2023/04/12th- Why can’t we see it all yet ?

Halleluja The site is now up and MOSTLY ok again. There was no sinister happenings, just good old modern tech – continually updating. As a young farm boy, A I meant something else if you are old enough to remember. Anyway a few days off has given me time to gather a heap of articles, so take your time.

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Stop asking “why can’t we see it all yet”…What do you expect to see – Trump at your front door with Gates, Fauci, Obama and Hillary in handcuffs ?  The Optics were set from the start, January 20, 2017, and even before then with the new Law of War Manual (June 12, 2015), Trump’s escalator ride 4 days later, & the Military Justice Act 2016.From Saturday, it will be Russia’s turn to take up the monthly presidency of the 15-member council, in line with a rotation that has been unaffected by the Ukraine war.The globalists are going to have a meltdown

1 – Charlie Ward  quick message


2a – Derrek Johnson told us about the fake inaugurations


2b – Derek Johnson Derrek Johnson on Tribunals! He has a personal invite to go to Gitmo to observe in June & July

2c – Derek Johnson HUGE Intel: What Will Happen to Trump Next

Here is audio –Derrek with Charlie – the message is tops


2d – Blueprints by Derek Johnson – someone really did their homework – Fact Check These

Outline of the Blueprint by Derek Johnson

The Short Outline of the Blueprint by Derek Johnson

NEW!!! – Military Occupancy 2016 by Derek Johnson

NEW!!! – The Why’s in 2022 and 2023 looking back on 2017 to 2021 by Derek Johnson

The Military & Constitution Regulated Inauguration – President Trump by Derek Johnson

Covert Operation by Derek Johnson

What’s REALLY Happening in Ukraine by Derek Johnson

Optics 101 by Derek Johnson

Hindsight is 2020 by Derek Johnson

Military Aircraft Operations & Optics by Derek Johnson

Aircraft Operations Continued – Aug 2022 to Present Day by Derek Johnson

3a – District Attorney Alvin Bragg in trouble – by Kash Patel

“DA Alvin Bragg and his team of bandits will be shown to have lied to a grand jury, misrepresented evidence, hid evidence of innocence and exoneration and lied to the world in trying to achieve a political prosecution. That in and of itself will destroy any Democratic movement that tries to counter man this movement that President Trump is now going to lead. They hate corruption in the judicial system; we showed it to them in Russiagate and half the country still doesn’t believe it happened. Now President Trump is going to show it to the WORLD from the epicenter of the globe in New York.” #TheWorldIsWatching

3b – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy signs bill ending the Covid 19 emergency declaration  

3c – We are witnessing to fall of every Government worldwide.

3d – What happened to Michael Flynn ? 

Trump Indictment Isn’t the First Time the Ruling Class Has Weaponized the Judicial System


3e – Russia rebuilding Ukraine  

You’ll never see this on TV FAR OUT –  short video shows restoration of DPR, [Donetz People’s Republic] LPR {Luhansk People’s Republic] Zaporozhye and Kherson regions in Southern Ukraine. Good one to share. How happy now are those who joined the Russian Federation?
Thanks to Aussie Cossack!   https://t.me/AussieCossackLive/453322

4a –

4b –

4c – The real agenda behind the VOICE

Exposing the Globalist’s Plan to Steal Australian Farmlands and Regional Land. The ‘Voice to Parliament’ is a gift akin to the gigantic wooden horse once wheeled within the unsuspecting walls of ill-fated Troy. If we accept it, if we welcome it into our chambers of Parliament — it will destroy all from the inside.


4d – Australia is not a Republic nor a Sovereign Nation

There is no Queen of Australia – Referendum 1999 – we voted to remain a Constitutional Monarchy

4e – John Howard – Port Arthur – 9/11 Twin Towers – Search Categories, Australia, Item 37

5a – Unlawful Corporate Pirates Trespassing on our Rights and Roads


5b – The Australian people are the “Terrorists” they talk about.

Look what our Army and Police are now practicing to do to us


6a – Vaccination Compensation Bill Passed – It’s About Time

All other states will follow suit so the government aren’t liable. Copied… NSW GOVT just brought in a Law that employers mandating the jab are now accountable for any accountable adverse reactions … read more in the links




6b – The underworld of the Un-Jabbed and their victory


6c – What’s in the Covid Shots ? 

6d – How they fixed numbers and cooked the books for Covid


7a – Careful of the food you buy


7b – Major Grocery Meat full of Structures Like Vaxx – Aus & U.S.

Tests on both Australian and U.S. major chain grocery store meat has shown structures like we have seen both in the COVID injection vials and the blood of the injected, now also being found in the un-injected.

8a – PCR tests can kill

What is their narrative? Global Governments, Big Tech, Mass Media, and Big Pharma have come together to ruthlessly censor anything that goes against their narrative which is to push the COVID-19 agenda so that they get as much of the world’s population to accept their deadly jabs as possible. But it’s not just COVID anymore, we’ve seen a sudden increase in the manufacturing of all types of vaxxes… including RSV and other boosters containing Graphene Oxide.


8b – PCR testing line in China.

This is the goal of technocracy; where your life is not your own. Say NO to social credit scoring, digital IDs   


8c – Graphine Oxide – Once they put it in your body, all they have to do is Tune the Frequency


8d – Vax and boosters deplete your white cells  


8e – Exclusive look – Nanosapiens coming soon

To The Stew Peters Network. From The Minds Behind Died Suddenly, Watch The Water, and These Little Ones comes one of the most ground breaking documentaries yet. Sign up to get EARLY ACCESS To the film here:  https://stewpeters.com/breaking-news-alerts/


9a – UK. A scumbag paramedic was caught

caught on a camera pocketing £60 from a 94-year-old woman’s home moments after she collapsed and died. 


10a – What the Cabal want$ i$ nothing more than to make the US dollar obsolete. They want to do away with paper cash.


10b – Why you must use cash – says a Bank employee


10c – End of Debt – Ark of the Covenant – Biblical


10d – Banks Are finished. Some of us already know this old video but …

All banksters will go to prison, Many will face firing squads in Gitmo, many already have. 

old VHS I have

11 – What was Easter all about ?  voice of Walter Veith ?

12a – 1000 years removed from our Timeline  ?

12b – Is the world going completely Mad ?


13a – Sounds of fallen angels under the Euphrates River Again Mar 31st – Sounds @ 14mins


14 – Nikola Tesla describes the Earth

15a – Electric green scooters that have run out of battery life

15b – And you still want an electric vehicle ?


16 – Are there are witches and demons in your church ?

Recognise them by how they speak    

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