2023/04/20th – Cairns Qld Good News

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1 – Cairns Qld Good News


2a – Science v Academia


2b – Australian military with robot tracking dogs

Glad you have a tracking smartass device in or on you ??

3 – Zombies activated by 5G


4 – Chris Rock reptilian eyes ?

Christopher Julius Rock (born February 7, 1965) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and filmmaker. He gained prominence as a stand-up comedian.

Filipinos saw their highest excess mortality rate on record 6 months post vaccine rollout.

5a – Doctors call for an immediate stop of 5G due to Health Risks


5b – Court Orders 24,000 Pages of Moderna Documents to Start Releasing to the Public.

5c – COVID Vaccine Injuries US Govt Starts PAYING Victims

5d – Globalists are now targeting rice for food destruction

Globalists are now targeting rice for food destruction, will starve half the population of the World In their latest escalation of war against humanity, globalists (and the corporate media) are now claiming that rice is bad for the planet. They want to halt rice farms, just as they’ve halted meat farms across Europe. Rice feeds about half the world. Without it, billions will starve. This is the next step in the globalist plan for annihilation of human populations everywhere


6a – Wind turbines are ‘ineffective’ and ‘ugly’


6b – Tartaria Electric Power in 1692

6c – Levitation – Explain or try this

7 – When you have nothing better to do

8 – Albo – I’ve been so Busy

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