2023/04/14 – The Unvaccinated may have to be careful.

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1 – The UNVACCINATED have to be careful now

The UNVACCINATED have to be careful now because the VACCINATED (yes the Vaccinated) may soon be told they, (the vaccinated) CANNOT even enter a restaurant. The VACCINATED may attack the UNVACCINATED out of anger and fear, when they see the data and evidence showing their immune system is now damaged and they finally realize they were tricked.


2 – Covid in Australia and the Conflict of Interest

A little dated, but why did Gates and Biden visit Albo recently. No doubt the name Covid will be replaced with some “new terrible” virus/disease requiring more vaccines ? Funny how there were hardly any flu cases during 2021 + 2022

3 – Nazarin Veronica EXPOSES Bill Gates and Fauci 


4 – In regards to Charlie Ward’s SPECIAL video with Chas from PPN PLEASE watch this small clip

5 – Message from a black Pastor Manning

6 – Tucker asks Trump, who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline


7 – Global warming and climate change

Could this also explain why 1000 years was removed from out dating system.

8 – In case you missed it – Biden’s mask in Ireland – who ?




That could be a good or bad thing – be patient and allow time to load

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