2023/04/06th- President Trump’s sham case – busted

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1 – Living in unprecedented times.


2a – Bragg has NO Case against President Trump    Wyatt

2b – Worldwide Alert – The Cabal’s next Plandemic

2c – Joe Biden asked about the Trump charges   

2d – You need to apologise – George Bush

Thousands of American soldiers died, lost limbs and severely harmed for life thanks to Bush’s war about WBMs. Now the precedent has been set from Trump’s arrest, all former (still living) presidents and many others in high places can be charged.  All Part of the Q plan ??


3 – The Cabal 15 minutes cities in China now

If you watched last night  Item 8b, that was like holiday resort

from a local

4 – Adelong Court, Morayfield, Qld 4506.  

5 – American Farmers begin injecting livestock with mRNA


6 – When a Churchman fights back

A sub-deacon unleashes kicks to protect a Ukrainian Orthodox Bishop from a deranged 26-year-old Ukrainian soldier. During a liturgy in the Ukrainian city of Khmelnytsky a Ukrainian soldier stormed the cathedral and threw the holy bible from table to the floor and verbally abused the priest. Zelensky’s religious persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church continues. Respect to the sub-deacon for fighting back. Later that evening a large group of nazi soldiers returned to the church and captured it.


7a – Ex PM Jacinda Ardern appointed to an international
role to promote government and media censorship


7b – Liz Gunn – Letter To the REAL Jacinda Ardern

7c – New Zealand PM Not Sure How to Define ‘Woman’

8 – Let your young kids/grand kids watch TV and games ?

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