2023/03/30th – What you need to know

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A friend in Childers Qld told me lots of huge military vehicles heading south in the last 3 days

1a – Green cops in Queensland to be equipped with body cameras and drones


1b – Albanese exposed for corruption

1c – Chris Minn-ions sworn inwhere did he come from ??

1d – WA Entry Laws started 12 Jan 2023 are these still in effect ??

2a – Federal Court Closes beaches to the Public

The Federal Court of Australia has already decided that beaches north of Broome are the exclusive possession of native title holders and, although they are popular camping and fishing areas, the public does not have a legal right of access. But that decision is being appealed in the High Court by the Federal and WA Governments, and the outcome will be the final word on whether native title can trump public access on an Australian beach. The High Court is expected to hear the appeal later this year. Most real aboriginals do NOT want the Voice


A Truckie rang Luke Grant on 4BC last night, suggested as there are 10 federal MP’s who claim indigenous status, they could join together and become the Voice — solving the Voice problem and saving the nation $235 million cost of the referendum. Most real aboriginals do NOT want the Voice

2b – Australian Tax Office – is not a Govt Dept

Search any part of so-called government; state, federal or local, on ‘ABNlookup’, You will find all are registered companies, as is ‘COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA’ registered number CIK#: 0000805157 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington. By the way, The Australian Tax Office

51 824 753 556
   Entity  Name 2640 NSW

2c – ATO is a company owned by Blackrock


3 – Crypto Shills from Hugo Talks


4a – 100% Proof Nashville School Shooting was fake and Staged


5a – Putin’s Speech – Final Warning


5b – Radical Muslim Operation Warp Speed Architect Hanged at GITMO

5c – Deep State Hoarding Unvaccinated Blood


6 – Deagel predicts Depopulation


7a – Ivermectin available, shipped from the USA

Remember – Trump promoted Ivermectin as the Jab

Ivermectin.com | Buy Ivermectin Online – We ship from the USA!

7b – Trump – How to fix Bank Uncertainty

8a – A Post to Remember – Military Game

Q is a United States Military Intelligence operation, working hand-in-hand with the President of the United States. Some could easily argue that Donald J. Trump was hand chosen years ago by the United States Military to aid them in this critical and historic operation.
Q is not a single person, but a team of high-ranking persons with "Q" level security clearance, executing operations that have been planned for many years (the plan). Some of the objectives are: A) A massive information dissemination program meant to 1) expose massive global corruption and conspiracy to the people. 2) Cause the people to research further to aid further in their "great awakening". B) Root out corruption, fraud and human rights violations worldwide. C) Return the Republic of the United States to the Constitutional rule of law and also return "the People" worldwide to their own rule. In short, the Q operation is the greatest criminal sting and anti-treason/sedition event in world history.  It certainly does appear that we as a country are lawfully living out The Declaration of Independence once again. 
Due to the classified nature of much of the information/evidence Q team holds, they can not just come right out with it, however, they can drop breadcrumbs that the people, often the 8chan "Anons", can dig into and help us all discover the truth. Further, it must be understood that the enemies in this war are monitoring Q as well. Therefore, some of the information Q drops is strategically MISINFORMATION/DISINFORMATION . Think Military game theory and "THE ART OF WAR" by Sun Tzu. Sure, none of us want to filter through and try to discern truth from falsehood, however these warfare tactics really cause "We The People" no harm when they must be used, however they are devastating to the enemy and a necessary part of warfare. Military planning at its finest

8b – Next inside the military operations is for TRUMP to apparently distance himself from XI & PUTIN

You WILL soon see several Lead Patriots as TRUMP> KASH, Flynn /Top podcasters ,ANONS, start to turn on XI  (label him as the pure enemy with ccp with no thoughts or insights to understanding CCP is inside is own operations to stop it's own deep state connected to the Pentagon) This next step in the PLAN is Military Game Theory Maneuvers < and White hats must distance themselves from XI as the U.S. economy implodes and (Collapses) and we head into SEEMINGLY nuclear war standoff  
It is very important inside the PLAN for the coming EVENTS of China vs. U.S. in military Nuclear Standoff involving Nth Korea Korea. IT IS VITAL THE U.S STAND AS ONE AGAINST CHINA CCP AND BRING TOGETHER THE COUNTRY THROUGH THE PLAN AS ONE. You already know TRUMP + WHITE HATS WILL RECONNECT the gap to China in major world peace talks and TRUMP WILL CONNECT THE NEW U.S. FINANCIAL GOLD SYSTEM. END to the World markets and again in open bridges ALLIANCE WILL BE MADE with a NEW China/) 
(If Xi was truly simply evil CCP power, Trump would not have supported Bin Salman nor Spoke highly of Putin. Whom all now are inside BRICS. You are watching a clever PLAN unfold. But you all know Trump will make peace with XI + PUTIN after everything is EXPOSED as we Head into WORLD SCARE NECESSARY EVENT < U.S. vs. China.

9a – Electric Car Recharge Station


9b – Singapore Facial Recognition Robot

10a – NT kids paid $500 for each jab + they are dropping dead in the streets

Clever genocide from Canberra – How much will they save on handout $$ per life

NT kids paid $500 for each jab + they are dropping dead in the streets

 See full video here   https://rumble.com/v2fe7j0-vof-spacex-solution-test.html

10b – Major Australian bank to end cash withdrawals from its branches as the end of paper notes looms


11 – Tartaria – How come so many Orphans and babies

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