2023/04/08 – so you can be ready

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1 – Time for Revenge

2 – Derrek Johnson explains everything 1hr 46m

The best overall of what is going on – A lot of great Comms in this speech. The Trump “indictment” isn’t what most of the world thinks it is… as anything else. You’re living through the most Biblical, Historical, Monumental Operation and Continuity of Government all outlined in Laws and Orders.  Expect the EBS anytime 


It is only Derek talking so here is the audio only as MP 3   much less space

watch the video here   1.25 speed is ok when you pay attention

3 – DJ’s blueprint is the easiest explanation of everything taking place

Study the  Continuity of Government Plan (COG), now taking place via Military Laws, Orders, POTUS Trump Executive Orders, and how it ties everything together we are witnessing today.
https://www.gpo.gov/docs/default-source/accessibility-privacy-coop-files/January2017FCD1-2.pdf https://t.me/Tironianae/169673

4 – 20 Million Children have been rescued from D.U.M.B.S

that’s 9/10 of the Population of Australia. When you consider the scale of the Military Operation across the World you will begin to understand why it has taken so long. Also consider, not only the 20 Million Children had to be put onto Med Beds but a large number of Special Operators had to be put on them as well due to the Traumatic Memories they suffered while rescuing children who have never seen the sunlight and who were born into absolute terror which, they suffered since birth. That work has now been completed and now it is time for the Satanic Monsters and People who were involved in these heinous crimes to be exposed and brought to justice. The EBS/EAS system will be activated soon and the Lockdown will happen soon also. I believe this will happen on or before April 14 so get ready and buckle up. The world will be shown some of the horrors and the disposal of some of these Monsters during the 10 day lockdown. What you will see will make you sick to the pit of your stomach and you will never look at things the same way again, this is the Red Pill and everyone is going to get it whether they want it or not

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