2023/04/17th  – Wayne Glew is back

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1a – Wayne Glew is back…

… after seriously kicking some corporate fake govt butt again. He has much to say, this is his first appearance for over a year. Listen to Wayne tell it like only he can. After you watch, go to the link to see a lot of info from Wayne.


1b – New Zealand Concentration Camp – and here

The 15 minute homes for pedos and traitors. They have planned them for us but now they are all ready for the Cabal after the arrests ? including the judiciary as Wayne has exposed

1c – Why are the Elites funding the LNP and Labor

1d – Things you have never known about Australia

1e – Smart meters  

1f – Australian Bee Hives are being destroyed by NSW Govt. be sure to see item Id

What kind of mongrels would do this job – only govt employees – or councillors.


2a – Why did Putin go into Ukraine ?     

2b – Russian Defense Ministry is investigating

Russian Defense Ministry is investigating 240 disease causing pathogens discovered in US Cabal sponsored biolabs in Ukraine including anthrax and cholera. Pathogens are studied and developed with intent of use for “offensive actions.”

3 – Look what the Mexican Border Guards found

4a – What do you know about the Freemasons ?

4b – Why do they sacrifice babies  ?

4c – Biden Appoints a Satanist – Lady GAGA

It has been said that Lady GAGA is a man ?

5 – Has the Bank of England fallen13th April

6 – Inventor of Completely Untraceable Communication

7 – Behind the Antartic Ice Wall

8a – RV Update with Graham Hodson

8b – Behind the SCENES;  White HATS are pulling the strings

How do you think MUSK acquired Twitter. You would have thought , Bill gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Rothschilds,  Rockefellers, Blackrock, Vanguard, the deep regimen would have pooled their money together and bought Twitter,  But what happened???

Military ALLIANCE OPERATIONS blocked the Deep State from aquiring Twitter.

And Bin Salman and the powerful allies of Trump BIN SALMAN the POWERFUL Allies of Trump control large portions of Big Tech with Tens of Thousands of the richest shareholders through his subsidiary companies and investors and they blocked Blackrock and Facebook/Google/Bill Melinda gates foundation… top share holders in all major Big Tech companies from making a move on Twitter on the behalf of the Deep State. EVERYTHING IS LEADING TO MILITARY TRIBUNALS.

9 – Do we have a choice ?

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