosperity funds, worth 410 trillion dollars, and distributed it among the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and the great investment funds Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street, etc.  Thanks to the decree-law on electoral interference signed by Trump in 2018, all the funds of the organizations and countries involved in this theft were seized, which explains why in 2021 those same large investment funds have actually gone bankrupt.  -It tells that Obama bought the Italian Prime Minister Conte, with 400 million, to use the Vatican satellites in the theft of the US elections of 2020.  When the patriots discover this, they demand that Conte give them access to the Vatican treasures, and that’s where the famous 650 coins loaded with Vatican gold came from that went to the United States, which were also in tunnels to Israel and Switzerland. 


This is interesting:

Every member of Congress was holding unbelievable amounts of boxes of Dinar, Dong, Zim etc.  They had their own GCR/RV setup. If that would’ve happened we would all be dead or in concentration camps by now! Thanks to Trump he stopped them dead in their tracks!  Confiscation of currency and or bonds for every member of Congress takes time. Could you imagine how many hidey holes they must’ve had! Also probably leaving currency with their extended families etc. Now you understand why they fenced up the Capitol and the White House etc. it wasn’t because of Covid it was because they had to find all the currency/bonds that they have been holding. I can’t imagine what that must have entailed. Origins of the Reserve Bank of Australia | Explainer | Education This series provides short, concise explanations for various economics topics.


 Kenya signs deal with Saudi Arabia and UAE to buy oil with Kenyan shillings instead of US dollars. …Kat O’Hara

Restored Republic 👉 We are days or weeks away from Stock Market Crash and EBS. Juan O Savin has said that NESARA will be announced on or before April 1, 2023. The EBS announcement will take place on Sunday night.  Everybody will lock themselves in everybody. In a few days we will be asked to return to our homes in 3-5 hours, where we will have 10-12 days of EBS documentary broadcast to tell people what was going on. There was a buyback of the XRP coin: Bitcoin and Etherium will not be in the XRP.  Crypto and Bitcoin will be worth nothing. XRP provides liquidity in the quantum financial system and will record all transactions to catch evil or dirty money.  There is complete transparency. Only you will have access to your QFS account.

The Internet will burn, while the QFS will work much faster. You would not be eligible to have a QFS money account if you are involved in drugs, trafficking, etc.  If people want to admit that they are going in the wrong direction, then they can repent and use the financial system.

On February 1, 2023, the fractional fiat money system collapsed. The banks were failing right now: everyone’s bank accounts have been mirrored in the Quantum Financial System. Retirement accounts are fine, but Wall Street and Market investments aren’t covered and the money could be lost. In July 2022, Chinese elders handed over money to the US Treasury.

NESARA Payment: A lump sum is already in your Quantum account. The bank crash is triggering the stock market crash event, which will bring the EBS Italy’s president allowed the Vatican satellite to interfere with the 2020 election, so Trump approached him and told him he had accepted $40 million from Obama.  He then he released all the gold and precious. With the QFS, prices don’t go down, they go up, but everyone will have enough money to meet their needs.  Money will no longer be important.  Our needs will be met. NESARA is an 11 year payment, but you have to have a job and keep working. Immediately after the EBS, all disclosure will occur. Wells Fargo Tier 1 Bank is responsible for sending the notice to Tier4B.

There are 7,000 Redemption Centres in the US, twice as many world wide. You will call the 800 number to find out the time and date to go to the Redemption Centre. Contract Fee, Must Ask $14-$17 for Dinar, $4 for Dong, Great for Zim At the Redemption Centre:

At the Redemption Centre 👉

Station One, – they scan you;  if you have a good heart, you can pass.

Station Two – you present your coin.  You can exchange up to $5,000 US fiat dollars for the US Gold-Backed Notes at your appointment.

Station Three – you add your biometric vibration to your Quantum Card.

Station Four – Gets your QFS bank account, password, Quantum card

Station Five – Receive a Quantum phone, laptop and sign in to your account 

Station Six – open accounts, create four sub-accounts, you can deposit up to $100,000 into each account and receive $10,000 cash in rainbow currency;  request as many letters of credit as you want.

Station Seven – receive an ATM card: your vibration on it, no spending limit.

Station Eight – Rainbow Coin Cash, Letters of Credit, Station Nine presents a humanitarian project on a piece of paper filled in with the humanitarian projects that interest you.

THIS👆 Intel is really old.  Rejuvenation NOW. Banks can no longer lend, they will function as financial service centres, wealth managers;  it will only be about 3 to 5 more years.   Wolverine

The Scott Mowery call is almost 2 hours long, so instead of transcribing, I took notes of the important points said. He talked mostly about stuff that you and your mods have posted in your room already. – It looks like April is going to be pretty amazing, that things will heat up considerably. – People in the U.S. are becoming more red-pilled, more aware of what’s going on, and it’s only going to increase with time. – The arrest of Trump: the whole operation is a desperate move by the Deep State to stop the Trump force from awakening the public. They’re preparing 3 indictments and hoping that one sticks. – He explained what the ISO20022 is and its significance to payment systems around the world. – He talked about the massive bank failures going on around the world. – China and Russia are forming an alliance to crash the US dollar. – The fake World War III scenario will be building up in April. – He talked a lot about the political stuff going on in the US, about the stuff going on with Trump and also about the 2020 election fraud in various states. – NESARA/GESARA: the stock market will crash, every country’s debt will be written off,  the IRS will be letting US citizens know that they don’t have to file their 2022 taxes by April 15th.

The Great Awakening can’t be stopped. Dawn will break and a whole new reality will emerge in 2023. – He’s been talking to a company that is ready to release medbeds in the month of May. – Get ready for some huge events. April is going to be outstanding. China’s fallen property tycoons race against time to fix US$232 billion debt China’s expected economic revival will leave fallen property tycoons behind, missing the crucial liquidity train. The window to reorganise their offshore debts may be closing, as talk about another recession persists.

The Crash is next Friday 3/31/2023 347 New Years Eve of the correct calendar. This is it  But eyes on now.  Evergrande has until March 31 to pay back Billions [232]




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