2023/03/31st – No more conspiracy theories – they all have come true

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Trump Indictment has triggered mass awakenings Trump Indictment has triggered mass awakenings and more people turn to God. – Military Ops are ramping Up – Potus Insulated – Next Phase Started – Financial System is Crumbling – WW3 scare events coming Fast – Precedent Set – Turbulence Ahead – Show Time  WWG1WGA

Nothing can stop what is coming! You didn’t think that was just a catch-phrase, did you?

Interesting that the Grand Jury announced they were taking a 1 month break. That correlates with the Q drop – “It’s about the break”. Trump made a big deal about April Fools. April 1st, is New Years Day on the Julian Calendar of 13 x 28 days per year. Easter is 10 days away. Be Ready.

1a – Trump indictment has triggered mass awakenings – Isn’t that the plan ??

1b – President Trump Indicted – End of the Democrats


1c – Countdown complete. Zero Day

Central Bank of Iraq: Dollar will gradually fall within two days to reach official rate Russia, Iran discuss regional cooperation Tennessee Governor Signs Bill Authorizing State Gold and Silver Reserves Brazil, China strike trade deal agreement to ditch US dollar China has just completed its first trade of liquefied natural gas (LNG) settled in yuan

1d – QFS update 31 Mar


2 – Christine Anderson speaking the Truth


3a – C’wealth bank closing branches

that was according to Ch 9 6pm News However …

Commonwealth Bank halts closures



3b – Your Future is Near – don’t laugh Yet

4 – Who is really in power in Australia ?


5 – The Two Nashville Cops Who Eliminated the Transgender Child Killer Expose NWO Agenda


6 – Phone interview Commander Thor – underground operations – Nuclear weapons – Reptilians – Chemtrails – Nesara – Arrests etc

Listen carefully and understand why things are taking so long


7a – 1979 John Cleese Monty Python insights 


7b – In case you have to go to court

8 – Your music treat

I saw this movie The Great Waltz in the 50s.  Here is Strauss saying goodbye to his wife going on a trip – The days when music had a melody and words told a story

I watched this movie The Great Waltz when I was in my school years – The life Story of Strauss The days when music had melody and songs told a story. Here is Strauss saying goodbye to his wife on a trip.

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