2023/04/07th- Wayne Glew has won

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Top News    Today Wayne Glew told me he has won his cases in British High Court. He is now cleared and free to do a video in the next few days

April Fools’ Day history: It is stated that it first came about in 1582, as France made the change from the Julian calendar by Julius Caesar to the Gregorian calendar by Pope Gregory XIII. April 1st was the beginning of the year in the Julian calendar and in the Gregorian calendar it begins on January 1st. Therefore, anyone who still celebrated the New Year in the last week of March until April 1st was laughed at and called “April fools.”

1 – Joe Biden’s blunders Sky News Australia


2 – Living in a cashless society under the Cabal

Special thanks to all who use their cards for everything instead of using cash ! Pray the QFS is operating before this prison state eventuates. Meanwhile use cash for everything possible


3 – Milk @ $7 per litre ?

The Canadian Government is making a dairy farm dump 30,000 litres of milk because they have gone over the quota.  They can’t donate it to a food bank, or to a hospital, or to a homeless shelter. Milk is going down the drain so people will pay $7 per litre at the checkout.


4 – Australia – Your Title deeds are not yours

Most property owners have their deeds ‘safely’ in the bank vaults… If and When they collapse the economy/banks, what happens to the deeds? They are going digital, and WEF claim… ‘you will own nothing’.


5 – Nesara 7th update

With banks collapsing and squirming, many countries rejecting the USD, QFS must surely start soon – just wait and trust the Father Yaweh


6 – Old Cathedrals 


7 – The Pagan Gospel of The Church replaced the Gospel


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